26 November 2018

MPs: Reject Theresa May's Rotten Brexit Deal! [Petition]

Theresa May (image via Avaaz)
Dear friends across Britain,

Theresa May just admitted that Brexit can be stopped -- IF MPs reject her rotten Brexit deal.

It all comes down to that one vote -- and May is doing everything in her power to pressure MPs to support her. Many are resisting, but if they crumble, Brexit is a done deal.

We can't let that happen!

May’s just written an open letter to the country begging for support -- let’s reply with our own open letter -- and make it history's loudest and most powerful call on MPs to reject May's rotten deal! When it’s huge, we’ll deliver it to every single MP -- Sign with one click and share with everyone!

"Dear MPs,

Theresa May’s Brexit deal is a disaster for Britain. 

As British citizens, we reject any Brexit that will make us poorer. We reject any Brexit that reduces our influence in the world. And we reject any Brexit based on lies, division and foreign influence in our politics.

As our MPs, we call on you to reject the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal, and give us, the people, the final say on Brexit in a fair public vote."

Whether we voted 'leave' or 'remain', no one voted for this disastrous deal: job losses, a ruinous divorce bill, and EU rules we can't control -- with possibly no end in sight! It's the absolute worst of both worlds.

That's why ministers are in open revolt, which opens the door for citizens to have the final say on Brexit -- but only if MPs first reject May's rotten deal.

So it all comes down to this one vote in Parliament, and we have to make sure MPs know that there's no public support for this Brexit deal at all. That'll take a massive public push -- but there are Avaazers in every last constituency, and only our movement can make this big enough, fast enough! 

Sign with one click and share with everyone you can! 

Avaaz has led the charge against Brexit. We helped make sure Parliament could reject any deal, took May on at the ballot box to strip her of her majority, and helped turn out hundreds of thousands of people on the streets. It all comes down to this moment -- so let’s make it count, and stop Brexit completely!

With hope and determination,

Loup Dargent
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