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9 September 2016

Gaming In The Classroom: What We Can Learn From #PokemonGO Technology

Despite the negative press, Pokémon Go should be approached with an open mind when it comes to student education. (AAP Image/David MoirCC BY)
Pokémon Go has already had over 100 million downloads since it launched in July.
Despite its popularity, it has received significant negative media attention, with reports of people falling off cliffs, crashing cars and trespassing. The game has even been attacked for turning users into anti-social zombies.

Yet there could be more positive aspects to the phenomenon if we look past its entertainment value and the moral panic some have attached to it. For instance, how could we potentially harness this app, and the technology associated with it, to support education?

Pokémon Go is not the first augmented reality (AR) app, but it is by far the most popular.
Unlike virtual reality, which replaces or simulates reality, AR takes reality and adds something to it.

Bar codes, QR codes, Viewa - which allows readers to watch videos related to magazine content by scanning the page with their phones – and sound-recognition apps such as Shazam are all examples of AR that have been embraced by society.

QR codes are an example of augmented reality that has been embraced by society. (, CC BY-SA)

In education, AR has already been employed to make otherwise difficult concepts, such as the structure of DNA or the inner workings of the heart, more accessible.

We know that effective teaching is more than a teacher in front of a whiteboard disseminating information. Learning occurs through problem-solving, enquiry and by working collaboratively with teachers and peers in a student-centred approach.

Experiential learning pedagogy advocates involving all the senses in hands-on, practical education, integrating aspects of more than one discipline in the task and ensuring the learning incorporates student interest as well as developing skills such as creativity, communication and digital competence.

All these factors help students see the relevance of their education and keep them engaged and motivated. Apps like Pokémon Go could be used to advance this agenda.

Playing computer games can be seen as an opportunity to improve students' academic performance, with studies reporting an increase in maths and science scores among regular players.

Gaming in the classroom
Game-based learning is another way popular digital games can be harnessed to teach 21st-century or enterprise skills in classrooms; even decisions about in-app purchases address financial literacy.

Minecraft, for example, has and continues to be used in classrooms to teach concepts such as deforestation, sustainability, communication, problem-solving and teamwork.

Popular video game Minecraft has been used in classrooms to teach concepts such as deforestation, sustainability, communication, problem-solving and teamwork. (Marco Verch/flickr, CC BY-NC-SA)

Pokémon Go makes game-based learning even more accessible as it harnesses technology that the majority of people already have in their pockets.

Pokémon Go has a big fan base among school students and it is clearly keeping them engaged. It can be used as a stimulus for a wide variety of topics over a number of year levels. Pokémon Go is a pedometer, GPS, data collection and journalling tool, and requires maths skills to play. These features can be employed to link playing the game with student learning and the curriculum.

Some of the potential curriculum links are:
  • whole-class discussions of how the movement of tectonic plates has affected GPS readings in Australia (science, geography, English)
  • photographing both real insects and virtual Pokémon and then writing up Pokédex entries for the insects they have collected (science, media studies, ICT, English, art)
  • designing classification flowcharts for Pokémon as a lead-up to classification of animals (science, English, maths)
  • assigning students the job of Pokéstop tour guide (Pokéstops are often positioned in front of historical locations), requiring them to research and report on the history of the area (history, art, English)
  • framing maths problems around the data available for each Pokémon such as height, weight and strength. For example, if I have 3,700 stardust, what combination of Pokémon can I power up that will use up all my stardust? Or Asha’s house is 600m from school. The only time she plays Pokémon Go is as she walks to and from school every day. How many days will it take her to hatch a 5.0km egg?
Despite media reports to the contrary, there are many positive outcomes for Pokémon Go users. As a direct result of their involvement with the game, they are exercising and often engaging with others, discussing where to find rare Pokémon and co-ordinate lures.

While critics show photos of groups of people each staring at their own devices, anyone who has encountered a “Poképatch” (a group of players standing around a Pokéstop) will know that a lot of communication is taking place, with even “Pokédates” becoming a thing.

Looking at the Australian curriculum, the general capability priorities such as critical and creative thinking, personal and social capability and, of course, ICT, could also be taught using Pokémon Go as students manage their school and social lives, build relationships with others, work effectively in teams and make responsible decisions.

As this game is not played from behind closed doors, it even encourages conversations about personal safety. Discussions about the intersection between reality and the virtual world and digital etiquette are easy to imagine.

Blippar allows users to scan their environment, providing webpages and information when it recognises objects. (Ian Hughes/flickr, CC BY)

There are already apps such as Blippar that allow people to use phones to scan their environment. The app recognises objects (such as your shoe, a phone, the Eiffel Tower) and instantly finds webpages that can provide more information (such as where you can buy it, how it works or its history).

Add that to existing technology such as Google Glass and you can imagine a world where students visit the zoo on a school excursion and have been asked to research an animal of their choice for a class presentation.

