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27 February 2020

"When the Earth Moves" to Premiere at the EarthX Film Festival and the Smithsonian Earth Optimism Summit

"When the Earth Moves"
"When the Earth Moves" (Outrider Foundation/Generous Films)
The timely short film When the Earth Moves is set to premiere via back-to-back screenings at the EarthX Film Festival on April 22nd and the Smithsonian Earth Optimism Summit on April 25th and will then immediately be available on YouTube and at

When the Earth Moves reclaims the authentic story and original vision of Earth Day as a bipartisan and socially just environmental movement and highlights the need for people across generations and on both sides of the political aisle to play an active part. The premiere coincides with the 50th anniversary of Earth Day – an event that is expected to activate over a billion people worldwide around environmental and climate action.

The film features archival footage of the original 1970 Earth Day and its founder, Wisconsin Senator and Governor Gaylord Nelson, as well as leading voices from the modern Earth Day movement, including Nelson's daughter and Outrider Foundation Managing Director Tia Nelson, former South Carolina Congressman and RepublicEn founder Bob Inglis, and youth activist and Sunrise Movement co-founder Varshini Prakash.

"I feel especially compelled to tell my father's story at this unique moment in history," says Tia Nelson. "He worked tirelessly his whole life to build an inclusive Earth Day movement, and today, 50 years later, the job is not yet done. It's imperative that we come together as a nation to protect our environment and renew our commitment to building a brighter future for all Americans."
"When the Earth Moves demonstrates that when it comes to environmental issues like climate change, we're literally in this together – all of us, the whole nation and world," says Bob Inglis. "In solving them, we have the opportunity to model a way out of divisiveness, a way out of destruction, a way of respect and love. This is a huge challenge and an incredible calling."
"Building on the momentum generated by the millions of students who took to the streets on Earth Day 1970, we are the climate generation today," says Varshini Prakash. "We are promoting a new kind of environmentalism that is rooted in racial and economic justice, and waking and shaking millions more people to action."

When the Earth Moves - Trailer:

The film is produced by Outrider Foundation, in partnership with Generous Films.

Outrider Foundation believes in the power of an informed, engaged public. It uses digital media to help enhance public understanding of global threats such as climate change and nuclear war, and to inspire action. 

Outrider's content – including films, interactive features, and in-depth articles – help audiences learn what's at stake and how they can be a part of the solution. 

Generous Films is an independent production company focused on socially and politically relevant campaigns that spark change. 

Generous' work includes the renowned short film series Let Science Speak, which premiered at the 2018 Tribeca TV Festival and aired on The Weather Channel. 

EarthX Film Festival features films and emerging media that explore conservation, climate change, and the environment while honoring the heroes working to protect our planet. 

The goal is to turn awareness into action, through art and motion picture media including documentaries, film shorts, and virtual reality, and to partner with environmental, film and entertainment organizations across the globe. 

EarthX Film Festival will run April 22-26, 2020 in Dallas, Texas. 

Smithsonian Earth Optimism Summit showcases stories of both small and large-scale actions that frame the conversation and demonstrate that success is possible. 

The event reaches millions around the world who can learn, adapt, and scale success for greater impact. 

The Smithsonian Earth Optimism Summit will run April 23-25th in Washington, DC

SOURCE: Outrider Foundation

26 February 2020

Are We Finally Taking Our Cars to the Sky? Flying Car, PAL-V Liberty, Started Road Admission and Can Be Seen at GIMS 2020 [Video Included]

World’s First Commercial Flying Car, the PAL-V Liberty, started its road admission tests and has reached the final stage of air certification. Are we finally going to take our cars to the sky? According to Robert Dingemanse, CEO of PAL-V, the PAL-V Liberty will be delivered in 2021 to its already pre-registered customers.
World’s First Commercial Flying Car, the PAL-V Liberty, started its road admission tests and has reached the final stage of air certification. Are we finally going to take our cars to the sky? According to Robert Dingemanse, CEO of PAL-V, the PAL-V Liberty will be delivered in 2021 to its already pre-registered customers.
The flying car era starts. Many companies are showing their vision of future mobility. Can you imagine taking your car into the sky? Will we fly through highways in the sky? One thing is certain, mobility will change and PAL-V is recognized as one of the key players.

Since 2008, PAL-V has been developing a flying car. In 2012, it had its first breakthrough: fly-and drive-testing the PAL-V One. PAL-V has set major steps since, it has now realized its production facility in which it built its first product, the PAL-V Liberty. The order book is growing and last week the PAL-V started the European Road Admission, a major milestone towards the start of delivery. The air certification has reached the final stage as well, compliance demonstration.

World’s First Commercial Flying Car, the PAL-V Liberty, started its road admission tests and has reached the final stage of air certification.
World’s First Commercial Flying Car, the PAL-V Liberty, started its road admission tests and has reached the final stage of air certification. (screengrab)
Robert Dingemanse, CEO of PAL-V: "The term flying cars is used for two different applications. The first flying cars, fly and drive, and are used like cars for personal mobility going from door-to-door between towns and cities. Imagine living in Geneva and driving your flying car from your garage to go to an appointment in Cannes (South-France). Driving 10 minutes to the nearest (grass) airstrip, take-off and be on your way to Cannes. After 2 hours you land near Cannes and in minutes you convert your aircraft back to car-mode. Another 10-minute drive and you arrive at your appointment in the city. A journey that normally takes 5.5 hours will now take only 2.5 hours. On top, you enjoyed the birds-eye view of the Alps, the French countryside, and the freedom of flying. A dream comes true."
According to Dingemanse, certification, safety, ease of use, performance, and compactness on the road are critical design factors in developing flying cars. "No one wants to fly a car that isn't certified, hard to fly or that doesn't fit a standard parking spot," says Dingemanse.

