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19 September 2019

"Game Of Thrones" Star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Travels To The Amazon With United Nations Development Programme To Discover The Real Story Behind The Fires

"Game of Thrones" star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau during his fact-finding journey to Peru
"Game of Thrones" star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau during his fact-finding journey to Peru (image via UNDP)
Game of Thrones star and United Nations Development Programme Goodwill Ambassador Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has just returned from a fact-finding journey to Peru, where he traveled deep into the jungles of the Amazon with the UN agency to get to the bottom of the causes – and the impacts – of the fires. 

His mission also offered insights into the effects of climate change on the hard-to-reach communities living in the Amazon.

"When I saw those images of the Amazon on fire, like everyone else, I felt shocked, powerless and angry. It didn't make sense to me," Coster-Waldau said. "Which is why I wanted to come to Peru and find out why the Amazon is on fire."

What Coster-Waldau discovered was that the deforestation in the Peruvian Amazon, to which the fires are attributed, can be traced back to economic and social inequalities facing the communities living in this region.

Indigenous and local communities play a key role in safeguarding the Amazon rainforest, which covers more than 60 percent of Peru and is critical for our planet because it holds about 20 percent of the river water on Earth.

But in the Peruvian Amazon, many of these communities also face high levels of poverty and inequality and lack basic infrastructure and resources. Most are small farming or fishing villages whose residents live off the forest and often rely on deforesting their plots to grow food and earn a living.
"What I found when I traveled to Peru is that the burning of the Amazon, the deforestation is incredibly complex. But at the core is social inequality," Coster-Waldau said.

"I met indigenous communities, and they explained the awful dilemma they face: They are farmers. They need to farm, not for great profit but simply to feed their familiesThese communities are often living in extreme poverty and have an impossible choice: they are the guardians of the Amazon, but they also have little choice but to clear sections of it in order to plant crops just to survive.

The problems indigenous communities face in the Amazon are a window into not just the impacts of climate change, which have intensified over the past 20 years, but one of its biggest causes: inequality.

If we don't address inequality on a global scale, then we won't be able to fix climate change. It's complex, but there's hope. We have the resources, we have the technology. We just need to do it. We need to come together as individuals, as communities, as nations. And if we do that, we can solve the problem."
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in "A Second Chance"
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in "A Second Chance" (image via Wikipedia - CC BY 3.0)
 "Development challenges are complex, and in Peru, home to the second largest portion of Amazon forest, we have to pursue integrated solutions that ensure that vulnerable communities can accelerate progress towards equality and resilience to climate change," said Maria del Carmen Sacasa, Resident Representative of UNDP in Peru.

About United Nations Development Programme

UNDP is supporting government, private sector and communities in their efforts to reduce deforestation and address climate change in the Peruvian Amazon. Aligned with Peru's national policy framework, UNDP and partners address the root causes of environmental degradation through supporting inclusive governance, by providing technical assistance to stimulate sustainable economic growth and climate proof livelihoods, and through facilitating multi-stakeholder partnerships to align public and private finance in support of sustainable development.

UNDP partners with people at all levels of society to help build nations that can withstand crisis, and drive and sustain the kind of growth that improves the quality of life for everyone. On the ground in nearly 170 countries and territories, 
UNDP offer global perspective and local insight to help empower lives and build resilient nations.

SOURCE: United Nations Development Programme

18 September 2019

New Research Shows Brexit Is Making the UK a Less Attractive Home for Biggest Global Firms

Gowling WLG report reveals the most favourable countries for global HQ relocations
Gowling WLG report reveals the most favourable countries for global HQ relocations (PRNewsfoto/Gowling WLG)
Almost one in four (23%) global businesses are open to relocating their headquarters (HQ), but uncertainty over Brexit is having a significant impact on the UK's attractiveness as a home for big firms, according to new research from international law firm, Gowling WLG. 

  • Almost half (41%) said they wouldn't currently consider a move to the UK post-Brexit, instead rating Germany, Ireland and Switzerland as the top destinations.
With recent high profile HQ developments for Amazon, Unilever and Google hitting the headlines, the Gowling WLG report, HQ Sweet Spot: Where big businesses want to call home reveals the strategic plans for the most significant operations of more than 650 board level executives at large businesses across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas.

