2 December 2011

Six Memorable On-Screen Cars

James Bond? He’s half a man without his Aston Martin. Sparkly Edward’s got his Volvo, Ghostbusters have their Cadillac and the only time Lindsay Lohan was even remotely cool was when she rode Herbie. Iconic cars have been boosting the badass-ness of their drivers for years, and sometimes they’ve outshined them completely. Either way, here’s a list of some of the coolest cars ever…

1. Dean’s Impala from Supernatural
Possibly the most iconic object in the entire series, the black 1967 Chevrolet has faced more deadly trials than any car should, but Dean always manages to rebuild her again. It’s got a trunk filled with weapons, and I mean filled, and there’s never a moment on the road when classic rock isn’t belting from the radio. Pretty much one of the most badass cars ever - Carry on My Wayward Son!

2. Christine
A bunch of people die in a car that gets sold to some well-meaning nerd who becomes a creepy and obsessed nut job like the previous owner…awesome! The 1958 Plymouth Fury, Christine, was the ultimate eerie-mobile back in the 80’s when Stephen King published his novel. Since then, loads of homicidal cars have pitched up in stories and movies, much to our delight.

3. Ferris Bueller’s Ferrari
Okay we know it wasn’t his but he sure as hell made the right move by stealing it for the day. This movie inspired an entire generation of 80’s kids to bunk school – good job! They probably sat at home watching TV instead of cruising around town in a 1961 Ferrari GT California but hey, no one’s as cool as Ferris.

4. Austin Powers’ Shaguar
His groovy convertible Jaguar E Type emblazoned with the Union Jack became an instant icon when the movie launched in the 90’s - obviously the perfect accessory for an international spy due to its low profile look. The car has been replicated hundreds of times and, while most drivers hope they’ll score a shag when they show off their sweet ride, most usually don’t.

5. Batman’s Tumbler
Without a doubt one of the coolest cars ever imagined, the Batmobile started off as a basic red convertible and over the years, transformed into the slick, black armoured machine the Dark Knight rides today. Constructed from titanium alloy and coated in bullet proof ceramic, the Batmobile has puncture proof tyres, can travel up to 350 miles an hour, packs weapons that’ll blow you out of this world and boasts more controls than a Boeing. Badass to the bone...

6. Michael Knight’s Pontiac
No list would be complete without mentioning KITT, the 1982 Pontiac Trans Am, which is kind of like a super smart alien car with a soul and a love for western ambiance, or something. This talking hunk of metal could kick Herbie’s ass but it probably wouldn’t because it’s got a conscience – that’s what happens when you drive something sentient.

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