20 February 2014

Freak Out The Neighbors - Hilarious Garage Door Skins

If an ordinary garage door just isn’t for you, consider making it extraordinary with a garage door skin. Just as art or photos can bring character to any room, a garage door skin is an easy way to add character to an otherwise plain garage door.

While this may not appeal to everyone, the realistic designs are certainly eye-catching and offer an economical way of hiding minor cosmetic damage- breathing new life in to your garage door.

From design to installation and material, the possibilities...

The size and selection of garage door skins is becoming more diverse as the trend gains momentum. With the help of technology and printing techniques, many garage door skins allow you to create life-like scenes. If you can’t find something you like among the designs offered, custom designs can be created. A garage door skin can make it seem as if your garage is a housing something exotic like a horse or giant crocodile – or simply your favorite vintage car.

Style Your Garage, a German company, has mastered the art of garage door skins. They've made the design possibilities are endless, an obvious fact judging by the following examples:

The Jet Fighter- because your garage isn’t just for cars.

The (moderately) clean open-garage- a genius way of giving the illusion that your garage is nice and neat.

The double-decker- because everyone needs not one, but two formula one racing cars stacked inside their garage.

The animal- scare away would-be intruders with a large, exotic and otherwise terrifying animal (or reptile).

The tropical paradise- because why settle for concrete when there’s sand?

The subway-  no need to find the subway when you can simply bring the subway to you.

The Garage Band- because you’re actually a rock star.

The boat- for those that want to look like they have a boat, without actually having a boat.

The Vintage Car- because the appearance of a vintage MG is much better than your actual car.


Installation is simple. Held in place with industrial strength Velcro, garage door skins are all but indestructible. While standard sizes are ideal for traditional garage doors, wing or carriage style doors, and sectional doors, installing your new garage door skin is a quick and easy process- even if your garage calls for a custom size.

The materials used to make a garage door skin are of exceptionally high quality. You don’t need to worry about the design being ruined by rain or snow; not only are garage door skins weatherproof, they are also washable.

Garage door skins are available in standard sizes to fit most factory produced garage doors. Although, you don’t need to fear – customizable options are also available. You can also choose from designs specifically sized to fit multiple garage door openings- great for those with two and three car garages.

While there are garage doors available that are of the “plain Jane” variety that are much less likely to invoke a response from the average passerby, the wide assortment of clever- albeit slightly obnoxious- garage doors are endless.

The drawback of the more creative garage door skins is exactly what makes them great- their realism. An unsuspecting guest may very well try to walk into that nice, neat garage, only to run into the door instead. That wild animal may end in friendly calls to animal control. The entertainment value alone is priceless.

Would you consider getting a garage door skin? What’s your favorite?

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About Today's Guest 

Paul Mathews works for Overhead Door Co. of Clearwater, specializing in garage door replacement. Naturally, for business’s sake, he would rather customers engage in a garage door replacement; however, these skins are a pretty cool way to cover up damage that would normally be fixed by his company.