  • A startling 92% of those surveyed that are currently headquartered in the UK are weighing up the benefits of an overseas move - Ireland ranks as the most popular destination option for more than half (54%) of these firms, followed by Germany (33%), the Netherlands (31%) and Luxembourg (23%).
  • More than a third (35%) of global business leaders believe that post-Brexit, the UK will be a less favourable HQ location in the long-term. However, bosses in Brazil, Canada and the US are most upbeat about the enduring cachet of a UK business address and the most likely to consider relocating to Britain.

When asked to rank a broad range of features from availability of talent and digital infrastructure through to political and economic stability in their current location, business leaders in France, Singapore, Switzerland and Japan were the most satisfied and least likely to consider moving. Conversely, those in the UK, Canada and Brazil were the least satisfied with their current home and among the most likely to consider upping sticks.

Commenting on the findings, Richard Bate, head of real estate at Gowling WLG, said:
"The UK patently remains a strong force in the market to attract the world's biggest HQ relocations but our research shows that Brexit is leading global bosses to strongly consider other European alternatives.

When asked what measures the UK could take to improve its attractiveness as an HQ location after Brexit, a clear message from bosses for policymakers emerged: reduce business regulation, improve access to talent, develop a more favourable tax regime and improve transport links.

Our research also reveals the importance of the location basics, from sourcing suitable buildings to excellent digital and transport infrastructure. Indeed, many of our respondents favour destinations offering high quality real estate – an area where the UK excels.

Against this backdrop, a swift resolution to the Brexit impasse and the right policy changes once we have finally exited the EU are essential to enable Britain to take a bigger slice of the HQ market, particularly among North American firms and those beyond Europe."


Queen of Haunts' Thirteen Top Picks For The Most TERRORific Haunted Attractions In The US

Queen of Haunts, by day Amber Arnett-Bequeaith, presented the TERRORific Haunted Attractions on her 45th seasons
Queen of Haunts, by day Amber Arnett-Bequeaith, presented the TERRORific Haunted Attractions on her 45th seasons
Choosing the best haunted houses in the nation is a labor of love for the Queen of Haunts, also known as Amber Arnett-Bequeaith. She has spent a lifetime in the haunt industry – celebrating forty-five seasons. 

Some of her early memories as a five-year-old was sleeping in a coffin and raising up from it to toss pedals on passersby in her family-owned haunt in Kansas City. The family still owns the haunt it created in 1975, the Edge of Hell, marking it as the nation's oldest operated commercial haunted house. The years following, they expanded to a whole bevy of scare-based attractions including haunts Beast and Macabre Cinema, a ghost and gangsters tour, hayrides, and the Festival of the Full Moon where the Queen of Haunts reigns over scary fun and laughter.

"The most common question I get is what is the best haunted attraction to visit," said the Queen of Haunts. This fright-for-fun expert is quizzed by all types of people – from scare enthusiasts with either a penchant for travel or a bucket-list of thrill goals, or others simply wanting to hear how their local haunt stacks up. While she admits she is hard to scare and knows the inside "tricks of the trade," she favors the haunts where the scares are invented but the fun is for real – best described as "terror-ific".

The United States is a behemoth in the haunt industry, with approximately 1,200 haunts focused on fear-based entertainment – without counting the charity-run, smaller-scale haunts. In the sea of choices, the Queen's picks are sure to cast scares to make fun memories for a lifetime.

The top 13 TERRORific haunted attractions for heart-pounding, hair-raising fun:

  1. Edge of Hell, Kansas City – perhaps close to her beating heart, but this granddaddy of haunts creates a mind-blowing scary experience from heaven to hell and the world's largest serpent is undeniably first-class in fright!
  2. Cutting Edge, Dallas – marches onto the list with the acclaimed zombie drum line and scares that go above and beyond – on the edge of darkness.
  3. Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride, Philadelphia – take it from a seasoned haunt expert, a Bates Motel and haunted hayride will leave you scared out of your wits.
  4. Beast, Kansas City – this time travel to the medieval times where an eye for an eye can be vicious and reflects the monster of men and a sensory-experience that includes jumping out a second-story window.
  5. NETHERWORLD, Atlanta – this sprawling one-story haunt has something for everyone to leave you scared to the bone.
  6. Headless Horseman, New York – a legendary haunt that sits among the hills outside New York where the beheaded horseman made that fateful ride and scares the dickens out of those who venture. The presence of horses ramps the scare beyond horse speed.
  7. Macabre Cinema, Kansas City – the haunt for everyone who loves horror movies but wants to be part of the action – it even includes some real horror movie sets. You won't have time for popcorn in this adrenaline-fueled attraction.
  8. Spooky Woods, Greensboro/Highpoint – thrill-seekers are in for a new kind of scare on the Sudden Death Express train ride – giving new meaning to going off the rails!
  9. Dent Schoolhouse, Cincinnati – mix a horror back-story of an old schoolhouse with extraordinary haunt technology and you'll swear the spirits are present and inflicting terror.
  10. Erebus, Detroit – a time machine that is disguised as a haunted house to make all the visitors actual guinea pig subjects – leaves them trembling with the prospect this research project is scary.
  11. Haunted Hotel, San Diego – relocated to a bigger space opens the door to even more scares. The crowds are sure to be breathless inside a hotel that leads to mayhem and macabre.
  12. 13th Floor, Chicago – the superstitious naturally know to take heed going to the 13th floor - most buildings hide the floor from access. The adventure into Chicago's 13th floor will make everyone a believer in this dark reality.
  13. 13th Gate, Baton Rouge – Wrapped in history and the eeriness of the dead above ground in mausoleums makes it all the more believable that the nightmare inside these gates will raise the hairs on your neck.

