3 December 2018

Yes, Mary Knew: Biography by Irene Baron Details God's Plan for Mary

"MARY KNEW - A Biography of Mary from Ancient Scriptures" - Book Cover
"MARY KNEW - A Biography of Mary from Ancient Scriptures" - Book Cover 
Ohio native, Irene Baron, is irritated whenever she hears the song, "Mary, Did You Know?" She stated, "That beautiful song gives the wrong impression.  If people think Mary was an average teenager, they're in for a big surprise! Mary and almost everyone in Galilee knew her destiny."
Based on eyewitness testimony by James, the youngest son of Joseph, Baron explains exactly what Mary knew. She reports that Mary's story is filled with angels, miracles and fulfilling of prophecies.
Baron wrote the book, MARY KNEW – A Biography of Mary from Ancient Scriptures, in the historical narrative format as reading scriptures is difficult for some people. 
Her readers will learn that: 
  • God named, blessed, and consecrated Mary to be the mother of His Son before Mary's conception. 
  • Messenger angels told her parents Mary would be the most important woman to be born on Earth. 
  • Angels dictated what her parents were to feed her, how to care for her, and to move her to the Jerusalem Temple at age three. 
  • Living in the Temple for over a decade, Mary conversed daily with angels who fed her. 
  • During that time she made a holy vow to God which created later difficulties.
Irene Baron's book provides details about hardships Mary's parents endured, Mary's birth, her first 3 years, the Temple years, a very reluctant Joseph, the rough betrothal, and the birth of Jesus.

James' eyewitness account of Christ's birth describes a holy phenomenon not witnessed since. 
Baron reports, "People tell me they get chills reading about the birth because of the miracles that occurred when it happened."
Bible scholars report that James' scriptures were not placed in the New Testament because that section of the Bible was composed of books about Jesus, not His mother
James became a chief Apostle and was the first Bishop of Christian churches in Jerusalem. His scriptures were used in the Christian churches for hundreds of years.
Author & Speaker, Irene Baron
Author & Speaker, Irene Baron
An expert and speaker about the Virgin Mary, Irene Baron earlier discovered the Christmas star using NASA provided software. Her award-winning nonfiction book, Unraveling the Christmas Star Mystery, tells the story of that famous star.
Both books are available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com 
SOURCE: Irene Baron