22 November 2013

Which 'Doctor Who' Are You?

It was time, really, for a more updated test, as the "What Doctor Who Character Are You?" one we've posted in 2009 was starting to be a bit redundant. Okay, I was pleased with the results at the time (I was the 4th Doctor after all!), but as the test was not including the 11th one, I was wondering how different the results would be if he had been included... and, thanks to the BBC America site, I now have the answer.

Interestingly enough, my results for the old test were the following:

4th Doctor

9th Doctor

10th Doctor

3rd doctor

1st Doctor

7th Doctor

5th Doctor

a Dalek

6th doctor

8th Doctor


2nd doctor


So, while I had a great score for the 4th Doctor, it also looked like my scores for the 9th and 10th were quite reasonable too... Which kind of made my results from the BBC America ‘Doctor Who’ Personality Quiz not such a surprise after all.

By now, you probably have guessed which Doctor I am...
If not, don't worry! Here's the answer:

Yep, I am now the 9th Doctor! Cool, isn't it?

I'm definitely very happy about that result...
I mean, hey, the 9th Doctor did help stop the 2011 London riots (like I had predicted here), didn't he? ;-)

Which Doctor Who Are You?
You now know that I have been upgraded from the 4th Doctor to the 9th one, but what about you guys? Try the BBC America's test here and let us know your results, okay?

Have fun!

Loup [The 9th Doctor] Dargent

PS: Many thanks to the Facebook's Doctor Who Page for the heads up...

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