17 September 2019

There Is an Arch Villain Behind The Climate Crisis And There Is Just One Solution

The Great Healing
The Great Healing
Today one million species of plants and animals are facing extinction. Over the next two decades, global warming will threaten the survival of virtually every multicellular life form — including us. In this "save-the-planet" book, The Great Healing - Five Compassions That Can Save The World, award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker Stephen Erickson, a member of The Great Healing LLC, introduces exquisite creatures, human and non-human, and the challenges they face, while revealing the Arch Villain and humanity's singular solution.

Four esteemed thought leaders have joined Stephen to contribute three new essays, photos, and a poem:

  • Wendell Berry - essayist, novelist, poet, farmer, national treasure
  • Joel Fuhrman, MD - author of 6 New York Times bestsellers including Eat to Live and The End of Diabetes
  • Alan Lewisguides Food and Agriculture Policy for Natural Grocers stores
  • Jo-Anne McArthur - investigative photojournalist
The main cause of global warming is Big Ag. Its behemoth dark twins, industrial agriculture and factory farming, are responsible for creating a far greater share of greenhouse gas emissions than any other industry. Industrial agriculture also kills the life of the soil, its microbiome, destroying healthy soil's ability to sequester carbon — making the Arch Villain a preeminently lethal adversary.

There exists only one solution to the climate crisis: Regenerative agriculture and healthy soil's natural ability to drawdown and hold carbon. The key to achieving this rapidly and at necessary scale are Five Compassions: Compassion for Animals, for Self, for the Land, for Community, and for Democracy.

Compassionate activism and widespread awareness can create The Great Healing. More than a "call-to-action" book, this is a book with a plan. Told empathetically through the stories of exquisite creatures, they are an emotional invitation, a way in, to easily grasp the situation and its urgency.

  • Join in what will become the most important cause of all of humanity's endeavors to date.
Stephen Erickson
Stephen Erickson (image via

About Stephen Erickson:

Stephen Erickson is a scriptwriter, feature filmmaker, and entertainment executive. That while fathering his children on this fascinating planet during a short window of time that may prove to have been the most magnificent years for human beings ever to be alive.

In The Great Healing he introduces exquisite creatures and takes the reader on an emotional journey, while alerting everyone to a dire threat and revealing the singular solution.

  • Buy The Great Healing - Five Compassions That Can Save The World on Amazon.

16 September 2019

Multiple Award-Winning Short Film 'Bummer' Secures Newest Accolades From London Independent Film Awards

"An asteroid just had to come on this day. Now what?" - "Bummer"
"An asteroid just had to come on this day. Now what?" - "Bummer" (image via
Limitless Films LLC recently announced that its 8th and newest short film "Bummer" netted three awards from the London Independent Film Awards. The monthly competition recognizes excellence in filmmaking from filmmakers from across the world. 
"Bummer" is a depiction of a mother and daughter's move to a new home in Florida, just as the story breaks of an imminent asteroid approach that will destroy earth.
The film is rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association of America. "Bummer" has won a total of 41 awards worldwide.
"I'm incredibly thankful that 'Bummer' is receiving international recognition and that our film seems to be connecting with audiences around the world," said director and writer Barry Worthington. "I feel very lucky to have worked alongside such a talented cast, crew and collaborators. I'm excited about what we are accomplishing together."
"Bummer" is the newest in a distinguished catalog of award-winning films from Barry Worthington. The compelling short won: "Best Actress" for Marili Mejias, "Best Child/Young Actress" for Hope Perry, and "Best Editing" for Worthington. The film was completed in May of 2018 and officially launched for streaming on the Limitless Films website. 

