11 January 2012

The Top 5 Worst Fictional Locations To Have An Office

Having an office space to rent office is something that a lot of businesses have to have and this doesn’t matter if it is an office based in London or something like an office in Sunderland, they are needed for a successful business. Although there are some parts of the real world where a business would not like to have an office situated, there are many more locations in the world of fiction that people would hate to have an office, here are just 5 of my favourites.

Gotham City
As much as I love all things Batman related and would love to be around to observe some of the villains at work (especially Killer Croc and The Joker) I just don’t think that setting up an office in the middle of Gotham is a good business decision to make. What with villains constantly blowing everything up and the city always being in some form of economic recession it just doesn’t seem like a very good move to me.

Did I mention that the city is either run by disturbing villains or the mob; it is never actually in a good state! On the other hand, if you could get financial backing from Bruce Wayne then perhaps you would be onto a winner. If you are company that specialises in creating state of the art technology then you would certainly get an investment, for some reason Wayne likes this kind of stuff, who knows why?

Elm Street
If the streets of Gotham weren’t enough to put you off of fictional office locations then how does a suspected child molester turned serial killer that hunts you in your dreams sound? Did I mention he has an incredibly scarred face, knife gloves and is dead? Oh and the worst part about him, the really dodgy Dennis The Menace stripy jumper!

You should be okay working in an office as long as you don’t fall asleep on the job, then you really will be in a (dream) world of pain!

Any City In The GTA Series
What’s wrong with some of the streets from the popular video game series GTA I hear you all asking. Well nothing most of the time but the problem is you never know what’s going to happen! If you are stuck indoors all day then you are fine as for some reason the main protagonist cannot get into simple office buildings. On the other hand, if you think you can escape by walking home then you are in for some trouble.

At any given moment you could be shot, run over, hit with a baseball bat and even chain sawed in half! If you think that public transport is the way forward then you are wrong as busses can be hijacked, trains derailed and don’t even get me started on the subway! Depending on what game you have your office in; you could even get killed by a Harrier Jet missile or a sweeping attack from someone on a jet-pack!

Any Disney Film
I am not going to start this section with any form of hate or dislike to Disney, in fact I wouldn’t be the person I am today without them, I love you Disney! On the other hand, I couldn’t imagine working in an office in one of the worlds that they have created. Although to begin with you will enjoy the happiness of everyone and the constant singing, you will be sick and tired of it after a couple of hours and will be begging for an old hag with a red apple to turn up, for you!

Any James Bond Villain Hideout
Although it would be insanely cool to work in the middle of a hollowed out volcano or in a space station for a villainous organisation (are Google in space yet?) there is just one problem with working for a James Bond villain… they always die and the base always ends up exploding and killing everyone (apart from Bond and his bit on the side for that movie).

Do yourself a favour and don’t ever work for a Bond villain, unless you have the skills it takes to be one of the few villains that appears in two movies and ends up falling in love and saving Bond in space… the Roger Moore days really did get a bit too farfetched didn’t they?

So there you have it, would you want to work in any of these fictional locations, if so… why?

About Today's Guest Writer:
Ryan loves working in an office but would certainly not like to work in any of these fictional locations, would you?

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