15 November 2018

MPs: Give Us The Final Say On Brexit! [Petition]

Brexit chaos: let us decide!
Brexit chaos: let us decide! (Image via Avaaz)
Dear friends across Britain,

With Parliament logjammed and ministers resigning, Theresa May’s Brexit plan is in deep trouble. 

She’s admitted that Brexit could now be stopped, giving us the best chance we’ll get to win a final say that can get us out of this mess. 

The more people who sign our open letter calling for the British people to decide whether we want May’s deeply damaging Brexit, the more weight it will have with MPs -- add your name with, then send it far and wide. 

To all MPs:

As you read this, 30% of Britain’s children are living in poverty. The number of rough sleepers in England is at a record high. And Brexit will make this even worse, threatening jobs, the economy and the NHS. 

The promises of prosperity made by the Brexiteers have evaporated. There are no good Brexit options left. Instead of allowing public money to be wasted and our economy harmed, we call on you to protect the most vulnerable and support the British public having a democratic final say on Brexit, with an option to stay part of the EU.

Yours sincerely


The Prime Minister is desperate to put a positive spin on the shambles of her Brexit deal -- but she’s fooling no-one. Even the man she put in charge of Brexit negotiations, Dominic Raab, is so fed up he resigned today. 

All over the country, support for a public vote on Brexit is growing. With the government in open civil war and parliament deadlocked, the only legitimate way to choose the way forward is asking the people to decide. 

Sign the open letter to MPs now, and when it's massive we’ll deliver it in constituencies across Britain before the key Brexit vote in Parliament, with Avaazers everywhere delivering our call for a final say!

With hope and determination,

Loup Dargent
"Prime Minister announces she has very little confidence in herself either" - The Brexit Comic
"Prime Minister announces she has very little confidence in herself either" - The Brexit Comic
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"Brexit Chess" - The Brexit Comic
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