"Bummer" has also earned Official Selection honors from the Rendezvous Film Festival in Amelia Island, Florida and the Kapow Intergalactic Film Festival in North Hollywood, California.

Barry Worthington
Barry Worthington (image via

About Barry Worthington:

Worthington had proud but humble beginnings showing his work in places like the Gaithersburg High School auditorium when he was just a teenager, before moving on to serve as an adjunct film professor at Towson University for film production and film theory. He also served as an adjunct film/art professor at Howard Community College.

Worthington's film journey led him to complete his MFA in Film and Electronic Media in 2018. He has led Limitless Films into producing multiple award-winning films, securing a total of 121 awards since 2010, with pieces like: "Corrosion," "The Infinitely Generous Francis Victus," "Sponge," "Tanzanite," "Hollywood Trash," "Kin," and "River Haven."

The Trailer:

15 September 2019

2050 Is Too Late – We Must Drastically Cut Carbon Emissions Much Sooner

Ratcliffe-on-Soar, one of 7 UK coal-fired power plants still in service. (Diana Parkhouse/Unsplash, CC BY-SA)
One of the last things that Theresa May did before she left office as the UK prime minister in July 2019 was to commit the country to a net zero carbon target in 2050. Weaning the entire economy off carbon-based fuels on this sort of timescale sounds ambitious, but several advanced economies have set targets considerably sooner than this.

Sweden and New Zealand are aiming for 2045, Finland for 2035 and Norway for 2030 – the most ambitious of any government. Extinction Rebellion has called for the UK to eliminate all carbon emissions by 2025. Our recent working paper explores the justification for these various targets.

The starting point is the global carbon budget calculated by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). This is the total amount of carbon that can be emitted into the atmosphere from now until the end of this century. The most recent estimate of a global budget that would offer a 66% chance of limiting climate warming to within 1.5C above the pre-industrial average is 420 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Working from here to a carbon budget for each country is both a technical and an ethical question. Using the UK as a detailed example, a simple proportional allocation would give the UK a budget of approximately 2.9 billion tonnes. But given the UK’s historical responsibility for carbon in the atmosphere and the undeniable need for development in the poorest countries in the world, there is a very strong argument that the UK should adopt a fair carbon budget somewhat lower than this. So, for example, if the poorer countries in the world were to have an allowable carbon budget just one-third higher than the richer countries, this would lead to a fair carbon budget for the UK of around 2.5 billion tonnes.

The question of how long this budget might last has no simple answer, because it depends how fast carbon emissions are cut over time. Remaining within any given budget depends inherently on the emissions pathway the country follows. If we cut emissions faster, we can afford a later target. If we cut too slowly, the budget will be exhausted, and we would be faced with the task of installing uncertain and costly negative emissions technologies to take carbon out of the atmosphere for the rest of the century.

The UK’s carbon footprint in 2018 was about 590m tonnes, measured on a “consumption basis”, which includes the carbon in imports but excludes that of exports. This footprint has been falling slowly (at around 1.5% a year) since 2010. But if it continued to fall this slowly, the carbon budget would be exhausted by 2023, in just four years’ time (Scenario a).

Even if we assume a straight-line reduction to zero emissions in 2050 (Scenario b), we would still generate a carbon overdraft approximately three times our allowable budget. In fact, the latest date by which we could draw a straight line from our current level of emissions to zero and still remain within the budget would be 2025 (Scenario c).

Four UK emissions pathways. (a) is based on our current rate of reduction, and (b) shows that linearly reducing emissions to net zero by 2050 means we’ll exhaust our carbon budget in four years. (c) shows that 2025 is the latest date we could linearly reduce our emissions to net zero, and (d) shows that for a 2050 target to stay within our budget, we’d need a 24% annual reduction in emissions. (Tim Jackson/CUSP, Author provided)
A target later than 2025 is possible only if the UK reduces emissions faster than the straight line pathway in the early years. In order to extend the target date for zero carbon to 2050, emission cuts would need to be in the region of 24% every year for the next three decades (Scenario d).

What is notable about this pathway is that, within little more than a decade, carbon emissions must already have fallen to a very low level. With a 24% annual rate of reduction, UK emissions in 2030 would only be 22m tonnes – less than 5% of the current level of emissions. Only a small programme of negative emissions technologies would be needed to achieve net zero at this point.

