30 November 2013

Which New 'Doctor Who' Companion Am I? [Warning: I Might Have Had A Sex Change While Taking The Quiz!]

The full title should really have been "If I was not 'The Loupster' already (the Loupster is not one of the Doctors' companions and he's got companions himself), etc... etc... etc... which new 'Doctor' Who' companion would I be?", but... err... it would have been a tad too long, wouldn't it?

Anyway, this post is about the results I've got in the BuzzFeed's quiz "Which New 'Doctor Who' Companion Are You?". I'd already taken the "Which 'Doctor Who' Are You?" one, so I thought "why not take a quiz about the Doctor's companions as well?" After all, it was all in good fun and, let's face it, the chances of not being Captain Jack Harkness were rather tiny, weren't they? 

I mean, hey, I did make a point of answering all the questions in a manly manner, so what could go wrong?

Nothing much... except that, according to the quiz, I'm now one of the Doctor's female companions, d'oh!

Yep, I'm now the impossible girl!

Never mind, it was still fun...

Which New 'Doctor Who' Companion Are You?

Take that fun quiz by clicking here and tell us your results. Okay? Thanks!

Have fun!

Loup (or is it Louve now?) Dargent

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