5 August 2020

HorrorPack Limited Edition #50 Ships in the August Blu-ray Pack

HorrorPack Limited Edition #50 Ships in the August Blu-ray Pack
August HorrorPack Limited Edition Blu-ray #50
A little under five years ago, subscription service HorrorPack launched its first offering, a monthly Mystery Horror Movie subscription box with both DVD and Blu-ray plans

Founded by Diego Kirsch and Chris Ethridge, HorrorPack's mission was simple: Despite the rise of VOD, the demand for physical media still exists, particularly for collectors, and in areas with limited broadband. HorrorPack would meet this need by sending four DVDs or four Blu-rays straight to the customer's door every month. 

A little while later, they began to include a Numbered, Limited Edition Blu-ray each month in the Blu-ray pack.

Flash forward to now: In the August 2020 pack, HorrorPack will be shipping Limited Edition #50, right before their 5-year anniversary in September. This milestone mystery title, previously unreleased in North America, is a horror film featuring the legendary Tony Todd.

  • Each disc will be signed by the Director. 
HorrorPack Limited Edition #50 Ships in the August Blu-ray Pack
HorrorPack Horror Movie Subscription Box
"One of the best things we have been able to do at HorrorPack is to help get independent horror films out to a wider audience while compensating the filmmakers at the same time," says Ethridge.
Kirsch adds, "We also connect the filmmakers to the HorrorPack subscriber and unboxer community, which has been growing steadily with everyone staying at home due to COVID-19."

  • The DVD plan contains 4 Horror DVDs each month for $19.99 including US shipping. The Blu-ray plan consists of 4 Horror Blu-rays each month, including the Numbered Limited Edition title, for $24.99 with US shipping.

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Both formats have multi-month subscription options, which are even more affordable, and HorrorPack ships internationally for an additional cost. 

SOURCE: HorrorPack