27 April 2012

Google: Behind the Numbers [Infographic]

Going online has become almost ubiquitous with using one of Google's services. The name of its search engine has followed in the footsteps of the trademarks Xerox and Kleenex and become a verb. People will often drop the fact that they are "going to Google" something into casual conversation and nobody thinks anything of it.

A substantial portion of the world's population makes multiple visits to Google every month. The amount of time that people collectively spend on Google each month is long enough for all the mammals walking on land today to have evolved. Fueling all that data use takes a tremendous amount of electric power, too.

All of that popularity has made Google a giant to contend with in the business world. The company's annual revenue exceeds the combined gross domestic product of more than two dozen countries. Much of that revenue comes from shady advertisers hawking sometimes barely legal wares.

Google Behind The Numbers 

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