As Mia approaches the elephant enclosure, information about what she sees appears before her eyes. She looks at some carrots and data about how much food an elephant eats in a day appears. She turns her gaze to the elephant’s tusks, and a video about poaching plays. As she pulls her focus out to see the whole elephant, an interactive hologram of the animal floats before her eyes, allowing the student to explore features such as the elephant’s DNA or digestive system.
Content becomes immediate and relevant to students as they take charge of their own learning.
Apps, games and technologies such as Pokémon Go should be approached with an open mind as they offer many potential avenues to employ an engaging, student-centered approach to education.
The Conversation

About Today's Contributors:

Amber McLeod, Lecturer in Education, Monash University and Kelly Carabott, Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Education, Monash University., Monash University

This article was originally published on The Conversation.

21 August 2016

14 August 2016

#PokemonGo Trainer Travels Across America to Catch 'Em All for Wounded Warrior Project

Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) Chadwick James poses with staff, during his cross country adventure to raise awareness and support for WWP. (PRNewsFoto/Wounded Warrior Project)
Over the years, Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) has had many supporters travel the nation in support of its mission to honor and empower Wounded Warriors. These have included cross-country bike rides, visiting every Harley-Davidson dealership in the nation, and walking along the East Coast of the United States to name a few.

Now, a new supporter has begun a very unique cross-country journey.

"I'm a gamer, and I want to do something for my fellow veterans because there's no one more important than them," said Chadwick James of Team Mystic, which is one of three teams Pokemon Go players can join within the app. "What could I do? Most people don't understand the hardships veterans face or what they've been through, and Wounded Warrior Project is my favorite charity because it helps veterans. I decided to combine these two passions and hit the road."

Chadwick announced on Twitter that he would cross America over the course of a year, on foot, bicycle, and bus, playing Pokemon Go and trying to "catch 'em all," while raising awareness and support for WWP and the warriors it serves.

2 June 2016

Batman v Superman: G2A Proves Once Again That #Gamers Have Hearts!

This unique Batmobile PC casemod (a computer inside a customized case), was designed for the joint G2A MSI and Gaming for Good charity auction. (PRNewsFoto/G2A.COM)
G2A.COM is a multi-award-winning marketplace with over 30 000 digital gaming products. As part of its ongoing commitment to Virtual Reality research and development, G2A has worked with leading computer hardware manufacturer MSI to create an application using Virtual Reality technology to promote the 'Batman v. Superman' movie. It is called the 'Gotham VR' application and allows players to drive the Batman's motorcycle and see Gotham City.

12 March 2016

TIGA Presents 'Changing The Game': A Collaboration With ITN Productions

CEO of the Independent Game Developers' Association (TIGA), Richard Wilson in an interview with UK national newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky regarding their partnership with ITN Productions and upcoming news programme called "Changing the Games". The aim of the programme is to share knowledge and heighten awareness among policy makers, politicians and the wider public about the significant role that the gaming sector plays in the strength of the UK economy. (PRNewsFoto/ITN Productions and TIGA)
In a unique communications partnership, The Independent Game Developers' Association (TIGA) and ITN Productions are producing a news and current affairs-style programme which will explore the future of the gaming industry. It will tell the story of a thriving industry that given the right support and encouragement at home, could see the UK reach its full potential on the global stage. ITN Productions will also be TIGA's official media partner for the prestigious 2016 TIGA Games Industry Awards.

8 March 2016

Timefire VR Announces First Virtual Reality City

Hypatia - The First City in Virtual Reality created by Timefire
Hypatia Revolutionizes Gaming Market With Focus on Immersive Social Environment
Timefire LLC, an Arizona tech company, announces the most advanced virtual reality city arriving this year, called Hypatia. This immersive social environment will focus on providing rich cultural and educational experiences, while also offering an entertaining setting where collaboration and creativity are the currency. On the more than 70 miles of streets in Hypatia its citizens will stroll among the tree lined canals, be able to take in a play or attend a concert, visit a museum, paint using 2D and 3D tools, explore, shop, or kick back and read a holographic book from their virtual smart phone.

6 February 2016

STAGE RUSH: Imagine Dragons Helps Families Fighting Childhood Cancer

Stage Rush: Imagine Dragons lets you play as your favorite Imagine Dragon on your smartphone. Even better, for every $1.99 download purchase, $1 will be donated to Imagine Dragons' foundation, the Tyler Robinson Foundation, during the first month of release. The Tyler Robinson Foundation was created by Imagine Dragons and Tyler Robinson's family in 2015 to help families deal with the financial and emotional costs of childhood cancer. The more games downloaded, the more money will go to TRF. After the first month, 25% of the revenue from a game download will got to TRF. (PRNewsFoto/Zig Zag Zoom)
Play STAGE RUSH: Imagine Dragons as your favorite Imagine Dragons band member and help families fight pediatric cancer. Created by mobile game publisher Zig Zag Zoom, this fun and fast-paced endless runner game launched today on iOS and Android. In STAGE RUSH: Imagine Dragons, you run as a member of the band to the beats of their hit songs, weaving your way through the streets of their hometown Las Vegas and the enchanting streets of Paris.

