16 March 2020

Wizard Startup "The Cauldron" Goes Into Investment Stealth Mode

Wizard Startup "The Cauldron" Goes Into Investment Stealth Mode
"The Cauldron" - London (image via thecauldron.io)
The startup technology company whose mission it is to "bring fantasy to life with science, technology, and design" has entered into Investment Stealth Mode for its community of fantasy fans.

The company, which became known around the world for its immersive Potions Experience that blends IoT magic wands with molecular cocktails, has welcomed over 300,000 guests in London, New York City, Edinburgh, and Dublin.

Wizard Startup "The Cauldron" Goes Into Investment Stealth Mode
"The Cauldron" - New York City (image via thecauldron.io)
Details of the investment round have not yet been released, but the company is aiming to turn its customers into owners, and offer exclusive rewards and benefits alongside shareholder status. The Cauldron has simply put up a registration page for interested parties to be included in its Private Investment Mode. (Date TBA.)
The Cauldron has also recently announced its newest concept in London -- Superheroes Bar, a superheroes pop-up experience that brings customers into the world of heroes, villains, and the comic book multiverse in an immersive cocktail class.

About The Cauldron Entertainment Group:

The Cauldron venues are located in London, New York, Dublin and Edinburgh and provide a wizard-themed immersive cocktail-making experience where guests brew magical potions by using interactive magic wands and molecular mixology. 

It is a magical, immersive experience which celebrates concepts from fantasy novels and magical lore, all brought to life by science, technology and design.

Wizard Startup "The Cauldron" Goes Into Investment Stealth Mode
"The Cauldron" (image via thecauldron.io)

About The Magic of Things:

The Magic of Things is the imagineering studio that produces The Cauldron Magical Experience and other immersive concepts that bring fantasy to life with science, technology, and design. 

The studio is a mix of hardware and software engineers, prop and set designers, and experts in hospitality that are creating the next concepts in food and beverage that blend technology with the guest experience. 

The studio is led by co- founders Matthew Cortland and David Duckworth.

Wizard Startup "The Cauldron" Goes Into Investment Stealth Mode
The Magic of Things - banner (image via thecauldron.io)

More About Superheroes Bar:

'Superheroes Bar’, a new interactive cocktail experience located in East London, is due to open as a limited pop-up on March 26th for only three months.

This new creation is brought to you by the makers of The Cauldron, the well-known wizard-inspired cocktail experience. Ordinary mortals will be taken on an immersive comic book-inspired experience through the superhero multiverse, where they will discover and unleash their new found abilities to create super-charged drinks as they train to become the World’s #1 Hero.

Once guests enter the hidden lair in Dalston, they will be suited with a mask and cape, and free to set out on their journey through the bar’s comic-inspired world, collecting elemental ‘Stones of Power’ that are used in the drink-making process. Before allowing their powers to be unleashed, guests must first learn how to wield the ‘Beer Stone’, ‘Cocktail Stone’ or ‘Mocktail Stone’ to pour a welcome drink. 

Wizard Startup "The Cauldron" Goes Into Investment Stealth Mode
'Superheroes Bar’ - Glove of Power
Once the stone of their choice has been mastered, superheroes in training are led to their own interactive workstation, where, in a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ style experience, the decisions that guests make will impact which powers they develop. Each new adventure draws inspiration from a different comic book style; Noir, Anime, Golden Age and Silver Age.

Superheroes will test out these new powers by concocting three interactive cocktails, which are inspired by comic book tropes and molecular mixology. 

Wizard Startup "The Cauldron" Goes Into Investment Stealth Mode
'Superheroes Bar’
The Cauldron’s co-founders Matthew Cortland and David Duckworth designed ‘Superheroes Bar’ to surprise, delight, and strike at the heart of the comic fandom in London. While Duckworth leads cocktail creation and experimentation, Cortland brings his fascination and knowledge of science and technology, to create a one-of- a-kind interactive experience. 
Duckworth comments; “The menu at Superheroes Bar is the product of a team of expert mixologists and comic book geeks coming together to create an experience that will excite and astound fans of graphic novels and superheroes.” 
Cortland adds; “Just as we have created an immersive magical experience at The Cauldron, our in-house ideation studio, The Magic of Things, has brought the history of the comic book multiverse to life through interactive technology and science. As a result, there will be plenty of plot-twists for guests to enjoy."
  • The entire Superheroes experience can be non-alcoholic, gluten-free, and vegan friendly. All drinks are made to be multi-sensory, interactive and feature different effects, such as fire, UV, smoke and expansion.

  • Tickets for ‘Superheroes Bar’ can be purchased at www.superheroes.bar, and are available on a first come first serve basis. Tickets start at £29.99 and include all the materials and supplies, three cocktails and the immersive experience which lasts around 1hr 45min.
  • Disclaimer: Superheroes Bar is not associated or affiliated with any comic book, movie, entertainment franchise or any specific comic book or cinematic hero, villain, or character. This experience looks at classic comic book tropes and themes, and creates its own world of heroes, villains, and ordinary (but no less important) people. 
SOURCE: The Cauldron

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