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7 May 2020

Thought-Provoking Short Film by Falls Encourages Appreciation for Life's Precious Moments During Pandemic and Beyond [Video Included]

Thought-Provoking Short Film by Falls Encourages Appreciation for Life's Precious Moments During Pandemic and Beyond
Thought-Provoking Short Film by Falls Encourages Appreciation for Life's Precious Moments During Pandemic and Beyond
In this time of uncertainty, Falls, an integrated marketing, advertising and digital agency, released "Looking back on COVID-19," a short film that depicts the life-changing experiences during this pandemic. 

Produced in-house by the firm's creative team, the piece portrays the unexpected and rawness, and the vulnerability and humility of this moment in time. It paints a picture of what will be only distant memories when life returns to "normal."

"After some reflection, our team wanted to express a different perspective…to produce something that looked ahead, but by doing so — looked back," said Rob Falls, president and CEO of Falls. "We thought about someday — all of this will all be over. And time will pass. And, of course, we will remember the suffering, the personal losses and the separation from each other. However, we hope we will all remember what we learned from the togetherness, the ways in which we coped, and the selfless actions and sacrifices made to help others."

Thought-Provoking Short Film by Falls Encourages Appreciation for Life's Precious Moments During Pandemic and Beyond
Thought-Provoking Short Film by Falls Encourages Appreciation for Life's Precious Moments During Pandemic and Beyond
In the opening scene, an all-too-common view of empty downtown streets, usually bustling — and quieted only by the stunning silence of social distancing — comes into view.
"What will you remember?" the narrator asks. He goes on to recount the ways we have persevered together and kept others safe while staying apart; the ways we have passed the time; the ways we have become teachers and tech experts; the ways we have learned to appreciate those who are essential to our lives; and the ways we've come to accept our new normal.

Echoing the sentiments shared by the narrator at the conclusion of the film, Falls reflected, "When we look back, we hope we will learn, and never forget. Learn what is truly important to each of us…and remember."

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21 November 2019

Seventeenth Century French Artifact Arrives In Seattle For An Immersive Exhibition

By donning a HoloLens, guests are taken into a 15- to 20-minute experience where the Mont-Saint-Michel model comes to life.
By donning a HoloLens, guests are taken into a 15- to 20-minute experience where the Mont-Saint-Michel model comes to life.
Seattle's Museum of History & Industry (MOHAI) and Microsoft Corp. on Thursday announced the opening of a new exhibit, "Mont-Saint-Michel: Digital Perspectives on the Model," which features a unique blend of 17th and 21st century technology.

Powered by Microsoft AI and mixed-reality technology as well as the recently released HoloLens 2 device, the interactive exhibition transports visitors into a holographic tour of the picturesque Mont-Saint-Michel, a medieval monastery perched atop a remote tidal island off the coast of Normandy, France.

The virtual experience is complemented by a physical relief map of the Mont-Saint-Michel, an intricate, three-dimensional model of the landmark. Entirely crafted by hand in the 1600s by the resident Benedictine monks, the 1/144-scale model precisely depicts the monument in such intricate detail that maps like this were considered valuable strategic tools to leaders like Napoleon and King Louis XIV, who considered the maps military secrets and hid them from public view.
"The Museum of History & Industry is honored to share this icon of world history, enhanced by leading-edge technology, to create a unique experience born of innovations both past and present," said Leonard Garfield, MOHAI's executive director. "More than 300 years separate the remarkable relief map and today, but the persistent human drive toward invention and creativity bridges those years, reflecting the unbroken quest for greater understanding and appreciation of the world around us."
The opening of the exhibit is timed with the 40th anniversary of the Mont-Saint-Michel being designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is the first time the relief map, as well as the mixed-reality experience, has been in North America.
"The relief maps were technological marvels of Louis XIV and Napoleon's time. It's exciting to see how we can blend old and new technology to unlock the hidden treasures of history, especially for younger generations," said Brad Smith, president of Microsoft. "This exhibit provides a unique model for preserving cultural heritage around the world, something Microsoft is committed to through our AI for Good program."
The Mont-Saint-Michel experience is an example of Microsoft's AI for Cultural Heritage program, which aims to leverage the power of AI to empower people and organizations dedicated to the preservation and enrichment of cultural heritage. 

