3 April 2013

Singer VERONIKA Back For Another Round

Singer VERONIKA Back For Another Round

After receiving over 2 million hits with her first video release Ain’ Russian Doll, VERONIKA is back. She is currently working on her next video release for her 2013 single CameRA. The video is said to be directed by Yevgeniy Timokhin who has created some stellar videos for music sensations Alexa Luna as well as boy band Kazaky. After taking over the airwaves with Ain’t Russian Doll, CameRA is sure to make a splash when the video is released.

VERONIKA came on the music scene in 2012 with the release of singles C.I.A. and Ain’t Russian Doll. She released two additional singles in 2013 entitled CameRA and Sing. It was not until the release of her debut video for Ain’t Russian Doll that she began to receive national attention. After receiving more than 2 million YouTube hits she received her own Vevo channel. The rest is now history.

VERONIKA is originally from Ukraine, but left at an early age. After trying her skills in various professions, she began her music career in 2012. She writes her own music and dances in her own videos. Her lover for ballet and pole arts comes through in Ain’t Russian Doll. VERONIKA has released or is in the process of releasing a total of four videos in the last six months. In addition to Ain’t Russian Doll and CameRA, VERONIKA is scheduled to release videos for C.I.A. and ToyBoy in the next couple of months.

VERONIKA is not a stranger to the camera. She has spent time as a television host in both Europe and the United States. She is also not shy as she performs her own dancing in her videos. It is clear that she is an up and coming star who is going to explode on the scene soon. She has already shown that she belongs by staking her place in the music world with Aint Russian Doll.

CameRA is said to be an extended look at her view on prejudice and intolerance. VERONIKA has been extremely vocal about this since she has hit the music scene and it is reflected in Ain’t Russian Doll. Her style is something graceful that you just cannot miss. If you have not already, her video for Ain’t Russian Doll is a must see. Personally, I just can’t wait for the release of the new video.

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