4 April 2013

StarCraft II Heart Of The Swarm - Lackluster Storyline But Multiplayer Still Great

StarCraft II Heart Of The Swarm

Some StarCraft fans out there are still a little annoyed that Blizzard opted to turn StarCraft II into a trilogy. However you might feel about it, the nice thing about that move by Blizzard is that we’re getting some pretty interesting games. StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm delivers an impressive, zerg-themed campaign. It’s certainly far more than just running the same thing as what we got from StarCraft: Wings of Liberty in 2010.

Blizzard has more often than not proven to be a company that knows what it is doing. And what they’re doing with StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm is well-deserving of a place in StarCraft’s exceptional history. You might not be thrilled that the sequel to one of the most important games of all time has been broken down into a trilogy, but you won’t find a whole lot to complain about with StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm. It proves the idea that a massive expansion release is a lot more exciting than a series of small DCL additions.

Uncovering StarCraft 2: Heart Of The Swarm

StarCraft 2: Heart Of The Swarm gives us a lot to get excited about: It delivers to us zerg Queen Sarah Kerrigan in her most substantial role to date. It gives us 20 impressive missions. It gives us some of the most breathtaking cinematics we’ve ever seen from Blizzard.

What it doesn’t give us are too many surprises. Those of you keeping up with the series so far can already more or less guess where the story is going. That’s a sore point for the trilogy, and it does hurt the depth of StarCraft 2, but it shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. It shouldn’t bother anyone in the face of the fact that Kerrigan is given some pretty interesting things to do as our central character this time around. Most of those 20 missions focus on her, and it becomes pretty obvious pretty quickly that this is definitely a good thing. Kerrigan quickly establishes herself as a character who can handle the driver’s seat quite nicely, the missions are some of the best in the StarCraftfranchise, and the powers Kerrigan utilizes throughout the game are more often than not useful and a whole lot of fun to use.

Replay value is the name of the game here. Some missions are going to prove more satisfying than others, but the bulk of them should keep you occupied for quite some time. Being able to decide which planet we can hit up first was a smart move on Blizzard’s part. It’s great that at different times we can have access to different units. The Evolution system in the game is also nicely done.

StarCraft 2 Heart Of The Swarm review Conclusion

Blizzard has been putting out real-time strategy games for a long time now. They could rest on their laurels, but they are instead continuing to do intriguing, engaging things with the genre. Fans of the series will be pleased with the overall result of Heart of the Swarm.

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