Microsoft is working with nonprofits, universities and governments around the world to use AI to help preserve the languages we speak, the places we live and the artifacts we treasure. For example, earlier today Microsoft announced it is working with experts in New Zealand to include te reo Māori in its Microsoft Translator application, which will enable instant translations of text from more than 60 languages into te reo Māori and vice versa. This will be one of the first indigenous languages to use the latest machine learning translation technology to help make the language accessible to as many people as possible. 

  • The AI for Cultural Heritage program is the fourth pillar of Microsoft's AI for Good portfolio, a five-year commitment to use AI to tackle some of society's biggest challenges.
The relief map is on loan to MOHAI from the Musée des Plans-Reliefs in Paris, which houses more than 100 historically significant and well-preserved relief maps. The relief map of Mont-Saint-Michel is considered the museum's crown jewel.
"One of the challenges in the history of art is the relationship with the public. To gain the attention, to capture the view or the interest of the public, is not always evident," said Emmanuel Starcky, director, Musée des Plans-Reliefs. "With the HoloLens technology, you have now the possibility to realize immersive experiences in art, where you still see the reality but have more information about it. It will be a unique experience for the American public to discover the relief map, its condition in the 17th century and its evolution through three centuries, as well as reflect on the purpose of those relief maps."
Drawing from hundreds of thousands of detailed images, Iconem, a leader in the digital preservation of cultural heritage sites, used Microsoft AI to create a photorealistic 3D digital model of the historic structure. Then, French mixed-reality specialists at HoloForge Interactive developed a unique Microsoft HoloLens experience to draw people into the artifact like never before.

  • The "Mont-Saint-Michel: Digital Perspectives on the Model" exhibit, including both the original relief map and mixed-reality experience, will be on display at MOHAI Nov. 23, 2019 through Jan. 26, 2020.
SOURCE: Microsoft Corp.

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16 November 2018

Heartwarming Japanese Anime Hit 'I Want To Eat Your Pancreas' Coming to U.S. Cinemas For Only Two Days