For every $1.99 download purchase, $1 will be donated to Imagine Dragons' foundation, the Tyler Robinson Foundation, during the first month of release. The Tyler Robinson Foundation was created by Imagine Dragons and Tyler Robinson's family in 2015 to help families deal with the financial and emotional costs of childhood cancer. The more games downloaded, the more money will go to TRF. After the first month, 25% of the revenue from a game download will got to TRF.
Here is what Imagine Dragons had to say: "The ability to incorporate meaningful charitable components in ordinary, everyday activities and purchases is something the younger generation appreciates like no other. We teamed up with Zig Zag Zoom to bring that giving spirit to mobile gaming, an area not really explored in the past. The game is a blast, but we're even more excited about the money it will raise to rescue pediatric cancer families by way of our charity, the Tyler Robinson Foundation."

24 December 2015

US: Gamers to Play 'The Legend of Zelda' for 150 Consecutive Hours to Raise Funds for Charity

Image via
December 27 to January 2, more than 50 gamers will play "The Legend of Zelda" for 150 consecutive hours to raise money for HelpHOPELive, a top-ranked charity that supports fundraising campaigns for people with unmet medical and related expenses due to cell and organ transplants or catastrophic injuries and illnesses. The Zelda marathon, named "Zeldathon Hope," will kick off at4 p.m. on Dec. 27 to a live audience of thousands on Twitch, the world's leading video game streaming platform.

16 December 2015

Tobacco Use Widespread in Video Games Played By Youth [Video Included]

Smoking is prevalent and often glamorized in video games played by youth,
according to a new report released by Truth Initiative.
Smoking is prevalent and often glamorized in video games played by youth, according to a new report released today by Truth Initiative. The report, Played: Smoking and Video Games, comes at a time when parents are holiday shopping for their children and a wave of new video games have recently hit the shelves.

20 February 2015

Wood Shop Trap Hits Your Geek Player Technology Score


You didn't submit your classes in time... 

You tried to get into the Advanced Quantum Entanglement class (you did name your cat Spooky Action after all) but amazingly, it was filled. Great. Now what are you going to take. You look down list of available classes and it's pretty ominous. Go ahead and turn the page past the physical education classes. There will be no getting tied up to the school mascot this year, Thank you very much. 

Wait a minute! Underwater RC submersibles. Oh crap! It just filled up..most likely one of your friends stole the last spot. 

27 August 2014

What The Cloud Technology Will Mean For The Video Gaming Industry

The Cloud is a new system for video gaming designed to allow for saves and games to be more easily transferred from console to console without use of memory cards and other items. 

This innovation allows gamers to play games by streaming them from a "Cloud" system that stores the individual games. While the games will also be available for download for faster and more stable play, the Cloud itself is always an option with these games.

22 November 2013

Google Celebrates Doctor Who 50th Anniversary With A Doodle And A Game


Google celebrates Doctor Who 50th anniversary (via The Inquirer)
IT PROBABLY hasn't escaped anyone's notice in Britain that Doctor Who will reach its half century anniversary on Saturday. As well as a feature length telly episode featuring at least three Doctors Who, there has been no shortage of fans waiting to…

22 October 2013

Top 5 Best MMORPG Games For 2013

There's no denying that the MMORPG genre has been in a sort of renaissance as of late. Not only are many of the best older MMOs going free to play, there are also many new MMOs being released. Despite this, there are many games that manage to set themselves apart from the others.

15 April 2013

Gaming: Where Trolling Began


The phenomenon of online ‘trolling’ is a fairly new one, with its roots dating back to the early 2000s. The origin of Internet trolling can be found in the first instant messaging services, such as MSN Messenger, where – unfortunately – school playground bullies could now take their daily activities online and into the evenings and weekends as well.

But the real foundation of trolling can be found in technological advances such as faster Internet connections and Xbox Live, both of which facilitated online gaming and made it more accessible to a greater number of people. What started as a fun way to meet new friends online quickly became a bit of a nightmare.

19 December 2011

Cromimi - The Cutest Game On The Web


One of the cutest new games to hit the US has to be Cromimi. These pet games are filled with cute hamster like creatures that you take care of, breed and even teach little tricks. The pets in this game have short, fat bodies with very large eyes and puffy cheeks. They almost look like chibi pets in this new animal breeding game from France.