Clearly the challenge is still colossal. A 24% reduction in emissions amounts to a cut of 140 million tonnes in the very first year alone. The UK has never achieved anything close to this since its carbon footprint was first measured in 1990. In 2009, when the economy was in recession, the carbon footprint fell by 80m tonnes, while its best post-crisis reduction saw a fall of only 38m tonnes in 2016.

It is dangerously misleading for advanced nations to set target dates as far out as 2050. Doing so ignores the importance of staying within a fair carbon budget and gives a false impression that action can be delayed. In reality, the only way to ensure that any developed country remains within its fair budget is to aim for an early net zero target. For the UK, that means bringing forward the government’s target by at least two decades.

This might all seem daunting, but every year that progress is delayed, the challenge only gets bigger. Remaining within a fair carbon budget for the rest of this century requires deep and early decarbonisation. Anything else will risk a climate catastrophe.

About Today's Contributor:

Tim Jackson, Professor of Sustainable Development and Director of the Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity (CUSP), University of Surrey

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. 

13 September 2019

Bruce Springsteen's Critically Acclaimed Album 'Western Stars' Comes to the Big Screen This October as a Feature Film

Bruce Springsteen's "Western Stars"
Bruce Springsteen's "Western Stars"
On the heels of the successful world premiere of Bruce Springsteen's "Western Stars" at the Toronto International Film Festival, Fathom Events announces that it will bring music legend Bruce Springsteen to cinemas across America in an exclusive two-night theatrical release of "Western Stars." 

  • The Fathom screenings, which will be held on October 19 and 23, will also feature an exclusive look behind the scenes with Springsteen, including never-before-seen archival footage and previously unreleased music from the Springsteen vault
"Western Stars," the cinematic film version of his latest globally successful album, was directed by Thom Zimny, his longtime collaborator, and Springsteen, marking his directorial debut. Following the Fathom events, "Western Stars" is slated for release on October 25, 2019.
From Fathom Events and Warner Bros., this special two-day event will premiere in cinemas nationwide on Saturday, October 19 at 7:00 p.m. and Wednesday, October 23 at 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. (all local times). For a complete list of theater locations, visit the Fathom Events website (theaters and participants are subject to change).
"Western Stars" offers Springsteen fans across the country a unique opportunity to see him perform all 13 songs from the critically lauded album—his first studio album in five years. Touching on themes of love and loss, loneliness and family and the inexorable passage of time, the documentary film evokes the American West—both the mythic and the hardscrabble—weaving archival footage and Springsteen's personal narration with song to tell the story of Western Stars.

  • In a first for Springsteen, his rendition of the album is backed up by a 30-piece orchestra and set under the cathedral ceiling of his own historic nearly 100-year-old barn.
"Western Stars" is written and performed by Bruce Springsteen, with Special Guest Patti Scialfa. Thom Zimny, Jon Landau, Barbara Carr and George Travis produced the film, with Springsteen serving as executive producer. The original score is by Springsteen.
Jeff Goldstein, Warner Bros. Pictures President, Domestic Distribution, stated, "Bruce Springsteen has made an indelible mark on music and contemporary culture over the course of his extraordinary career, spanning more than 40 years. With 'Western Stars,' Bruce continues to evolve his craft as, for the first time, he takes us all on a cinematic journey through his music and his life. We are thrilled to be working with him and his fellow director, Thom Zimny, to bring this trailblazing film to audiences."
"Bruce Springsteen is a legendary artist who brings audiences of different generations together," said Fathom Events CEO Ray Nutt. "The up-close visuals and spectacular acoustics transport cinema audiences right to Bruce's barn for a complete musical experience."

The Trailer:

  • Tickets for "Western Stars" are available at and participating theater box offices.
SOURCE: Fathom Events

Bud Light Produces Special Edition Alien-Themed Cans [Just In Time For The Storm Area 51 Event]

Alien-themed Bud Light cans
Alien-themed Bud Light cans (PRNewsfoto/Bud Light)
Today, Bud Light announced it is producing an alien-themed Bud Light Can to share with any alien that leaves the sanctuary of Area 51 on September 20th.

