24 October 2017

#MeToo Campaign Not Slowing Down Anytime Soon, But Now What?

S.H.E. Speak.Heal.Empower
S.H.E. Speak.Heal.Empower (via sharikarney.com)
After the recent Harvey Weinstein sexual allegations have come to light, the floodgates have opened with celebrities using the hashtag #MeToo creating a social-media viral sensation. Many of us have seen and are shocked to hear of female family members, friends and co-workers coming forward publicly on-line with personal sexual abuse and harassment stories. Karney believes, "If men stand with us too, we can stop the sexual assault of women."
"An NBC movie, 'Shattered Trust: The Shari Karney Story' starring Melissa Gilbert, was written based on the abuse that happened when I was a child. People in my inner circle who never confided in me are using social media now to find their voice but we can't do it alone," said Shari Karney, attorney and legal pundit.
Shari Karney led the charge of changing the laws in California in 1991 and didn't stop there. Karney worked with 40 other states so that survivors across the nation now have legal rights as well. Karney successfully lobbied and testified in Washington D.C. for a Children's Bill of Rights.
"Now what? Men stand with us too! If you are sickened and shocked at what you are reading and hearing about through the #MeToo campaign, be the voice of honor and reason. You can be the ones to hold bosses, co-workers, family members, coaches and churches' feet to the fire. Men listen to other men. Please, be the good man you are and stand with us #MenWithYouToo," said Shari Karney. 
"Basic civil rights laws must be enacted to hold perpetrators accountable and give victims justice. We need to remove statutes of limitations for criminal and civil actions so survivors of sexual violence can have their day in court," said Karney.
Shari Karney
Shari Karney (via sharikarney.com)
About Shari Karney :
Shari Karney is an attorney, on-air legal pundit, author, speaker, entrepreneur and activist for victims' rights. A widely respected legal expert, analyst and commentator on breaking news cases, she has appeared on hundreds of television and radio news programs. 
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SOURCE: Shari Karney

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