27 December 2013

5 Christian Charities In London That Need Your Support

By Sam Wright

Charity work and faith go hand in hand.The church has been a continuous source of support for those who need it for centuries. If you are a religious person and are keen to get involved in charity work, you may want to consider charity work related to your faith.

In London, there are hundreds of different charities that are crying out for support. In this blog we’ll highlight a few Christian charities that you may want to volunteer for.

The Church of England's Pension Board - Retirement Housing for Clergy Pensioners
The Church of England Pension Board is a charity that raises funds to support retired members of the clergy. As many of the clergy spend most of their life raising money for charity, they are often in need of support after they retire. They charity helps to provide retirement housing and nursing homes for elderly clergy members, as well as financial support for those who are unable to pay their living costs.

The Church and Community Fund
The Church and Community Fund raises money for its grants service. The fund awards grants to needy parishes to help establish community projects such as youth charity work, meals for the homeless and so on. It also encourages use of the church’s services. The charity trustee is the Archbishop’s Council of the Church of England; so far, it has been able to award £400,000 of grants every year thanks to London charity volunteers.

Livability is a Christian charity formed out of two existing charities with history dating back to the Victorian era. The charity is one of the largest Christian charities in the UK and has a large presence in London. It runs a wide range of services to help support disable adults and children, inviting many people to volunteer.

Its projects include supporting residential care homes, education, community care and holiday facilities. The charity’s vision is to transform society to enable disadvantaged people to live life to the full with real choices, independence and opportunity for the disabled. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with its charity work in London.

Lay Witness for Christ International
The Lay Witness for Christ International is a London based charity which aims to inspire communities and young people through sport outreach programmes. The charity has been operating for 35 years and has been a big supporter of the Olympic Games, ‘planting seeds that continue to grow after the Olympics are over’. The charity runs a range of Right Track, Sporting, Youth Connection and Training Programmes for local communities in London.

Anchor House
Anchor House is a project that was started in 1962. It was established by the Catholic London Inter-Diocesan Council of the Apostle of the Sea. Originally it was established to provide temporary housing for out of work seafarers but has since been transformed into a residential life skills centre for the homeless. It supports over 200 homeless people every year and help them address the causes of their problems and develop the skills needed to support themselves.

Getting Involved With London Charities
Christians get involved with London charities for all kinds of different reasons. It's a great way to put your faith into action. If you are interested in faith based charity work in London, there are plenty of different organisations for you to get involved with. Don't delay: donate your time today.

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