19 April 2019

4/20 Anthem "Pot Salad" Released by Art Rock Band Das Funk Haus Rolls Marijuana Culture and Religion in a New Smokin' Video and Six Song EP

"Pot Salad"
Still from the Das Funk Haus video for the new single
The South Florida band Das Funk Haus will be releasing the brand-new Pot Salad EP on Saturday, April 20th, 2019 at 12am. The new EP is following the music video for the single "Pot Salad" which is available on the YouTube channel Cortez Heights Records

The Pot Salad EP contains five new Das Funk Haus compositions that run the gamut of marijuana culture, self awareness, social house cats, and even Frank Sinatra. This is the sophomore release by the Florida based Art Rock project, and is released on the bands own imprint, Cortez Heights Records. 

The Pot Salad EP follows the music video which gives gracious nods to classic films, paintings, religion, and lots of weed. It's a tongue in cheek blend of visual and musical flavors you will want to sit back and enjoy. Pot Salad is a perfect mix of funk and Zappa-esqueness written specially for 4/20 fans.
The new Pot Salad EP is Das Funk Haus' follow up to their 2014 album Electric Garden Party, which the Marquette Wire called "a feel of late-night jam sessions filled with a hazy smog of instrumentals, think Jimi Hendrix meets Dave Matthews Band, plus a whole lot of intrigue." 

Electric Garden Party charted #12 Relix Magazine September 2014. The band is always evolving around founding members H.B. Russell, and Percival Frequency, and now has expanded into a six piece progressive rock band. 

The new recordings on the release show off some of the new members, especially new drummer James Hershey, and new back up vocalist Suzy Dazzle. All of the new songs were mixed and produced by H.B. Russell and Dave Pezza.
Das Funk Haus has a unique musical vision that was originally founded 1995. The art rock, psychedelic funk band combines a six piece rock band with modern lyrical concepts that seem to cater to all who search for something different.
SOURCE: Cortez Heights Records

The Video: