14 September 2016

On The 25th Of September, #PokemonGO Lures Will Be Shared At... Shared Space [#Westcliff]

Pokemon Go Lure Party At Shared Space, Westcliff - Poster

Yes, you've read it right! Shared Space, the Christian charity shop in London Road, opposite the Palace Theatre (being, rather conveniently, a Pokéstop,) will host a Pokémon Go Lure Party for FOUR hours, giving a chance to the local Pokémon Go players to catch lots of Pokémons without having to walk all the way to Southend's High Street or Chalkwell Park to do the same, for once. 

(Obviously, Trainers who don't live in Westcliff are also very welcome to join us... The more, the merrier.)
It will start at 10:30 AM and finish at 14:30 PM, giving ample time for people to make the most of this opportunity. 
Not only they won't need to rush to the Pokéstop where the lure modules are released, but they will also be able to sit down while catching Pokémons (and restocking their devices with Pokéballs, potions, etc..), having a friendly chat with other Trainers and, if they want to, even have a drink (coffee, tea and orange squash will be available for a small charge.)
It might be a good idea to have some "lucky eggs" ready to use during that time, so that you can double the XPs you'll earn when you catch all those Pokemons... ;-)
And, of course, with two Pokégyms in five minutes walk from each side of the charity shop, there will be opportunities for the Trainers to use the potions they'll get from the Pokéstop if they are in full "Pokémood" ;-)
To make that first ever Pokémon Go Lure Party hosted by Shared Space (which is, coincidentally, one of my favourite local charities) more visible and fun, Pokémon Trainers are asked (if possible,) to wear some items of clothing in the colour of their team... 
But, this is not compulsory, so don't worry if you can't.
Pokemon Go Lure Party's Poster in Shared Space's Shop Window
Shared Space, ready to share the Pokemon Go lures...
Share Space, 453 London Road, Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex SS0 9LG
Sunday 25th of September, from 10:30 AM to 14:30 PM
There will be also an hour of Lures during the coffee morning held at Shared Space to raise money for the Macmillan Cancer Support Charity on Friday 30th of September. The coffee morning will be from 09:30 AM to 12:30 PM. 
The Lures release will be between 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM
About Shared Space:
Shared Space is a growing Christian network of charity shops, transforming lives through volunteering, training, and funding community initiatives.
For more info, please visit facebook.com/SharedSpaceCharity
The Palace Theatre (and Pokestop) opposite Shared Space...
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While some people might still dismiss Pokémon Go as a time wasting game, we (the ones who play it anyway) know from experience that, not only it makes us fit, but it also helps us discover local landmarks that we might have ignored in the past (as well as making new friends in the process,) and even helps charities to raise money, among other things... 

Stay safe...

Loup Dargent