14 August 2019

Behind The Black Panther: Three Things You Didn't Know About Chadwick Boseman

NYC Film School founder recalls when Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman attended Digital Film Academy, New York
NYC Film School founder recalls when Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman attended Digital Film Academy, New York. (Forbes interview)

1. Chadwick Boseman attended Digital Film Academy in New York

Chadwick Boseman attended the New York film school Digital Film Academy where he took the Digital Filmmaking Program which included "Acting For Directors" with the NYC film school founder Patrick DiRenna.
In a recent Forbes interview about Boseman, DiRenna notes, "I remember his face. You could see internal processes working."
Boseman's range is also exceedingly impressive; he's portrayed historical figures such as Jackie Robinson in the movie 42, been the lead hero in the Marvel movie Black Panther, and most recently starred in a thriller as an NYPD cop in the movie 21 Bridges
On the topic of Boseman's variety of acting credits DiRenna adds, "If you want to become these characters, you must be willing to really take it on. You need full emotional clarity."

2. Boseman's directorial Debut was an impressive production

As part of the rigorous and hands-on film school training that filmmakers get at Digital Film Academy, all students must develop, write, cast and direct their own thesis film.

Chadwick was no exception.

The Chadwick Boseman Digital Film Academy thesis project was titled, Blood Over A Broken Pawn. It was an ambitious undertaking. The short film, written and directed by Boseman, revolves around a Brooklyn coffee shop owner who finds himself in a dangerous confrontation with a kingpin. 
DiRenna recalls, "The main character was a complex mix of pride and fear: the classic hero. He must face his fears and step up to action. He must become brave. It was all very clear and very good."

3. Director's Take on Boseman

It was obvious from his first days at Digital Film Academy in New York that Boseman had something truly unique about him; whether it was his laser focus, or his talent for becoming a wide array of characters. "I understood that this particular student was a star in the making and on a path to other places," DiRenna remembers.
"There is great inner strength required to give yourself over to becoming another person. Even more so when the characters are actual important historical figures that have already touched many lives. I certainly witnessed this strength when Chadwick Boseman studied at Digital Film Academy."

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