13 February 2020

Why Spicing Up Your Relationship Is Key

Why Spicing Up Your Relationship Is Key (image via Pixabay)
Finding love for the first time or the second or third, is a difficult task. A wonderful feeling but a scary one also where we feel sucked into a whirlwind of emotions and unsure how we feel about our path and if we are making the right decisions. If you have experienced a breakup recently or in the past, you can be sure that things can get easy again for you and once you do find love again, you can find exciting ways to spice up your relationship!
“But I have been divorced and now I don’t think I can give myself to another person again completely?”
It may be difficult to find love again, especially after divorce and you have probably dealt with divorce solicitors and the paperwork that comes along with it but it doesn't mean that life has to end once this is completed. Start to embrace the relationship again and spice it up!

Hug and kiss more!

Physical contact is key and even something as simple as a 30-second hug is one of the warmest things you can do which extends a regular hug that and releases endorphins and allows you to appreciate the love that you have together. The attachment hormone will trigger and both men and women enjoy a human touch; it’s a natural thing to do. Indulge in a longer embrace every day and learn how much more passionate and happy you feel together as well as feeling more grateful for each other’s company. 

Start to say nice things to each other!

As women, we can have a negative outlook on relationships and be less trustworthy and a little more judging. Compliment instead! Start looking at what you like and love about your partner and every day start to commit to noticing five good things about your partner and why you like what they do! Tell them the five good things also, let them feel good about themselves and ensure that they are feeling happy in the relationship as well. It could be how they look, what they say to you, how well they cook, or something nice that they did for you. 

Ask the right questions

Sometimes after we’ve been in a relationship for a long time, we think we know everything about our partners but that isn’t always the case and sometimes we can assume things that aren't fair. They may have secrets, or issues they don't want to share and therefore it’s vital to be good at communicating and being sensitive with what you ask and how you ask it. 

Go on date night that’s a little out of the norm for you!

Have a date night, but do something a little different and change it up. Go to a new place or a new activity! Doing something new is always fun and try and plan it in advance. Think about where you’d like to go and make little bucket lists.Think about where you’d like to go to and what activities float your boat, it will bring new memories!