In July, Bud Light had pledged free beer for all aliens who escaped and promised to create a limited-edition alien pack if this tweet received 51K retweets. While the tweet fell just short of 51K RTs, Bud Light aims to please and the consumer response was so great, they decided to make it anyway. The favorite light lager of American Earthlings has followed through and created the Bud Light alien cans for legal drinking aged humans and extraterrestrials to enjoy together.
A Bud Light operative unable to disclose their name for security purposes said, "The way we see it, we'd much rather people crack open a crisp Bud Light with alien visitors rather than storm Area 51. Nothing says we come in peace like sharing a beer with friends from another place or another galaxy. We promised to have beer waiting for any alien that wants it and we plan to deliver on that promise. Our hope is that humans stock up too because you never know when you might need some Bud Lights to welcome intergalactic neighbors."
For any aliens that escape or decide to visit Earth, Bud Light produced an alien-friendly fridge that's stocked with plenty of Bud Light alien cans.
"For any aliens that escape or decide to visit Earth, Bud Light produced an alien-friendly fridge that's stocked with plenty of Bud Light alien cans." (PRNewsfoto/Bud Light)
Starting today, fans in Nevada, Arizona, and California will be able to purchase the Bud Light alien cans to celebrate the potential release of our otherworldly friends. The special-edition aluminum cans feature a green alien and black background as well as a new crest welcoming all extraterrestrials from near and far to crack a cold one.

For any aliens that escape or decide to visit Earth, Bud Light produced an alien-friendly fridge that's stocked with plenty of Bud Light alien cans. The fridge is locked and includes an alien finger scan in order to open, to ensure the beer supply is available only to our extraterrestrial friends. 

"The fridge is locked and includes an alien finger scan in order to open, to ensure the beer supply is available only to our extraterrestrial friends..."
"The fridge is locked and includes an alien finger scan in order to open, to ensure the beer supply is available only to our extraterrestrial friends..." (PRNewsfoto/Bud Light)
Bud Light is staging the fridge in a coveted Las Vegas club's VIP section at the Luxor Hotel and Casino that will be roped off and reserved exclusively for aliens to live it up. The VIP table invites aliens, 21 years or older, to join the party from September 13 - September 20 and toast to their escape while making a few new human friends over alien-themed Bud Lights. 

"The special-edition aluminum cans feature a green alien and black background as well as a new crest welcoming all extraterrestrials from near and far to crack a cold one..."
"The special-edition aluminum cans feature a green alien and black background as well as a new crest welcoming all extraterrestrials from near and far to crack a cold one..." (PRNewsfoto/Bud Light)
  • Bud Light is also sponsoring the Area 51 Celebration music festival on September 19 at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center. 
To bring the raid to fans everywhere, Bud Light is also producing a line of limited-edition merch to match the alien-themed Bud Light Cans. Starting today, legal drinking aged fans can purchase items online from the Merch includes koozies, shirts, hat and bomber jackets and prices range from $100 or less.
To bring the raid to fans everywhere, Bud Light is also producing a line of limited-edition merch to match the alien-themed Bud Light Cans. Starting today, legal drinking aged fans can purchase items online from the Merch includes koozies, shirts, hat and bomber jackets and prices range from $100 or less. (PRNewsfoto/Bud Light)

SOURCE: Bud Light

12 September 2019

'QT8: The First Eight,' Exploring the Career of Quentin Tarantino, is Coming to Movie Theaters Nationwide for One Night on October 21

QT8: The First Eight (Quentin Tarantino's first eight movies)
QT8: The First Eight (Quentin Tarantino's first eight movies)
Fathom Events is bringing a new documentary film chronicling the thrilling journey of Quentin Tarantino's first eight movies to theaters nationwide for just one night on October 21. "QT8: The First Eight," directed by Tara Wood ("21 Years: Richard Linklater"), gives its audience an inside look at the legendary filmmaker's body of work through interviews with former cast members, film industry experts.

Fathom Events presents "QT8: The First Eight" in more than 800 select movie theaters on Monday, October 21 at 7:00pm local time, through Fathom's Digital Broadcast Network (DBN). For a complete list of theater locations, visit the Fathom Events website (theaters and participants are subject to change)

"I'm thrilled to partner with Fathom events to bring 'QT8: The First Eight,' to Tarantino's voracious fans throughout the country," said director Tara Wood. "Quentin's filmography is on its own incomparable level. His films inspire, provoke and challenge us individually and as a society to the utmost extremes, all stemming from his passion for people and continuous exploration of the human condition."
The documentary offers an in-depth look at Tarantino's first eight movies, and features interviews with his contemporaries, former cast members and industry experts, including Samuel L. Jackson, Jamie Foxx, Kurt Russell, Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Jason Lee, Lucy Liu, Diane Kruger, Zoe Bell and more. "QT8: The First Eight" sheds new light on the life and legacy of Quentin Tarantino, and gives viewers unprecedented access to his vision throughout his career.
"Fathom continually strives to bring premium, exclusive documentaries to audiences across the country," said Fathom Events CEO Ray Nutt. "In bringing 'QT8: The First Eight' to cinemas nationwide, we certainly achieve that goal, giving behind-the-scenes access to the career of one of the greatest filmmakers of all time."