The other application is flying cars designed to only fly and to be used in urban environment. 

Mike Stekelenburg, CTO of PAL-V: "We expect that flying above cities will start 8-12 years from now. These vehicles are called urban air-taxies or eVTOLs (electrical Vertical Take-Off and Landing). They are designed for use as public transportation, flying from platform-to-platform and not going from door-to-door. They're an alternative to helicopters, metros, and buses." PAL-V has also filed patents for a competitive solution for this market. It recently teamed up with the Netherlands Aerospace Centre, Stekelenburg; "While the PAL-V Liberty is designed for going from door-to-door, this eVTOL is useful for Urban Air Mobility."

The Video:

According to Dingemanse, we will take our cars to the sky in 2021 and the PAL-V Liberty can be seen on the roads in the upcoming months. However, before we see air-taxies in urban environment we still have to wait another 10 years, because of the many challenges like regulations, infrastructure, technology, noise, safety, city turbulence, and social acceptance.

25 February 2020

"The Way of the Rain - Hope For Earth" to World Premiere at Earthx2020

The Way of the Rain – Hope For Earth is a multidisciplinary environmental performance created and directed by Sibylle Szaggars Redford, in collaboration with Music Composer Tim Janis, Performance Film Artist Floyd Thomas McBee, with a special narration – spoken word by Robert Redford. It interprets nature’s powerful beauty while calling attention to the Earth’s vulnerability brought on by climate change.
The Way of the Rain – Hope For Earth is a multidisciplinary environmental performance created and directed by Sibylle Szaggars Redford, in collaboration with Music Composer Tim Janis, Performance Film Artist Floyd Thomas McBee, with a special narration – spoken word by Robert Redford. It interprets nature’s powerful beauty while calling attention to the Earth’s vulnerability brought on by climate change.
EarthX will host The Way of the Rain – Hope For Earth, a multidisciplinary environmental performance created and directed by Sibylle Szaggars Redford, in collaboration with Music Composer Tim Janis, Performance Film Artist Floyd Thomas McBee, with a special narration – spoken word by Robert Redford. The performance will be held on April 25 at Music Hall, Fair Park in Dallas for Earthx2020. Capping off the week of events, the performance interprets nature's powerful beauty while calling attention to the Earth's vulnerability brought on by climate change.
"We were struck by the beauty of Sibylle Szaggars Redford's powerful piece and knew that we had to include this in our 50th Celebration of Earth Day Week festivities," said EarthX Founder Trammell S. Crow.
"We are honored The Way of the Rain - Hope for Earth was chosen to premiere in Dallas and to be a part of the important celebration for our Planet this coming April at EarthX," said Sibylle Szaggars Redford, Founder, President & Artistic Director of The Way of the Rain. "The future of Earth and our well-being lies in our hands, only together - like raindrops - will we be able to nourish the river of life! Let's raise our voices together in these crucial times for Earth - the Mother of All!"
The Way of the Rain - Hope for Earth tells the artistic story about the formation of the Universe, the evolution of all galaxies, and eventually the birth of our unique and beautiful Planet Earth with all its elements. 

This version of The Way of the Rain is a creation for Symphony, Choir, Film, Art and Spoken Word. This iteration of the performance will feature a performance by a youth choir comprised of students from several high schools in the Dallas area and a Dallas/Fort Worth local combined symphony, that will also include a number of student musicians.

  • Performance Film: Mother Earth
  • Storyline and Direction: Sibylle Szaggars Redford
  • Content Research and Film Editing: Floyd Thomas McBee
  • Music composed by: Tim Janis
  • Spoken Word: Written by Robert Redford and Sibylle Szaggars Redford - with narration by Robert Redford
  • Produced by: TCG Entertainment, EarthX and EarthxFilm
Tickets will be available on Ticketmaster on Friday, February 28.

About The Way of the Rain

The Way of the Rain was inspired by the annual monsoon rains that sustain life on the fragile landscape of the high - desert plateaus of the Southwest. This live multidisciplinary performance invites the audience to remember their physical and spiritual connection to our planet's beauty and plight through paintings, music, dance, film, light, and spoken word. Conceived by environmental artist Sibylle Szaggars Redford to explore the issue of climate change resulting in rapidly changing weather patterns, Szaggars Redford collaborates with world-renowned artists to create a piece that illustrates crucial environmental dilemmas through performance art.

23 February 2020

Let's Make China Free The Uyghurs!

Let's Make China Free The Uyghurs!
Let's Make China Free The Uyghurs! (image via
Dear friends,

Coronavirus put China in the spotlight, but there's another crisis it wants to hide from the world: 1 million Uyghurs have been brutally detained and brainwashed by Chinese authorities!

Women raped and tortured, children stolen from their parents.

