19 May 2012

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Lostprophets: Choose Your Pass Interactive Video

In today's interactive video, provided by O2 Academy TV, you can watch Lostprophets play 'We Bring An Arsenal' from the crowd (the ticket), from the side of the stage (VIP pass) or from the photo pit at the front of the stage (AAA sticker)...
Which one will you choose?
For those who don't know yet who the Lostprophets are, here is what Wikipedia says:
"Lostprophets are a Welsh rock band from Pontypridd, formed in 1997. Founded by vocalist Ian Watkins, bassist Mike Lewis, drummer Mike Chiplin and guitarist Lee Gaze, they were originally a side-project to hardcore punk band Public Disturbance."
And, of course, there is lots more info here, on the Wikipedia page itself.


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