19 August 2009


Reborn and Rebranded!

'Forward-and-Share' is dead,
long live 'Forward and Share' 2.0!

If you have tried to access one of our posts from the original 'Forward-and-Share' lately, you probably noticed by now that it has somehow disappeared into thin air...

If you have clicked the "Ignore this warning" bit on the big red frame welcoming you when you click on loupdargentonline.blogspot.com, that is...
Yep, that's how I've found out myself that there was something wrong with it.
No email from Blogger.com to tell me about the problem... Nothing.

I was going to try sorting out the alleged malware problem by deleting the post where the problem might have been but, when I logged into my account, I was told that loupdargentonline.blogspot doesn't exist.

Of course, I could register loupdargentonline.blogspot.com if I wished though.

Ah, cool!
Erm, nope...

Apparently, and contrairy to what I was told just before, loupdargentonline.blogspot.com is not available.

The rest is now history...

As I've got most of the old posts backed up anyway, 'Forward and Share' 2.0 won't be empty for too long. So that's not too bad, really.

And, at the end of the day, I see the whole affair as a blessing in disguise as for many months now the original F&S could not be viewed properly by Internet Explorer's users and, let's face it, the good old blog was long overdue for a spring cleaning and some intensive rebranding.

I'll be adding stuff in the sidebar, re-posting some of the old posts, adding new categories and doing anything else that needs to be done on a daily basis
as well as posting new material...
So, not only 'Forward and Share' will soon be back on its virtual feet , but it will also look and be much much better and healthier than before.

Talk soon.

Loup Dargent

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