  • Tickets for "QT8: The First Eight" can be purchased at and participating theater box offices.

SOURCE: Fathom Events

Rising Pop Star, Alex Freeman Empowering Kids

Alex Freeman "Focused" Cover Art
Alex Freeman "Focused" Cover Art
Alex Freeman has studied Taylor Swift and loves how she connects with her fans as well as continued to write her own music. Alex loves how Taylor stays true to her message and performs to large audiences. Alex has been touring this last summer performing her original music as well as covers, she loves the interaction with the crowd.
In the past, Alex has opened for Kidz Bop in front of 12,000 people in New York and at the Florida Family Kids Expo in front of 19,000 spectators. When asked by news reporters from NBC at TWCNY, "How can someone so young bring such high energy, an amazing show and electrify the audience?" Alex answers, "I feel the most alive when I'm on stage, and I give it every ounce of my energy.... the best part is when they give energy back!"
Like Taylor Swift, Alex Freeman has her message. She wants to empower kids to dream big, set goals and go after them with confidence and determination. Alex has spoken to many schools about, being kind, setting goals. She tells the kids, "Every day you get to wake up and decide who you are going to be be amazing, do amazing things and brighten someone's day."
Alex Freeman - Orlando, Florida
Alex Freeman - Orlando, Florida (image via
She tells kids to smile and be nice. Alex's first song she wrote when she was 5 years old was called BE NICE, a song she wrote after being bullied, to help other kids being bullied not feel the way she did like no one cared. Alex was so excited when the Black Eyed Peas released a song recently with the same name as her song Be Nice! It is on the top of her playlist. 
Alex's mom, Kim Freeman added "Alex use to dance in my belly whenever I turned on the Black Eyed Peas and she wouldn't stop moving until I shut the music off". Alex loves the Black Eyed Peas to this day. "I just love music and everything about it, I don't think anyone's life could be complete without it," Alex added in. 
  • Tune in to see Alex's newest video Focused launching on YouTube tonight.
"Keep an eye out for Miss Alex Freeman, she is a girl on a mission and If I were to bet... She will someday be a household name like her Idol Taylor Swift."
SOURCE: Alex Freeman

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10 September 2019

"The Last Resistance: Dragon Tomb" - A Science Fiction Novel By Ricardo Alexanders

The Last Resistance: Dragon Tomb
The Last Resistance: Dragon Tomb
September 1943, Manhattan is stuck after Shanghai's been obliterated. In a hidden history that only one man lived to tell, a young archaeologist saves the world from an extraterrestrial Armageddon.

While defending his country against Japanese invasion, archaeologist CJ Hoo is taken as a prisoner of war and forced to take part in the excavation of the tomb of the First King of China, a process that unearths a ruthless force and the true origin of Chinese civilization.

The excavation ends; but China is still in dire need of help. Teamed up with American adventurer Dr. Harry Jones, a close friend of President Roosevelt, CJ returns to the tomb and convinces the guardians of the tomb to interfere human affairs.

The tide of the World War is turned but no one sees the rise of an otherworldly evil. Neither the Allies nor the Axis powers can stand in its way. Our world is at the brink of annihilation. At the final moment, CJ finds himself back in the tomb of the First King, as the last line of resistance for the survival of mankind.

Book Details:

The Last Resistance: Dragon Tomb
By Ricardo Alexanders
ISBN: 978-1979564953
Pages: 575
Genre: Science Fiction

  • TLR: Dragon Tomb is available in print and eBook formats.

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Ricardo Alexanders is the author of Bollywood Invasion and The Last Resistance: Dragon Tomb. He lives in Massachusetts, enjoys music, and loves to write time-travel stories that blend fantasy, science, and real history.

