5 April 2013

Game Planning For 'Doomsday'

So the trendy subject of movies and books these days is the end of the world.  To name a few examples I’m thinking of I am Legend and The Road.  But the thing of the matter is:  this is no joking matter to you.  It may be entertainment to some, but you recognize and want to plan for the actuality of the apocalypse.  Let’s go over some essential steps to take to ensure your survival when life as we know it ceases. 

Make a Plan
Today, while life is still fairly normal and zombies aren’t hunting us down yet, write a plan of attack, which of course should include a back-up plan.   This plan needs to assign specific duties to everyone in your family; he’ll grab this, she’ll carry that, we’ll make sure it’s clear, that sort of thing.  Make sure that everyone in your family has a copy of the plan. 

Your plan should indicate a safe place to gather.  Once you get there you’ll have to work to fortify it, if it isn’t already, by barricading all vulnerable entrances such as windows and doors but it will be valuable to have a predetermined location. 

Do some research now to select the best spot.  It’d probably be best if it was isolated – too many potential dangers when you’re close to large groups of people.  At the same time it’d be convenient if it was within a day’s travel to a town so you could have quick access to supplies left at stores and private homes.  And the sturdier, more protected the better.  

One more word from the wise:  don’t feel too committed to whatever place you choose because you might be required to move on if things get ugly around there. 

Gather Food
If you didn’t put together an emergency kit in preparation for the Mayan’s prediction of the end of the world in 2012, you should now before the real cataclysm occurs.  In fact, you should probably make several kits:  one for your car, home, and office. 

You’ll be grateful for whatever you put aside so keep in mind that you can start small and build your storage over time.  But your kit should at least contain the following: water, food, first aid supplies, and a change of clothes.  Non-perishable, even freeze dried, foods are best.  While you’re in the gathering mode, also make sure you have weapons, bicycles, a radio, and batteries.  And here’s another reason not to fret about collecting a huge amount of food:  a massive amount of food will require a massive amount of ammunition to defend it.    

Since we recognize that whatever food you have stored won’t be enough to sustain you for the rest of your life, we know that there’ll be a need to continue to collect food.  Consider learning how to trap, snare, and hunt so that you’ll have these skills when you need them.

Get a Generator
Obviously grid power will no longer be available.  So here’s what you’ll need for power: a solar generator.  Why?  Because it runs simply by converting the power of the sun into electrical energy.  All day long it generates power and stores it, saving it until you need it. 

Portable solar generators are ideal for the apocalypse, and not just because they are reliable.  Unlike their counterparts, fuel consuming generators, they are silent and don’t emit any fumes.  Either of those byproducts would give you away to the zombies so a fuel powered generator is not going to work for you.  Furthermore, you don’t want to be transporting tanks of fuel around with you.  You’ll really need the simplicity of a solar powered generator. 

Now you’re not going to believe this one:  Home Depot, Lowes, and even Costco carry this crucial instrument.  How much easier does it get to buy one?  I think I’d be hard-pressed to find a reader out there who isn’t within an hour’s drive of one of those retailers.  And I’m sure there are those of you out there saying, “There isn’t a Home Depot, Lowes, or Costco within an hour radius of my house.  So there!”  To you folks, I say order it on line – problem solved!

But if you didn’t get a generator and the end of the world was yesterday, no fear.  You can build your own!  All you need is a solar panel, a battery, a battery box if possible, DC input, and inverter.  It’s best to collect these items sooner than later because as we all know, it won’t be long before all the stores are completely looted. 

About Today's Guest Writer:
While she’s not planning for the end of the world, Jessica Christensen enjoys occupying herself with writing about planning for the end of the world.  She’s a particularly enthusiastic advocate of self-sustainable efforts, such as solar generators mentioned above.  If you, too, are concerned about what you and your family will do when Doomsday rolls around, read on.  You’ll find many more articles you’d like by keeping up with her on Google +. 

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