It's too horrific to believe this is happening in 2020 and most of our governments aren't brave enough to speak up. But we won't remain silent! In days, the UN could discuss this nightmare, and insiders say that a global call to bravery can get key countries to finally challenge China. If everyone reading signs now, we can deliver 1 million signatures into the meeting -- 1 for every Uyghur who has been detained!

Then, we'll take survivors' voices to parliaments across the world and pressure global companies to end their engagement in this cultural genocide -- showing China and the world that we won't let go until the Uyghurs are free.
Click here to sign the urgent call to free the Uyghurs!
Beijing has felt threatened by the Uyghur community for decades -- but it's steadily gone from caution to control, to repression, and now mass incarceration and indoctrination. The sheer scale of the repression requires huge tech infrastructure -- facial recognition, surveillance on homes and public spaces, and massive DNA databases.

Global brands offer capital and tech, while China offers up forced labor and huge returns on investment in Chinese surveillance technologies -- it’s an unholy alliance! But if the UN, governments, companies, and investors speak out, impose sanctions on those responsible, and throttle funding streams coming into China, Beijing could shift course… and we could make it happen!

Recently, a Holocaust survivor offered an 11th Commandment for humanity: “Thou shalt not be indifferent.” This is a matter of conscience for all of us.

Let’s start by compelling our governments to call on Beijing to protect the human rights of the Uyghur people. Then, we'll urge global investors and CEOs to break their silence and stop business as usual with China! 
Sign now and share with all of your friends.
Click here to sign the urgent call to free the Uyghurs!
Time and again our community has stood with brave minority groups fighting for their right to exist. From the Indigenous in the Amazon to the Maasai people in Kenya, we have amplified their voices for the world to hear. Now, let's amplify the voices of the Uyghurs suffering in mass brainwashing camps in China, and do all we can to help them walk free. Join now!

With hope and determination,

Loup Dargent
On behalf of Meetali, Diego, Luis, Huiting, Nataliya, Will, Wissam and the rest of the Avaaz team

More information:

What We Don't Understand About Young People's Motivations

Young people stand on the steps of the Alberta legislature during the climate strike in Edmonton in 2019. Youth are often seen as problems rather than as people who are creating solutions.
Young people stand on the steps of the Alberta legislature during the climate strike in Edmonton in 2019. Youth are often seen as problems rather than as people who are creating solutions. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Amber Bracken)
Young people are demanding change. In the last few days, young Indigenous activists and their supporters blocked parliamentarians in Victoria, B.C., from accessing the provincial legislature and led waves of protest across the country.

For some young people, climate change is urgent. For others, gun violence is a crisis. From truth and reconciliation to inclusion and diversity and mental health, young people are bringing awareness to societal crises and making headlines along the way.

Historically, this is really nothing new. Young people have long been leaders and catalysts of important movements. Unfortunately, these change-makers are often thought to be outside of what is considered typical of this age group.

Young people are often labelled problematic, selfish or not yet ready to lead. This negative view of young people aligns with the multitude of research studies that frame their questions within a deficit model.

In a deficit model, the standard for healthy development is preventing behavioural or emotional problems. In both cases, there is a failure to acknowledge youth’s capacity or motivation to contribute to something larger. Underestimating youth is a mistake. Of course it is important to acknowledge and study the risks and barriers faced by this age group, but if we do not balance this view with understanding their capacities and contribution, it can lead to some faulty assumptions.

What youth can do

In our Community and Youth (CandY) research lab, we use a positive psychology approach. As such, we examine the positive motivations and capacities of youth. We are especially interested in the role young people play in improving our society, as well as the role communities can play to offer young people contexts that allow them to thrive.

Our research is rooted in the psychosocial model of Erik Erikson developed in the 1950s and 1960s. When boiled down to its simplest form, Erikson’s theory states that we all face a series of crises across our lifespan. How we resolve these crises helps determine our developmental success.

For example, in adolescence we face the crisis of identity versus identity diffusion; in midlife we face generativity versus stagnation. That is, when we’re young, we’re trying to figure out who we are and what matters to us, and as we age, we become more concerned with what we’re leaving behind.

Generativity — defined as concern for future generations as a legacy of the self — is well-studied. Most studies on generativity only consider people in middle age, even though there is evidence to suggest that this concern for the future and one’s own legacy is important earlier in the lifespan.

In fact, young people do share a concern for the future and their contribution to it. Our research shows that young people between the ages of 14 and 29 show levels of generative motivation that are as high or even higher than adults. Early generativity is also associated with caring friendships, community involvement and healthy identity development in adolescence and young adulthood. So not only are young people interested and capable of caring for future generations, but doing so is likely good for them.

Autumn Peltier, a young water defender from Wikwemikong First Nation, is an advocate for climate change policy.

Beyond the research, Autumn Peltier, a young activist advocating for clean water, has said, “We are the keepers of the generations yet to come.” She leaves little room for doubt that young people can be motivated by generativity.

Changing how we work with youth

Our team has seen first hand the generativity of youth at the Students Commission of Canada (SCC), a not-for-profit organization that is working towards a world “where all young people transition successfully into adulthood.”