29 November 2011

Video Game Addiction: Top 10 Signs And Symptoms


Signs of Video Game Addiction

The main negative consequences of video game play may be the mοst important. This is because video gaming can affect yοur social life or work and school performance….in negative ways. Althοugh this list is not exclusive, it is a beginning pοint for evaluating pοssible video game addiction οr pathological video gaming problems.

10 February 2010

The One About 'Keeping Keeley Hazell'


 Have you got what it takes to keep Keeley interested?

The FHM 100 Sexiest Women In The World Party 2006

With Valentine's Day around the corner, this post might be one of our timeliest of all.
Well, it's about girls anyway. So, close enough...

The video-clip is an advert that has been running for a little while in the UK, but it's more than just an ad. We could even go as far as saying that It's an advert with a... twist.

Here is what its makers are saying about it:

"Girls get bored easily so it's a must to keep them interested which is why Lynx has developed the innovative new fragrance Twist - the fragrance that changes

To celebrate the launch of new Lynx Twist, the fragrance that changes, Lynx has taken its first foray into film production with the sexy comedy ‘Keeping Keeley’. This interactive film differs from other online offerings by allowing viewers to control the fate of the protagonist.

Insight from Lynx HQ has shown that girls are increasingly looking for guys who keep them interested. This interactive film is designed to test guys’ skills at keeping potential girls interested during crucial mating game moments - made all the easier by the fact the potential girl in question here happens to be the lovely Keeley Hazell! As seen in the TV advert where the Lynx guy ‘Twists’ himself with an array of looks to keep the girl interested, viewers of ‘Keeping Keeley’ are presented with a series of options on Lynx’s Facebook page to ‘Twist’ the guy, revealing new skills, hidden talents and fresh looks.

The film features a stellar cast of up and coming UK talent including: the eponymous Keeley Hazell, Blake Harrison (Neil from The Inbetweeners), Mike Fielding (Naboo from The Mighty Boosh) and the Scarlet Harlots (T4’s Orange Unsigned Act). Scripted by the BAFTA award winning team behind Channel 4 comedy Green Wing, ‘Keeping Keeley’ is shot entirely from multiple POV.

Guys can watch the film at or on X-Box Live, to see if they have what it takes to keep Keeley interested."

So guys,  have you got what it takes to keep Keeley interested?

Have fun! 

Loup Dargent

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25 November 2009

Pssst! Wanna Play Oxfam Unwrapped’s Virtual Village?


With my birthday coming soon and Christmas around the corner, you might be worried about what to get me for those two very important times of the year...

Well, you could get me presents and help save the world at the same time...
That would be cool, wouldn't it?

But, what if there was something even cooler than that?!

Yep, there is something even cooler...

You can now play the game "Virtual Village" and help save the world
(but don't get too distracted and forget about buying my presents though)...

Intrigued? Don't be: it's quite simple, really.
"Oxfam Unwrapped’s Virtual Village is a brand new game that gives you the chance to see how your gifts make a big difference to poor communities worldwide." 

12 May 2009

Volkswagen Golf GTI: Virtually Yours?


If you like computer games with racing cars or/and the good old Scalextric kind of games, go get your virtual (or imaginary) helmets right now...

"Why?" I can hear you ask.

(Oh yeeees, I can..)

Why? Because you are in for a treat here with Volkswagen having constructed a Scalextric track on an epic scale inside a hangar to lend armchair (or office chair) enthusiasts like you and I the chance to race the new hot hatch online and against the clock.


The track is the work of a team of 60 modellers and features over 200 scale buildings in a space occuping 25ft by 30ft. It forms the basis for the ‘GTI Project’, a new online game through which you can control the 1:43 scale Golf GTI as it negotiates the hairpins, straights and narrow bridges that make up the track.

(Double wow!)

There’s no need to spend hours setting it up on the living room floor, no potential damage to furniture (and family pets) should you crash at high speed. Simply log onto the GTI Project website and you’ll be guided to the virtual workshops of the GTI Project and the track itself.

(Cool, isn't it?)

As with the real thing, too much enthusiasm leads to crashes and lost time. A delicate approach and a little perseverance lead to quick times and your chance to appear on the online global leader board, possibly resulting in universal acclaim from friends and colleagues.

Along the way you can also learn more about the new Golf GTI, from its new 2.0-litre TSI engine to the advanced six-speed DSG gearbox, colours, trims and performance information.

In addition you can order a brochure or even book a test drive.

Set a particularly quick time and you’ll be entered into the prize draw to stand the chance of winning the opportunity to drive a new Golf GTI for three months.


[The order books are now open for the full-scale Golf GTI. Prices for the three-door model start at £22,410 and rise to £22,995 for the five-door model. More information on the new Golf GTI can be found at or at any Volkswagen Retailer.]

So, don't wait any longer, go check out the website and start enjoying the virtual challenge now...

Oh yes, and have fun while doing so!

Loup Dargent


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