 'I Want To Eat Your Pancreas' - Poster
 'I Want To Eat Your Pancreas' - Poster
Fathom Events in partnership with Aniplex of America brings the uplifting, coming-of-age tale that has captured the hearts of millions in Japan"I want to eat your pancreas." 
Based on the bestselling, award-winning novel by Yoru Sumino, "I want to eat your pancreasthe anime adaptation beautifully explores the relationship between the terminally ill Sakura and the unnamed protagonist, "Me," as they embark on an emotional journey during an unforgettable spring.  
As these two opposites try to learn to find happiness, they in turn discover the true meaning of compassion.  In addition to the poignant feature, attendees will also view exclusive extra footage, including interviews with the cast and crew.
"I want to eat your pancreas" - "Me" (VA: Mahiro Takasugi/Robbie Daymond): A high school student, who avoids getting to know anyone too deeply. Likes reading. Accidentally discovers Sakura’s secret after picking up “Living with Dying.”
"I want to eat your pancreas" - "Me" (VA: Mahiro Takasugi/Robbie Daymond): A high school student, who avoids getting to know anyone too deeply. Likes reading. Accidentally discovers Sakura’s secret after picking up “Living with Dying.” (Image via
  • Presented by Fathom Events and Aniplex of America, "I want to eat your pancreas" comes to more than 400 U.S. cinemas subtitled on Thursday, February 7 at 7:00pm (local time) and English-dubbed on Sunday, February 10 at 12:55pm (local time). 
  • For a complete list of theater locations, visit the Fathom Events website (theaters and participants are subject to change).
The special two night event includes the world premiere of the English dub featuring cast members Robbie Daymond ("Sailor Moon," "Digimon Adventure tri.") and Erika Harlacher ("Fate/Apocrypha," "Violet Evergarden") voicing the two main characters, along with Kira Buckland ("Blue Exorcist," "Durarara!!x2"), Kyle McCarley ("Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]," "DEVILMAN crybaby"), and Dorah Fine ("Magi: The Kingdom of Magic") in supporting roles. 
Making her directorial debut is voice actress Erica Mendez from "KILL la KILL" and "Your lie in April," who has signed on to handle the voice direction in addition to composing the English adaptation of the heartwarming film. 
"I am pleased to be able to share this beautiful story to everyone living in the U.S.," said Aniplex of America president, Shu Nishimoto. "This film captures both the beauty of Japan's landscape as well as the beauty in growing up. I hope the film gives everyone a renewed appreciation for life and the people that shape our life choices."
"I want to eat your pancreas" was produced by Studio VOLN ("Ushio & Tora") and marks Shinichiro Ushijima's ("One Punch Man," "All Out!!") directorial debut. 
The Japanese cast features popular actor and 72nd Mainichi Film Awards Best New Actor winner, Mahiro Takasugi, who will voice the main character "Me" alongside veteran voice actress, Lynn ("High School Fleet," "A Place Further Than the Universe"), who will voice the female lead, Sakura Yamauchi
The impressive voice cast also includes Atsuko Tanaka("Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]," "Ghost in the Shell"), Shin-ichiro Miki ("Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood," "Initial D"), and three-time winner of the Japanese Academy Awards, actress Emi Wakui.
"We are excited to once again partner with Aniplex of America to bring this highly anticipated title to the U.S.," Fathom Events CEO Ray Nutt said. "It is a wonderful story and appeals to people in all walks of life."
"I want to eat your pancreas" - Sakura (VA: Lynn/Erika Harlacher): “Me’s” classmate. She has not shared with anyone outside of her family that she has limited time left due to a pancreatic disease. Cheerful, openhearted, and very outgoing.
"I want to eat your pancreas" - Sakura (VA: Lynn/Erika Harlacher): “Me’s” classmate. She has not shared with anyone outside of her family that she has limited time left due to a pancreatic disease. Cheerful, openhearted, and very outgoing. (Image via
Tickets for "I want to eat your pancreas" are available now at and participating box offices.

SOURCE: Fathom Events

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9 February 2018

Survey: How Does Money Affect Relationships and Does It Impact Who We're Attracted To? NFEC Conducts a Pre-Valentine's Day Poll to Find Out

money and relationships
(Image via Pixabay)
So what impact does money have on your romantic relationships? The National Financial Educators Council was curious, so they asked 2,644 people across the US survey questions related to money and relationships.
The goals of the surveys were to get a better understanding around these 3 areas: how people felt money affected their romantic relationships, whether we are attracted to financially similar people, and the general tone of financial conversations with our significant others.
See the full results of the surveys conducted between February 6th – 8th 2018 by visiting:

To better understand whether respondents were attracted to partners with similar financial mindsets, the NFEC received feedback from 857 respondents on the question, "In my most recent romantic relationship, we shared money attitudes and habits that were…The results:
  • 39.4% answered 'very similar'.
  • 26.7% answered 'somewhat similar'.
  • 9.8% answered 'neither similar nor different'.
  • 11.6% answered 'somewhat different'.
  • 12.5% answered 'very different'.
⏩ Do opposites attract or are we attracted to those like us? Well, according to the initial results, the conclusion is people are attracted to those with very similar financial behaviors with over 66% answering 'similar' and 'very similar'.
To assess the overall impact of money on relationships, the NFEC asked 893 people, "Money has affected my past and current romantic relationships mostly in a..."  The results:
  • 24.7% selected these choices: 'very positive way' (10.3%) and 'positive way' (14.4%).
  • 19.1% selected these choices: 'negative way' (12.2%) and 'very negative way' (6.9%).
"I'm not shocked with the results of this question," states Scott Bown, CFEI, CFP(R). "While many of my clients state the top goal is to improve their finances, deeper into the interview process true motivations become apparent – the root motivation is often to improve relationships with their significant other."
To get a general sense of the tone of our personal finance conversations with significant others, the NFEC received 894 responses to the question, "In my past and current romantic relationships, discussions about money generally have had a…"  The results:
  • 39.6% responded discussions had a 'very positive tone' (24.7%) and a 'somewhat positive tone' (14.9%).
  • 20.3% responded discussions had a 'somewhat negative tone' (14.5%) and a 'very negative tone' (5.8%).
This question was designed to assess the overall tone of such conversations to better understand the intensity of money discussions between romantic partners. The NFEC is currently conducting supply-side research on this topic with financial coaches – the data will be released over Financial Literacy Month (April 2018).  
"The impact of money is greater than just dollars and cents – it impacts many areas of our lives. These studies demonstrate that money is having a direct impact on people's romantic relationships; unfortunately, for many respondents it is a negative impact. We encourage people to work toward a more secure financial future together and keep the lines of communication open when it comes to money," states Vince Shorb, NFEC's CEO.
⏩ This Valentine's Day survey is the first conducted by the NFEC that is centered around relationships and money. The NFEC and collaborators are conducting an ongoing series of research exploring financial education, attitudes, behaviors, and wellness on a person's romantic relationships.   

SOURCE: National Financial Educators Council

6 February 2017

NUNE Short Film Rewards #LGBTQ Global Millennial Fan Base with Direct-To-Fan Digital Release

A shy Nune Lusparian meets American Beauty in NUNE
LGBTQ, short film Nune by Ji Strangeway of GYATRi Media will be digitally released on VHX with a special offer of 99 cents for 3-day streaming on February 14, 2017, Valentine's Day.  VHX is a direct film distribution platform acquired by Vimeo.
Nune (pronounced noon-nay) tells the story of a 15-year-old Mexican-Armenian girl, who creates a fantasy world to escape the pain of social rejection and bullying. 
The arthouse film gained momentum on social networks, with a message that strikes a chord with queer-questioning millennials and their allies around the world.  Yet, fans eager to see the movie on VOD have waited over a year due to online distribution restrictions imposed on films under review by the film festivals.
After discovering the political agenda of film festival competitions and the oversaturation of films in the indie marketplace, the director deemed the prospective platform irrational and unfit for reaching Nune's true audience. She regrets not taking her movie direct-to-digital sooner.
"The festival route always felt wrong for my film. Direct-to-Fan streaming technology was at my fingertips," said Strangeway. "That's what all this amazing self-distribution technology is here for, so the independent artist can reach their audience. Yet, I didn't take full advantage. Instead, I stuck to the path of film festival exposure. I had forgotten my spirit of independence."
Brianna Joy Chomer and Jessica Lauren star in NUNE, an LGBTQ short film by Ji Strangeway
To reward the movie's growing fan base and to celebrate film independence, Nune will stream on VHX at a discount price of 99 cents for three-day rental (reg. $3.99) on February 14, 2017
Broad streaming options include computer, smart mobile devices, Apple TV, Chromecast, and VHX Roku channel.  Nune fans outside the USA (in countries, such as BrazilIndiaAustralia and various parts of South AmericaAsia, and Europe) often face sales restrictions imposed by providers, such as iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. On the VHX platform, 
Nune will stream globally in the spirit of Valentine's Day, apropos for the story's theme of heroism and romance.
  • Nune 99 cent Valentine's Day special can be redeemed with this code: "IHEARTNUNE" at
The Official Trailer:


3 February 2015

Valentine’s Day Is More Than Chocolate


When men are in a relationship around Valentine’s Day, many will wait until the last possible second to pick up a gift for their special-someone. The lack of planning plays a large role in the type of gift that’s selected- and more often than not, a last minute gift-giver will go with the over-used standard: a heart shaped box of chocolate! 