At their Canada We Want” conferences, we have witnessed early generativity in action. Young people from across Canada with a diversity of experience, expertise and identities work together to develop a plan to create the change that they want to see in their community, tackling issues such as poverty, employment, prejudice and substance abuse. This work is then presented to politicians, policy-makers and other leaders and has helped inform Canada’s first national youth policy

Taking IT Global is another organization that capitalizes on young people’s generativity. It works to “empower young people to become agents of positive change in their local and global communities.” It has given out more than 2,500 grants to youth, and also provides education and online resources for adults. The grants have helped youth educate boys about mental health, and prompted a $15-million cleanup of a river in Nova Scotia.

So how can we incorporate these ideas in our everyday interactions with young people? Whether we are parents, teachers, coaches or community leaders, it is worth reflecting on whether our assumptions of youth stem solely from a deficit model, or whether we account for the capacities and motivations of young people. Rather than focusing on what they lack, much more focus can be placed on their capacity and desire to have a positive and lasting impact. At the same time that we are asking young people who they want to be, we should be asking young people what kind of world they want to leave behind.

Greater awareness of the importance of generativity in youth will contribute to a more pervasive narrative of young people as capable, and motivated to contribute, thus combating some useless and inaccurate stereotypes about youth.

So the next time you see a young person in the news, or in your community, making the world a bit better for the next generation, you might smile to yourself and think, “Typical.”

About Today's Contributors:

Heather Lawford, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Bishop's University and Heather L. Ramey, Adjunct Professor, Child & Youth Studies, Brock University

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. 

22 February 2020

Gaming - Not Just For The Boys!

Video game controller
Video game controller (Image by fancycrave1 from Pixabay)
It’s 2020, and the female of the species are hot on the heels of the hero’s of gaming. Yes fella’s don’t think for one minute that gaming is a male domain, pardon the pun! The gap is closing fast, and equality is the name of THE game.

Whilst you may assume that the trendy girl sitting opposite you on the train is simply pumping up her Insta page, or sharing a photo of kittens, it's now more likely than ever that she is actually sharpening her gaming skills during her daily commute.

Of course it’s understandable that many still see gaming as a male pastime, but today, it’s just as popular amongst women as men. In the UK figures show that 60% of girls in the 10-15 age group, play games on their Smartphones, whilst for boys of the same age the figure is 55%.

But women have been in on the act for over 35 years, when Ms Pac -Man was created as a female heroine in answer to the popularity amongst female players of Pac-Man.

However, the industry became more male dominated for a while in the late 80’s and the 90’s. Female characters in the games that were being created at the time were badly designed, and marketing was unflattering to women. It clearly had a negative effect on female players and their interest declined.

But now the girls are back on board, stronger than ever before, and the industry needs to up their own game to appeal not only to the boys, but to keep the girl power interested too.

What’s the deal with equipment

So whilst some females might be asking, is a red lippy better than a pink lippy, the gaming girls might be asking, is a pc better than a console.

The answer seems to be that a pc is more costly than a console, it provides clearer visuals, and the games are less expensive. It’s the reverse for the console, they are cheaper to buy, but the games are less affordable.

But depending on your lifestyle, a PC can be used for work, browsing the web, photo and video editing, and anything else you can think of that you would normally need a PC for.

A console on the other hand, will tick the Netflix, and YouTube boxes, and a gaming PC also needs to be equipped with the right hardware to play games.

Who Prefers What

Over both platforms, the console v the PC, it seems that men prefer to play strategy games, and get more involved with sports, action and adventure titles. Women on the other hand, are more drawn to puzzles, female orientated simulation games and the good old favourites, arcade titles such as Candy Crush.

It seems we’ve moved on from that age old dolls for the girls, and trains for the boys cliche from back in the day. Equality is all around us, and even more so when it comes to gaming.

Jack Osbourne And Katrina Weidman Plunge Into A New Season Of Petrifying Paranormal Activity When 'Portals To Hell' Returns On Friday, March 13

Paranormal investigators Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman descend into all-new eerie encounters in season two of Travel Channel’s hit series “Portals to Hell.”
Paranormal investigators Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman descend into all-new eerie encounters in season two of Travel Channel’s hit series “Portals to Hell.”
Descend into all-new eerie encounters when Travel Channel's hit series, "Portals to Hell," returns for Season Two on Friday, March 13, with a special two-hour episode beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT. 

Avid paranormal investigators Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman resume their chilling journey to historically haunted locations in the United States, confronting sinister stories of the supernatural as they seek concrete evidence that a spirit world exists. 

