14 April 2021

'Progression: Glory Days, Pt 2' - Vic Santoro Delivers The Second Instalment of His 2021 Trilogy

'Progression: Glory Days, Pt 2' - Vic Santoro Delivers The Second Instalment of His 2021 Trilogy
Vic Santoro delivers second instalment of his 2021 trilogy - 'Progression: Glory Days, Pt 2'
South London rapper Vic Santoro returns with energetic new mixtape Progression: Glory Days, Pt 2, out today via American, Austin-based label Big Indie Records.
Following on from the hard-hitting, introspective vibes of Pain: Glory Days Pt. 1 in February, Progression: Glory Days, Pt 2 sees Vic reveal his endeavours to break away from the hardships of his life, and to shape a better future for himself. It marks the second instalment of his trio of mixtapes, made up of some of the 100+ songs Vic has recorded over the past few years.

Things open with 'No Regrets', the focus track of the project that pairs motivational lyrics of levelling up with an idyllic, blissed-out production. 
Speaking on this tune, Vic says, "No Regrets is about finally taking that leap to enter the next phase in your life. Being able to assess your journey thus far and highlighting the lesson."
Next up is recent single 'Came And Saw', with Vic in a nostalgic mood as he reflects on how far he has come, setting his intentions for how he means to go on. Produced and directed by Vic himself, the slick, monochrome official video perfectly captures the essence of his triumph over his struggles.

'Slipped Up' and 'Represents' are then characterised by lucid social commentary documenting his life on the streets and during his 11 year stint in prison, making for a more reflective listen. 

'Top 5' closes things out featuring emotive vocalist Elle Cato, with Vic reflecting on his time in prison and vowing to never return to that life as he raps honestly amidst a funk-laden, gospel-inspired production.
Speaking on the overall project, Vic explains, "Glory Days Pt. 2 is a continuity of my journal. On Part 1 I spoke on my trials and tribulations and on this one I speak on the tools I used to make it through difficult moments. This is the part in the movie where the main character recovers from a tragedy and goes on to be triumphant in his endeavours."
'Progression: Glory Days, Pt 2' - Vic Santoro Delivers The Second Instalment of His 2021 Trilogy
To celebrate the release of 'Progression: Glory Days, Pt 2', Vic Santoro partners up with Morley's to #FeedTheVillage
Born in Cameroon before moving to the concrete jungle that is London, Vic Santoro found solace in his creativity during his teenage years, reading and reciting poetry, studying English literature before being turned onto the revolutionary teachings of rap's greatest poet Tupac Shakur.

A supremely talented street poet, Progression: Glory Days, Pt 2 is destined to further bolster the ever-growing reputation of Vic Santoro.

SOURCE: Vic Santoro