8 January 2013

5 Most Hated Managers in the Movies

I believe you have my stapler

What makes these five movie managers such a hated bunch? The criteria includes: selfish intentions, manacle and manipulative behavior and a total lack of social morals and ethics. Even the magical escapism of the cinema is plagued with dreadful supervisors and horrid higher-ups that could use a soothing spa treatment and a life outside of work. Getting an eyeful and earful of the five most hated managers in the movies may just make going back to work on Monday seem not as bad after all.

Bill Lumbergh "Office Space"
This cubicle slave master Bill Lumbergh is an example of the more mentally painful reasons why office jobs, or any profession that entails tedious tasks and daily butt kissing can burn people out faster than gas in a volcano. Even his uninspired appearance, consisting of an unfashionable mullet hairdo, suspenders and an ever-present cup of coffee looks like any boss and every boss. Who wants to work for a socially crass corporate migraine of a man who seems to thrive off of making his employees work weekends?

Buddy Ackerman "Swimming With Sharks"

Kevin Spacey has portrayed several uniquely slimy versions of the scum of the Earth before in films like: "Superman Returns", "Se7en" and "21." But in this adequately titled Hollywood insider story; Spacey plays the ironically named "Buddy" Ackerman - an insufferable movie mogul. When it comes to the "sharks" in this cutthroat film, Buddy is indeed the most "Jaws" great white swimming in his ocean of filmmaking. He gives Guy, a fresh out of film school writer, an assistant position that goes from golden opportunity to personal toilet bowl really fast. The constant humiliation, meaningless tasks and sadistic people skills lead to Guy kidnapping his boss Buddy Ackerman purely for exacting revenge.

Gordon Gekko "Wall Street"

The volatile world of working for Wall Street is not just a current realization; this was even the case during 1987 when the human version of greed, Gordon Gekko, played by Michael Douglass first emerged. Not only does he set a viciously ruthless example for his younger up-and-coming stockbroker Bud Fox, played by Charlie Sheen, but Gekko literally preaches the evil mantra of "Greed is Good." This movie manager is so terrible that he has no problem landing his lower level lackeys in prison.

Miranda Priestly "The Devil Wears Prada"

Actress Meryl Streep got her chance to poke her movie manager fangs out and a bite an arrogant, intense and highly degrading hole into the self-confidence of her employees - namely Andy played by Anne Hathaway. Even working a job as seemingly glamorous as a fashion magazine can begin to feel as dreaded as tipping trash cans into a truck after working for Miranda Priestly. Not only does she sabotage any sense of team spirit, but she also provokes Andy to tell her to take that job and shove it.

Darth Vader "Star Wars"

When it comes to the worst possible movie boss in the history of cinema, the top slot goes to a guy that is literally out of this world - the intergalactic managerial manic Darth Vader. Take in consideration the fact that he works for a movement called "The Dark Side", he has absolutely no moral compass to prevent him from fighting his own flesh and blood son and has also been known to choke out his own soldiers to death for the first sign of incompetence. A day of work with a horrible boss like Darth Vader is definitely a high-pressure job when any day could be your last.

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