Eight additional hour-long episodes will move to their regular 10 p.m. ET/PT timeslot beginning Friday, March 20.
"This season is intense," said Weidman. "Jack and I purposefully explore locations that embody the darker side of the paranormal, as we try to understand why certain places evoke more sinister activity than others. It's exciting to see what new discoveries we can make in the paranormal field. Yet as we explore the unexplained, we can only presume to know what we're working with. At the end of the day we really don't – and that's the scary part."
The undaunted duo will face their most fearsome cases yet, as they uncover disturbing tales from bygone pasts and unnerving paranormal activity. Osbourne and Weidman filter through extensive research, utilize advanced scientific equipment and enlist a network of specialists, including psychic mediums, to try and exhume answers behind these terrifying hauntings.
"Katrina and I are breaking down walls – literally," said Osbourne. "We have unprecedented access to a number of locations and are also the first team to ever investigate some of them for TV. They're incredibly active sites for the paranormal, and we're going all in to try and capture substantial evidence."
Paranormal investigators and “Portals to Hell” hosts Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman.
Paranormal investigators and “Portals to Hell” hosts Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman.
In the special two-hour season premiere, Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman head to Paulding, Ohio, to investigate the Old Paulding Jail – an almost 150-year-old site rumored to be haunted by the spirits of former inmates, sheriffs and even the victim of a horrific, 60-year-old cold case crime. The pair find it hard to uncover the truth in a sea of rumors, cover-ups and theories of what happened to the young woman who was murdered. They call in a trusted psychic in their search for answers. Determined to find out more, Osbourne and Weidman break down the last remaining sealed jail cell in the basement … and are shocked to discover large bone fragments scattered within. Now, the possibility of not only contacting spirits, but also solving a town's most infamous murder is on the line. As the investigation deepens, Osbourne has a paranormal experience that will forever change him as an investigator and truth seeker.

Upcoming Episodes: 

“Thomas House Hotel” Location: Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee 
Katrina Weidman and Jack Osbourne travel to Tennessee to investigate a once-thriving natural springs resort where guests fell victim to the deadly waters. A recent flare-up of paranormal activity has them asking if a dark force has checked into the century-old hotel. 

“Fort William Henry” Location: Lake George, New York 
Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman investigate the site of one of the bloodiest massacres in Colonial America. The team embarks on a mission to find out if the paranormal activity is the echo of dead soldiers or something more sinister. 

“Iron Island” Location: Buffalo, New York 
In snowy Buffalo, New York, Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman investigate the Iron Island Museum, a century-old building that has undergone several evolutions as a church and funeral home, and is rumored to house not one, but two, portals.

“The Ohio State Reformatory” Location: Mansfield, Ohio 
Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman travel to the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, Ohio, an abandoned maximum-security prison notorious for its barbaric treatment of inmates and malevolent spirits haunting it, where they obtain exclusive access to paranormal hotspots never investigated before for television. 

“Haunted Hill House” Location: Mineral Wells, Texas 
Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman travel to Mineral Wells, Texas, to investigate for the first time for television, the Haunted Hill House, an infamous location that’s plagued by rumors of murder, prostitution and devil worship. The team uncovers the truth of this hellish home and discovers that the claims of demonic activity may not be that far-fetched.

“The Croke-Patterson Mansion” Location: Denver, Colorado 
The 130-year-old Croke-Patterson Mansion has haunted its previous owners with a string of bad luck and untimely deaths. In a TV exclusive, Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman encounter a mirrored portal and discover why this mansion holds the title, “The King of Haunted Houses.” 

“The Shanghai Tunnels” Location: Portland, Oregon 
Katrina Weidman and Jack Osbourne gain unprecedented access to the infamous Shanghai Tunnels of Portland, Oregon. They've been called on to determine if two newly restored tunnels are safe for public tours after a recent spike in violent paranormal activity. 

Video: Sneak Peek - Season Two Premiere

"Portals to Hell" is produced by Osbourne Media and Critical Content for Travel Channel. For Osbourne Media, the executive producers are Jack Osbourne and Peter Glowski. For Critical Content, the executive producers are Jenny Daly and Tom Forman. Elaine White executive produces the series for Osbourne Media and Critical Content. For Travel Channel, the executive producer is Vaibhav Bhatt, Julie Meisner Eagle is vice president of production and development, Matthew Butler is general manager and Henry Schleiff is group president of Investigation Discovery, Travel Channel, American Heroes Channel and Destination America.

Jack Osbourne inside Ohio’s haunted Old Paulding Jail.
Jack Osbourne inside Ohio’s haunted Old Paulding Jail.

About Jack Osbourne:

Jack Osbourne is the president of Osbourne Media and is best known for MTV's reality show "The Osbournes," SyFy's "Haunted Highway," and A+E Network's "Ozzy & Jack's World Detour." 

He has not only starred in multiple series but also developed and produced original unscripted content, including NatGeo's Wild's "Alpha Dogs" and "Surviving the Apocalypse," along with various pilots and development projects for Bravo, CBS, A&E, MTV, WeTV and TRVL. 

Osbourne appears in and serves as Executive Producer of "Biography: The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne," which will premiere at this year's SXSW festival. Osbourne is also an adventurer and paranormal investigator who has documented harrowing face-to-face encounters with the unexplainable in some of America's darkest and most remote regions. Most recently, he was featured on United Kingdom's live "Celebrity Haunted Mansion" alongside Jason Hawes ("Ghost Hunters," "Ghost Nation") and is currently filming season two of "Portals to Hell."

Katrina Weidman at Ohio’s haunted Old Paulding Jail.
Katrina Weidman at Ohio’s haunted Old Paulding Jail.

About Katrina Weidman:

Katrina Weidman is a paranormal researcher and investigator, host and producer. 

She rose to national recognition in her role on A+E's "Paranormal State," working on hundreds of cases of unexplained supernatural phenomena and interviewing thousands of witnesses alongside world-renowned paranormal researchers. 

Weidman also served as co-host and producer of "Paranormal Lockdown" on TLC and Destination America, as well as Chiller's "Real Fear: The Truth Behind the Movies" (2012) and "The Truth Behind More Movies" (2013). 