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9 September 2019

Disney And Pixar's 'Coco' Comes To The Hollywood Bowl For The First Time Live In Concert With Special Guests Including Benjamin Bratt, Eva Longoria, Carlos Rivera And More

Disney And Pixar's 'Coco' Comes To The Hollywood Bowl For The First Time Live In Concert
Disney And Pixar's 'Coco' Comes To The Hollywood Bowl For The First Time Live In Concert
Disney and Pixar's Coco will be brought to life on stage for the first time ever this November at the Hollywood Bowl for one weekend only – Friday, November 8th and Saturday, November 9th. 

The spectacular event in Los Angeles will include an all-star lineup of special guests including Benjamin Bratt, Eva Longoria, Carlos Rivera, Miguel, Alanna Ubach, Alex Gonzalez, Jaime Camil, Lele Pons, Rudy Mancuso and Natalia Jimenez who will appear throughout the evening as the beloved film plays on the Bowl's movie screen accompanied by a full, live orchestra. Mariachi Divas will also entertain the audience with traditional Mariachi music throughout the night.

Conductor Sarah Hicks will lead the full orchestra performing Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino's original score along with special guests performing the film's songs including Academy Award-winner for Original Song "Remember Me," as well as "Un Poco Loco," "The World Es Mi Familia," and many more.

  • Coco Live in Concert at the Hollywood Bowl will transform the legendary venue into the Land of the Dead with special pre-show activities. Day of the Dead costumes are encouraged.
Mousetrappe, the award-winning immersive design agency and media studio, returns to create state-of-the-art digital projection imagery on the shell of the iconic Hollywood Bowl. Earlier this year, Mousetrappe also created imagery for Disney's The Little Mermaid Live in Concert at the Hollywood Bowl.
"I'm very excited to join this incredible group of exceptional talent, in the city that I'm from, to bring this very special movie and message to life," said Miguel. "The idea of celebrating our ancestors is very dear to my heart, especially after the passing of my grandparents."
"It is such an honor to be a part of this monumental celebration at the Bowl," said Alanna Ubach. "Love to my beautiful family and friends watching!"
"Mis raíces latinas son mi orgullo y celebrarlo sumando mi voz a la música de Coco en el Hollywood Bowl es un honor," said Natalia Jimenez.
"Coco is my heart, it means everything to me. It's ancestors, family, music, love, culture, traditions, dreams, and passion. Coco is everything that inspires, connects, and makes the world a better place. It's a unique film," said Alex Gonzalez. "The Hollywood Bowl is a very special place where we can celebrate and share our love and appreciation for music and Coco! It's a huge honor and privilege to be a part of this beautiful performance at the Hollywood Bowl. I am so excited, can't wait!"
Felipe Fernandez del Paso serves as director of Coco Live in Concert. Fernandez del Paso has directed theater and film, and is also a production designer, set designer and writer. He received an Oscar nomination for Best Production Design for the 2003 film, "Frida."

Amy Tinkham is Creative Consulant for Coco Live in Concert. Most recently she served as Creative Director for Aerosmith's "Deuces are Wild" Las Vegas residency and James Taylor's Caesars Palace residency. She also directs the Dancing with the Stars and America's Got Talent Live tours. She is currently working with Franco Dragone on a new show in China.

The concert is produced by Disney Concerts and Live Nation/Andrew Hewitt & Bill Silva Presents, a team who has performed together several highly acclaimed live to film events at the Hollywood Bowl including Disney's Beauty and the Beast in Concert starring Zooey Deschanel and Kelsey Grammer as well as Disney's The Little Mermaid starring Lea Michele and Harvey Fierstein.

About Coco

Disney and Pixar's Coco features an original score from Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino, "Remember Me" by Oscar winners Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, and additional songs co-written by Germaine Franco and co-director and screenwriter Adrian Molina. 

  • The film won Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature Film and Best Original Song.
Despite his family's baffling generations-old ban on music, Miguel (voice of Anthony Gonzalez) dreams of becoming an accomplished musician like his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz (voice of Benjamin Bratt). Desperate to prove his talent, Miguel finds himself in the stunning and colorful Land of the Dead following a mysterious chain of events. Along the way, he meets charming trickster Héctor (voice of Gael García Bernal), and together, they set off on an extraordinary journey to unlock the real story behind Miguel's family history. Disney and Pixar's Coco is directed by Lee Unkrich (Toy Story 3), co-directed by Adrian Molina (story artist Monsters University) and produced by Darla K. Anderson (Toy Story 3).

  • Tickets will go on sale to the general public beginning Friday, September 13th at 12pm PT at

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