22 February 2014

5 Recommended Songs For Anger Management

Uncontrolled anger can cause many problems such as a mild situation becoming aggravated and getting worse, relationships with others deteriorating, possible job losses and a cold and repulsive attitude from people around you most especially those who know that you can flare up at any given opportunity. 

Overlooking your anger will not make things better so it is absolutely essential that you learn how to control your anger to be able to make improvements where necessary and be able to keep yourself from exploding emotionally. Controlling your anger with proven techniques will enable you to handle problems much more calmly and effectively. This article lets you know what to do in some cases when you are provoked to ensure that you don't lose control. 

Music Therapy
One of the most popular anger management techniques in use is music therapy. Music has been proven to be a helpful tool in leaning how to manage and control strong emotions like anger, rage and frustrations. 

Listening to the right music offers various expressions of emotions through its words; the accompanying sounds also has a soothing effect on the mind but the success lies in choosing the right music. There are other advantages of music therapy including increasing emotional awareness and learning a more constructive way for expressing emotions.

Managing Emotions/Anger With Music Therapy:
The first step in learning how to control and effectively manage anger is to have emotional awareness. An individual needs to know just how angry they are inside and how angry they can get in provocative circumstances. Certain songs can help an individual to detach themselves from an anger that is building up making them slip out of emotional stress without making irrational and on the spot decisions that may affect their future.

Songs With Stories
Anger can be a secondary emotion that originates from other emotions such as grief, sense of loss, injustice, jealousy and shame. A song can help identify these other emotions causing all the inner anger an individual is feeling and can help a great deal in resolving these issues. An individual’s thoughts can sometimes contribute to anger and such thoughts are usually negative in nature. A story in a song that an individual can relate to during the thought process can most times be a a positive influence on an individuals thought process thereby turning the negative thoughts into positive ones. 

Relaxation Music
Another music therapy technique other than songs with stories is relaxation music. Relaxation music is critical if you want to have a complete and successfully controlled anger. There are many excellent relaxation songs to choose from that any individual can relate to such as:

  1. A Broken Life by Courtney Shane
  2. Breath by Breaking Benjamin
  3. Fading by Rihanna
  4. Jar Of Hearts by Christina Perri
  5. Only Time by Enya

  • A Broken Life by Courtney Shane is an elevating inspiring song about loss and bereavement but has powerful story line that can be utterly effective in anger management.
  • Breath by Breaking Benjamin can be taken as a relationship gone cold and an issue causing a lot of pain. This song indirectly makes you see what some people could be facing; this is a useful tool used to make anyone see life in a positive way.
  • Fading by Rihanna is a stirring song about someone fading out of an individual’s life and moving on.
  • Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri is a perfect song for someone who has gone through a heart break and chooses to not let such negative emotions hurt them again.
  • Only Time by Enya is an inspirational song about love and the future that has a soothing rhythm.

Music is a great way to help your emotions through many stressful situations that can result in anger. Listen to these songs and see your anger vanish through the roofs.

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