1 July 2014

Doctor Who Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Tenth Doctor?

The Tenth Doctor and Rose
"Ten questions on Doctor number ten - oh yes!"
Perhaps, "How much do you remember about David Tennant's Tenth Doctor?" could have been a more appropriate title for that quiz as we're now pretty close to see the Twelfth Doctor in action, but it's still rather cool as a little trip down the Whovian memory lane... Oh, and, as a bonus, we learn (Unless you already knew it, obviously) the name David Tennant was born with.

If you want to try it (the quiz is conveniently embedded in this post, by the way), here are a few hints:
  1. If "Blink" was one of your favourite episodes, that'll help you answer two of the questions
  2. The first time Catherine Tate/Donna Noble appears in Doctor Who, she was credited as "The Bride"

I haven't done too badly with a relatively proud 9 out of 10 result! Yeaaaah!

(Not too shabby, considering I haven't watched the Tenth Doctor episodes for quite a while, really...)

Don't forget to let us know how well you've done, okay? Thanks!


Loup Dargent