She frequently gives talks and lectures at paranormal conferences and conventions around the world.

Video: Behind the Scenes - Making of Season Two

21 February 2020

Tips To Create More Calm In Your Life

Tips To Create More Calm In Your Life - Person on a bridge near a lake
Person on a bridge near a lake (Photo by Simon Migaj from Pexels)
Finding calm in your life is important because having that zen in your life can be really helpful to your health both in mind and body. Wherever you go or whatever you do in life, it’s important to look for that calm in places where it might get a little crazy. Here are some tips for creating more calm in your life.

Don’t Rush, Slow Down

When it comes to life, try to take it slowly. Don’t feel like you need to rush your life because of what you see on social media or comparing yourself to others. We all operate differently, and our life experiences will vary to each other, so stop comparing yourself and stop rushing. Take time to enjoy the moments in life that are truly magical. Remember that you only get the one life, so be sure to live it to the full and to relish all the times where you can be at peace with yourself. Those opportunities don’t always come along so often, so when they do, make the most of them. When you feel yourself rushing, make a conscious effort to slow down, and to not panic so much about having to do everything and anything.

Have A Morning Ritual

A morning ritual is a great way to start off the day in the right way. Not only that, but it brings that calmness that you need right away when you’ve just got out of bed. It’s important to be aware of how your body is feeling and what you’re thinking. By setting yourself up with a morning routine, you can focus on getting yourself in the right state of mind and mood for the day. It might be taking a warm shower every morning, or a cold one depending on your preference. You may wish to do some light exercise or perhaps go out for a jog to get some fresh air. Find what suits you and make it something that you enjoy. Prem Rawat talks about finding inner peace, and this is a good way to do so.

Be Grateful

It’s important to be grateful for the things you get given in your life because not everyone gets the same opportunities as you might get. So try to find that gratefulness in everything you get given throughout your life, no matter how small or big it may be. It’s important to do this so that you remain grounded. So whatever happens to you in life, it helps you come back to reality and to appreciate everything you have in life. That also brings about that calm feeling that you’re after.

Find A Career That’s Enjoyable

Being able to have a successful career that’s enjoyable can be difficult sometimes. Everyone goes through life doing things they don’t enjoy, but it’s important you find a job that you love and find happiness in. Otherwise, different parts of your life outside of work will be affected.
Use these tips in order to bring more calm in your life.

20 February 2020

MasterClass Announces Entertainment Icon RuPaul to Teach Self-Expression and Authenticity [Trailer Included]

In his MasterClass, RuPaul shares powerful lessons on the importance of knowing your value and being true to yourself
In his MasterClass, RuPaul shares powerful lessons on the importance of knowing your value and being true to yourself (image courtesy of MasterClass)
MasterClass, the platform that makes it possible for anyone to learn from the best, today announced that RuPaul will teach a class on self-expression and authenticity. 

As one of the world's most recognized personalities, RuPaul is a cultural icon. In his MasterClass, he shares an intimate look into his journey to self-love and stardom. Through a series of candid lessons, RuPaul speaks his fearless truth and shares his experiences — teaching members how to identify strengths, cultivate a tribe, and tune into inner frequency to live their best, most authentic and powerful life.
"RuPaul is fearless — defying norms and breaking rules," said David Rogier, co-founder and CEO of MasterClass. "Ru's MasterClass teaches every single one of us how to celebrate who we are, how to persevere, how to take risks and how to own our fears. This class will change how you live your life."
Being credited for bringing drag into the spotlight and named "the world's most famous drag queen" by Fortune Magazine in 2019, RuPaul has taken the world by storm since becoming a popular fixture in New York City nightlife and releasing his debut single, "Supermodel (You Better Work)," in 1993. 

The actor, model, singer, songwriter and TV personality has paved his way into global superstardom using his mantra "love yourself." Throughout his 35-year career, RuPaul has released 14 studio albums and three books, hosted his own talk show, The RuPaul Show on VH1 for over 100 episodes and has made countless appearances in TV and films including To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything!, Julie Newmar and more. 

Since 2009, RuPaul has produced and hosted critically acclaimed RuPaul's Drag Race, winning six Primetime Emmy Awards and inspiring several spin-off series, including RuPaul's Drag U and RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars

In 2017, RuPaul was named one of TIME's most influential people in the world.

In his MasterClass, RuPaul shares powerful lessons on the importance of knowing your value and being true to yourself
In his MasterClass, RuPaul shares powerful lessons on the importance of knowing your value and being true to yourself (image courtesy of MasterClass)
"How can you love, if you can't love yourself?" said RuPaul. "My MasterClass will show you how to find the deepest level of yourself, own who you are and have the confidence to work the runway of life."
Delivered with his signature humor and larger-than-life personality, RuPaul's MasterClass is an intimate and candid look into his journey to self-love and self-betterment. 

As a prominent figure and supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, RuPaul has fought for equality and promotes the message of embracing and accepting one's uniqueness. He will show students of all ages, races, genders, and sexualities, how to tune into inner frequency by incorporating stillness, meditation and personal inventory. He'll also share personal secrets on owning a room and cultivating a tribe, and why it's important to identify mentors and pay it forward. In a deeply personal lesson, RuPaul shares past trauma in his own life and how it relates to his process of self-betterment, offering advice on how to deal with shame, trauma, and hard emotions. 

