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2 June 2014

UKIP And The Queen Photoshop - Has UKIP Gone Too Far This Time?

Nigel Farage and The Queen of England in Photoshopped UKIP meme

Someone in UKIP must have had their dates mixed up and thought that it was April Fool's Day already... Either that or they don't actually have a clue about how things work when it comes to British politics and the Monarchy...

UKIP has somehow crossed the line there. We all know that the Queen would not endorse any political party (and that she does not vote!)... So, photoshopping her in order to give the impression that she is a UKIP supporter has to be a major royal no no.

Obviously I cannot speak (and I would not dare doing so anyway) on behalf of the Queen, but I don't think that she'll be amused when she sees that.

If you want to make your own mind up about the whole affair, the pic should still be available for viewing on here, but, just in case it got "accidentally" deleted, I've also posted a screencap of it below...

2 April 2013

YouTube shuts, Google sniffs, Twitter slims in this year's April Fool gags


(via AFP)

YouTube is shutting down, Twitter users have to pay for the use of vowels, and the new Google Nose search engine will bring a whiff of wet dog or daisies right to your computer or smartphone.

Smells fishy? These internet giants went all-out to try and bamboozle their users with April Fool's gags on the most mischievous day of the year.

YouTube, the world's largest video sharing site, revealed it had merely been an eight-year contest to find the best video and would be closing to review all entries. The winner would be announced in 2023.

"We are so close to the end. Tonight at midnight, will no longer be accepting entries. After eight amazing years, it is finally time to review everything that has been uploaded to our site and begin the process of selecting a winner,
said Tim Liston, named as "competition director."

1 April 2013

Breaking News: Hens' Chocolate Flavoured Eggs Will Be Available For Consumption By Next Easter!


Yes, you've read it right, by this time next year, we should be able to eat chocolate flavoured eggs that have been laid by hens!

That was the claim made last week at an international farmers convention by Madame Poisson, a French farmer from Brittany.

Apparently, Madame Avril Poisson has been experimenting for years with various ways that would make hens lay flavoured eggs and it seems that the one on producing hens' chocolate flavoured ones is the one that  was eventually successful.

"All you will need to do, is hard boil the eggs like any other eggs and, once they're ready, put them in the fridge. Then, once they're cold enough, you'll just need to take the shell off and you will have succulent eggs with chocolate flavoured whites and yolks. Simple!"

The hens' chocolate eggs, expected to be on the shelves of various supermarkets all over Europe by the end of February 2014, have already been seen as a serious competition to the traditional (and much more expensive) Easter eggs. Funding from the European Union will help with the setting up costs for the needed massive scale production and its running for the first year.

French Far-Right groups have already publicly criticised the idea of having hens' flavoured chocolate eggs and condemned it as "another attempt from the socialist EU to destroy our Christian traditions."

Madame Avril Poisson said that, if the sale of hens' chocolate flavoured eggs is successful, she'll start working on the production of bacon flavoured ones as soon as possible and that she has already received some very encouraging feedback from major supermarkets in the UK regarding that future venture.

Here, at, we all think that hens' flavoured eggs are an egg-cellent idea.
But, what do you think? let us know in the comments area.

Thanks in advance.

Loup Dargent

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