23 September 2019

US: Record Numbers Dare to Enter Nation's Haunted Attractions

Most Entertaining Haunted Attractions from left to right: Bates Motel Haunted House, Glen Mills, Pennsylvania; 13th Floor Haunted House, Denver, CO; Haunted Hotel, San Diego, CA; Cutting Edge, Fort Worth, TX; Dent Schoolhouse Haunted House, Cincinnati, OH
A pounding heart, heavy breathing, and cold-shivers from unsettling senses are some of the feelings that entertain haunted house fans by pumping up their adrenaline and releasing screams and laughter. People love a controlled scare for fun. America Haunts, the leading industry association of premiere haunted attractions, reports that the popularity of haunts is growing, especially within mega haunts. These mammoths of scare ushered a record level of visitors in 2018, many exceeding a 9% increase in patrons for the season.

Stirring the spirits to generate crowds takes more than hocus pocus. There is a lot of wicked year-round planning and professional skills needed to entertain and spook the masses. Befittingly, America Haunts recognizes the 5 most entertaining haunted attractions in the U.S. for 2019.

In addition to working late and their penchant for scaring, this group of mega-haunt producers are technological wizards, spooky-set builders, and many of the realistic masks and make-up techniques are their own creations as they are pushed to be better than Hollywood to entertain audiences often just a grasp away.

The top 5 most entertaining haunted houses in the United States are:

  1. Bates Motel Haunted House and Haunted Hayride Philadelphia metro, - Glen Mills, Pennsylvania: This haunt mixes up a triple threat to scare its guests. Aside from the Bates Motel Haunted House, it also has the Haunted Hayride and Revenge of the Scarecrows Haunted Trail attractions. The realism will make you swear they conjured up dead spirits that elicits visitors to scream with applause throughout this spectacular haunt.
  2. 13th Floor Haunted House Denver, Colorado: One of the world's greatest mysteries is the hidden 13th floor - hidden by building owners but discovered in Denver that goes by elevator straight down. 13th Floor guests witness the unforeseen frights not found anywhere else, plus in 2019 have new attractions: The Other Side, Tales of Unknown, and Clown that promises well-done, scary fun.
  3. Haunted Hotel San Diego metro – Mission Valley, California: There was a "disturbance" in 2019 so wicked that the Haunted Hotel was relocated to bigger digs in Mission Valley - featuring 3 haunted attractions in one location. The undead unearthed by the move are ready to inflict terror at the Haunted Hotel and its hellevator. Kill-billy Chaos, and 3-D Freak-Fest gives even more reason to watch out from this terror-filled place of thrill.
  4. Cutting Edge Fort Worth, Texas: Born from an abandoned meat-packing factory this world-record, largest haunted house packs in horror chills and thrills. Visitors will feel their pulse rise with the dark, rhythmic beats of a nationally acclaimed zombie drum line in this haunt. The Cutting Edge experience includes a cemetery and a Texas-sized swamp where getting out may actually take you six-feet under.
  5. Dent Schoolhouse Haunted House Cincinnati, Ohio: The dark past at Dent Schoolhouse,  where a janitor ended some young lives, makes Dent especially haunting. The looming presence of the spirits in undeniable to all the senses as visitors make their way throughout classrooms, the cafeteria, and more. This school bell conjures up the best cast in the Tri-City's area with help from the supernatural to make this a hands down favorite in the nation for a great night of scares.

About America Haunts:

America Haunts is the national association of top-tier haunted attractions dedicated to excellence in fear-based, sensory entertainment, thrilling more than a million visitors annually. America Haunts' members are recognized for their longevity in the industry, technical expertise, innovative design, and relentless talent with a penchant to generate screams for fun and excitement.

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