In his MasterClass, RuPaul shares powerful lessons on the importance of knowing your value and being true to yourself
In his MasterClass, RuPaul shares powerful lessons on the importance of knowing your value and being true to yourself (image courtesy of MasterClass)
RuPaul will also sit down with long-time costume collaborator, Zaldy, to deconstruct previous runway looks the duo has created. In bonus lessons, RuPaul's makeup artist David Petruschin transforms into drag alter-ego Raven, and RuPaul shares insights and makeup lessons for all, from painting dramatic eyes to contouring. 

RuPaul's MasterClass - The Trailer:

RuPaul's MasterClass joins the 75+ classes taught by world-renowned instructors on culinary arts, photography, writing, performance, and much more. 

Each MasterClass has digestible video lessons sized to fit into any part of your day and cinematic visuals with close-up, hands-on demonstrations that make you feel one-on-one with the instructor. 

MasterClass's current roster of courses includes:

  • Business: Howard Schultz (business leadership), Anna Wintour (creativity and leadership), Sara Blakely (self-made entrepreneurship), Bob Iger (strategy and leadership), Chris Voss (art of negotiation), Goodby and Silverstein (advertising and creativity)
  • Culinary Arts: Gordon Ramsay (cooking), Alice Waters (home cooking), Thomas Keller (cooking techniques), Wolfgang Puck (cooking), Dominique Ansel (French pastry), James Suckling (wine appreciation), Aaron Franklin (Texas BBQ), Massimo Bottura (Italian cooking), Gabriela C├ímara (Mexican cooking)
  • Film and Television: Werner Herzog (filmmaking), Martin Scorsese (filmmaking), Ron Howard (directing), Spike Lee (filmmaking), Mira Nair (independent filmmaking), Jodie Foster (filmmaking), Ken Burns (documentary filmmaking), Helen Mirren (acting), Samuel L. Jackson (acting), Judd Apatow (comedy), Aaron Sorkin (screenwriting), Shonda Rhimes (writing for television), Natalie Portman (acting), David Lynch (creativity and filmmaking)
  • Lifestyle: Bobbi Brown (makeup and beauty), RuPaul (self-expression and authenticity)
  • Music and Entertainment: Steve Martin (comedy), Christina Aguilera (singing), Usher (performance), Reba McEntire (country music), Herbie Hancock (jazz), Deadmau5 (music production), Armin van Buuren (dance music), Hans Zimmer (film scoring), Tom Morello (electric guitar), Carlos Santana (art and soul of guitar), Timbaland (producing and beatmaking), Penn & Teller (magic), Itzhak Perlman (violin), Danny Elfman (music for film)
  • Writing: James Patterson (writing), David Mamet (dramatic writing), Judy Blume (writing), Malcolm Gladwell (writing), R.L. Stine (writing for young audiences), Margaret Atwood (creative writing), Dan Brown (writing thrillers), Neil Gaiman (storytelling), Billy Collins (poetry), David Baldacci (writing thrillers), Joyce Carol Oates (short story writing), David Sedaris (storytelling and humor)
  • Photography: Annie Leibovitz (photography), Jimmy Chin (adventure photography)
  • Design and Fashion: Frank Gehry (architecture), Diane von Furstenberg (how to build a fashion brand), Marc Jacobs (fashion design)
  • Sports and Games: Serena Williams (tennis), Stephen Curry (shooting, ball-handling, and scoring), Garry Kasparov (chess), Daniel Negreanu (poker), Phil Ivey (poker strategy), Simone Biles (gymnastics), Misty Copeland (ballet)
  • Politics and Society: Jane Goodall (conservation), Bob Woodward (investigative journalism), Karl Rove and David Axelrod (political campaign strategy), Paul Krugman (economics and society), Doris Kearns Goodwin (U.S. presidential history and leadership)
  • Science and Technology: Chris Hadfield (space exploration), Will Wright (game design), Neil deGrasse Tyson (scientific thinking and communication)
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15 February 2020

NASA Science, Cargo Heads to International Space Station on Northrop Grumman Mission

The Northrop Grumman Antares rocket, with Cygnus resupply spacecraft onboard, launches from Pad-0A, Saturday, Feb. 15, 2020 at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia.
The Northrop Grumman Antares rocket, with Cygnus resupply spacecraft onboard, launches from Pad-0A, Saturday, Feb. 15, 2020 at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. (image via
A Northrop Grumman Cygnus resupply spacecraft is on its way to the International Space Station with about 7,500 pounds of science investigations and cargo after launching at 3:21 p.m. EST Saturday from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia.

The spacecraft launched on an Antares 230+ rocket from the Virginia Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport's Pad 0A at Wallops and is scheduled to arrive at the space station at about 4:05 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 18. Coverage of the spacecraft's approach and arrival will begin at 2:30 a.m. on NASA Television and the agency's website.

Expedition 62 astronaut Andrew Morgan of NASA will use the space station's robotic arm to capture Cygnus, and NASA's Jessica Meir will monitor telemetry during rendezvous, capture, and installation on the Unity module's Earth-facing port. The spacecraft is scheduled to stay at the space station until May.

