3 October 2013

My Favorite 3 Comic Book Super Villains

Fantastic Four #5 (July 1962), Doctor Doom's f...
Fantastic Four #5 (July 1962), Doctor Doom's first appearance. (Wikipedia)
In our world of crime and villainy, it is good to be able to enter a world where the villains are evil but acceptable because of their evil. Comic book writers have created some brilliant superheroes over the years, and they have also created some brilliant super villains. These villains are truly evil, and we know it, but how many of them would you want to be locked away in a prison or killed? Probably none of them, they are as much a part of the enjoyment as the heroes themselves. Totally over the top, they are loved as much as Batman and Superman. 

Below are a few of my favorite human villains from comics over the years.

The Joker
I simply have to start with the Joker. To me, he is the king of the super villains, and deserves to be mentioned first. The Joker has no super power; he relies on pure evil and poisons to win the day. It is The Joker’s human form, combined with no semblance of humanity, which makes him so evil. You just know that, though he is laughing, he is laughing at the stupidity of other lesser mortals; and would crush you like an insect. He may not be able to destroy galaxies, but it wouldn’t stop him trying; just for a laugh.


If you like you villains totally insane, look no farther than Venom. Venom is created when the symbiotic creature that is Venom’s costume, attaches to a host; the result is hatred personified. Venom’s only real interest is killing Spiderman, and the resulting chaos is magnificent. Strong, fast, and dripping saliva, this super villain is single minded and unrelenting. Because they are so evenly matched, his battles with Spiderman are a delight for all comic book readers; you have to love this kind of dedication to a cause.

Doctor Doom

With his armor and mask only glimpsed beneath a billowing cloak, Doctor Doom makes an impressive figure. His hatred of mankind, black art skills, and intelligence makes him an impressive super villain too.

Born the son of a gypsy witch, Doctor Doom’s history would make you sympathetic, if it hadn’t turned him into the vengeful spirit he has become. Doctor Doom is such a great character that he has had countless battles with superheroes as varied as Spiderman and the Hulk. His main hate though is Richard Reed from the Fantastic Four, who he knew before his Doom persona, and continues to battle at every opportunity. Doctor Doom is a villain with quite a few issues, but I for one hope he never resolves them.

Some people like their villains to be alien and unbeatable. Personally, I like mine to be more human in form, as I believe it means they need to be more powerful in other areas. I prefer villains who have a lack of humanity; even though we can see they must surely have been born with some. In my opinion the story behind their loss humanity makes their characters even more interesting. Would you agree with my choices? If not who are your favorites?

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