26 February 2013

The Self-Driving Car: Will Google Lead the Way? [Infographic]

The self-driving car has long been projected, but they are still unavailable. The promise of the self-driving is compelling as the ability to travel without having to pay attention to the road inspires visions of spending driving time watching videos or reading. Google has invested heavily in self-driving cars, but will their efforts succeed?

Google has some advantages over other who have tried in the past. Their Maps platform features some of the most sophisticated maps and mapping algorithms available, and their databases have been tested by drivers armed with video cameras. When it comes to navigating cars, Google has the technology necessary to succeed.

Google is large enough company that they can afford the investments necessary. Google has already tested cars that drive with minimal human assistance, and their progress has been encouraging. The states of Nevada and California now allow Google to test their cars on public roads. While the self-driving car is not a realistic option yet, Google might have a shot at succeeding.

Google Casts a Wide Net