This delivery, Northrop Grumman's 13th cargo flight to the space station, the second under its Commercial Resupply Services 2 contract with NASA and designated NG-13, will support dozens of new and existing investigations.

Included in the scientific investigations Cygnus is delivering to the space station are:

Better Tissue and Cell Culturing in Space

Mobile SpaceLab, a tissue and cell-culturing facility, offers investigators a quick-turnaround platform to perform sophisticated microgravity biology experiments. Such experiments are critical for determining how microgravity affects human physiology and identifying ways to mitigate negative effects.

A Close-up View

The Mochii investigation provides an initial demonstration of a new miniature scanning electron microscope with spectroscopy. Mochii will demonstrate real-time, on-site imaging and measurements of micro- and nanostructures aboard the space station. This capability could accelerate answers to many scientific inquiries and mission decisions and serve the public as a powerful and unique microgravity research platform.

Examining Bone Loss in Microgravity

Astronauts experience bone loss in orbit, stemming from the lack of gravity acting on their bones. OsteoOmics investigates the molecular mechanisms that dictate this bone loss by examining osteoblasts, cells in the body that form bone, and osteoclasts, which dissolve bone. A better understanding of these mechanisms could lead to more effective prevention of astronaut bone loss during space missions.

Fighting Bacteria with Phages

Phage Evolution examines the effects of microgravity and radiation exposure on phage, viruses that destroy bacteria without harming human cells, and bacterial host interactions, including phage specificity for a bacterial host and host resistance to specific phages. A better understanding of the effects of microgravity and cosmic radiation on bacteriophages and hosts could result in significant developments for phage technology, ultimately helping protect the health of astronauts on future missions.

(Do Not) Light My Fire

The Spacecraft Fire Experiment-IV (Saffire-IV) investigation examines fire development and growth in different materials and environmental conditions, fire detection and monitoring, and post-fire cleanup capabilities. Saffire-IV contributes to fire safety efforts in similar environments on Earth, from submarines to mines, and helps improve general understanding and modeling of fire phenomena.

These are just a few of the hundreds of investigations currently being conducted aboard the orbiting laboratory in the areas of biology and biotechnology, physical sciences, and Earth and space science. Advances in these areas will help to keep astronauts healthy during long-duration space travel and demonstrate technologies for future human and robotic exploration beyond low-Earth orbit to the Moon and Mars through NASA's Artemis program.

This is the second time two Cygnus spacecraft will be in flight at the same time, as the NG-12 vehicle remains in orbit after departing from the station on Jan. 31. The Cygnus spacecraft will remain at the space station until May before it disposes of several thousand pounds of trash through its fiery reentry into Earth's atmosphere.

The Cygnus NG-13 spacecraft for this space station resupply mission is named in honor of U.S. Air Force Maj. Robert Lawrence, the first African American astronaut selected by any program, specifically chosen for the Air Force's Manned Orbital Laboratory Program in June 1967. Lawrence died in an F-104 Starfighter aircraft accident at Edwards Air Force Base, California six months later at the age of 32.

Click here to learn more about Northrop Grumman's mission


13 February 2020

Why Spicing Up Your Relationship Is Key

Why Spicing Up Your Relationship Is Key (image via Pixabay)
Finding love for the first time or the second or third, is a difficult task. A wonderful feeling but a scary one also where we feel sucked into a whirlwind of emotions and unsure how we feel about our path and if we are making the right decisions. If you have experienced a breakup recently or in the past, you can be sure that things can get easy again for you and once you do find love again, you can find exciting ways to spice up your relationship!
“But I have been divorced and now I don’t think I can give myself to another person again completely?”
It may be difficult to find love again, especially after divorce and you have probably dealt with divorce solicitors and the paperwork that comes along with it but it doesn't mean that life has to end once this is completed. Start to embrace the relationship again and spice it up!

Hug and kiss more!

Physical contact is key and even something as simple as a 30-second hug is one of the warmest things you can do which extends a regular hug that and releases endorphins and allows you to appreciate the love that you have together. The attachment hormone will trigger and both men and women enjoy a human touch; it’s a natural thing to do. Indulge in a longer embrace every day and learn how much more passionate and happy you feel together as well as feeling more grateful for each other’s company. 

Start to say nice things to each other!

As women, we can have a negative outlook on relationships and be less trustworthy and a little more judging. Compliment instead! Start looking at what you like and love about your partner and every day start to commit to noticing five good things about your partner and why you like what they do! Tell them the five good things also, let them feel good about themselves and ensure that they are feeling happy in the relationship as well. It could be how they look, what they say to you, how well they cook, or something nice that they did for you. 

Ask the right questions

Sometimes after we’ve been in a relationship for a long time, we think we know everything about our partners but that isn’t always the case and sometimes we can assume things that aren't fair. They may have secrets, or issues they don't want to share and therefore it’s vital to be good at communicating and being sensitive with what you ask and how you ask it. 

Go on date night that’s a little out of the norm for you!

Have a date night, but do something a little different and change it up. Go to a new place or a new activity! Doing something new is always fun and try and plan it in advance. Think about where you’d like to go and make little bucket lists.Think about where you’d like to go to and what activities float your boat, it will bring new memories!

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