6 January 2016

The Hotel Barclay - New Horror Web Series Becomes An Internet Sensation With Debut Of Season One

Photo Credit: Aaron Needham (PRNewsFoto/The Hotel Barclay Series)
From the brilliantly perverse and dark mind of Writer/Director Leah Myette comes The Hotel Barclay, a provocative, new, thirteen-episode web series that has horror fans across the country singing its praise with the release of Season One on YouTube (October 1, 2015). 

The highly anticipated Season Two, featuring seven additional, bone-chilling episodes will be released once a week starting Jan 19, 2016.

Inspired by masterpieces like The Shining, Rosemary's Baby and The Exorcist, The Hotel Barclay is a psychological horror that explores what happens when a haunted hotel preys on the vulnerabilities of its guests in a tense and dreadful overlap of past and present. Shot locally against the scenic backdrop of historic Los Angeles, the series combines intriguing plotlines and complex characters. 

True to classics in the genre, the series is just as elegant as it is terrifying – the perfect treat for anyone interested in the morbid and taboo.
"I wanted to make a series that had a sense of grandeur of the great horror films that came before it, and which elevates expectations for audiences on what is considered sinister, " said Leah Myette.
The Hotel Barclay is an episodic horror series, which examines the terror found in the foreboding, rather than relying on visceral scares. Focused on creating an overwhelming sense of dread, the episodes explore how the hotel ghosts prey on the weaknesses and shame of particular guests. At the end of each episode, certain guests are reclaimed by the hotel and we realize each recaptured person was in fact, always a part of the hotel.

The dreadful hunt that the hotel initiates can be seen as a melancholy waltz between parties. The hotel always leads and the hotel always wins.

A master of wit and a fan of depth, Myette's writing artfully explores several overarching and controversial themes within each episode including seedy-underground economies, reincarnation, sexual abuse, gay and lesbian relationships, personal transformation and more.
"Season Two takes a long look at the ominous shapes that live deep in the shadows of the hotel, daring to discover what happens when these shadows start to whisper, shuffle, and conspire about the living among them," says Myette.

'The Hotel Barclay' - Season One [Trailer Included]
About The Writer/Director: 
Leah Myette is from Jamaica, Queens and attended the illustrious High School of Performing Arts where she studied ballet. She has her BA and MA from the University of Chicago in literature and lived in Russia for two years, where she taught English and studied Russian. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting but rapidly became disillusioned by the derivative content and mind-numbingly vapid roles for women. Writing and directing is part of her desire to bring original story-telling back to the entertainment industry. 

'The Hotel Barclay' - Season Two Teaser 

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