You may be thinking that your girlfriend or wife absolutely loves chocolate, and you’re probably right. The problem is not that the gift won’t be enjoyed; but that it doesn’t show that you put any thought into what you would get the person you love on the day reserved for love!

If you want to show her you care, try something a little outside the standard heart shaped box of chocolate. 

Another gift that’s regularly given on Valentine’s Day are roses- and in particular, red roses. Flowers are almost always reserved for special occasions, and most women enjoy receiving a pretty bouquet of flowers because most women don’t have the pleasure of receiving flowers on a regular basis. To go a little outside the typical dozen red roses, you could select something else, like a multi-colored arrangement of flowers in a pretty container. Stargazer lilies and Blue Irises always make a bold statement when paired together in a nice vase or basket; and the arrangements will last over a week. You could also go with a plant that will last months or more, as an indication of your own relationship’s staying power!

To go along with the flowers, you could select a completely unique gift based on your girl’s personality. Is she a writer? Give her a nice set of stationary in a basket you select yourself, with envelopes and postage so she can keep in touch with her friends. This will show you put some thought into it, and you can even add a few extra touches like a package of her favorite pens.

Is she the outdoors, animal loving type? Surprise her with a horseback riding trip or something similar you think she’d love but that you don’t get to do all that often. A Valentine’s Day present doesn’t have to be pink or red or heart shaped to count! In fact, the less it looks like a standard Valentine’s Day gift, the more she’ll probably enjoy it because it shows you cared enough to think about it and pick something you knew she’d like.

Is she a little on the wild side? Try some novelty gifts that may also be a gift for you, if you play your cards right!

The trick with selecting a Valentine’s Day gift that your girl will appreciate is simply to put some thought and effort into it. If you wait until the day arrives and simply grab a heart shaped box of chocolates- she’s going to know you didn’t think about it at all and probably be a little disappointed; even if she doesn’t let on that she is!

Submitted by: Debra Dragon

About Today's Contributor:

Debra L. Dragon writes for about flowers and gifts and a variety of consumer interest topics.

29 January 2015

Oh No! It's Valentine's Day Again


What are the two most hated days of the year for single women? It’s probably no surprise: New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day. Well, you have survived one already a few weeks ago. Now, you have to prepare for getting through the next one –- next month.

Why do most single women hate February 14? Because Valentine’s Day is a holiday that shouts, “You must be in love." Commercialism has designed this day for lovers. Hotels and restaurants and jewelers and florists (etc.) all have specials for men and women in love (Or at least, men and women who are partnered or married!). And if you are not with a special man, you feel left out.

This is why so many women hide out on Valentine’s Day. Yet, here’s a curious fact. This day, devoted to lovers, has a nefarious beginning. There are a number of stories about how Valentine’s Day got started. Ironically, two of the more common ones are connected to murder and rape. One version says Valentine’s Day is named for a Christian saint who was murdered for marrying men and women at a time the Emperor needed men to go to war. If married, goes this story, men wouldn’t want to leave their families. The emperor needed single soldiers so he killed the man who was marrying the couples.

Another version says Valentine’s Day actually derived from a pagan holiday where a lottery was held for young men to win a young woman (probably a teenager of younger) for the male’s sexual pleasure.

You can choose any story you prefer as the origin just as you can choose how to relate to Valentine’s Day. It can be a day of shame because you do not love and are not loved by a special man, or you can honor this day by acknowledging those people who make your life better. When you were in elementary school, you knew Valentine’s Day was not about lovers; if was about love and caring and friendship. It can be the same today -– if you choose.

If you choose to see it as about love and caring, then you don’t need to hide out, or claim you hate February 14. You can participate in the holiday -– by your definition. You have no reason to be embarrassed about being single; you don’t need to hide. Find ways to celebrate the day with those you care about. Send or make cards, have a Valentine Day meal with close friends, greet people with a “Happy Valentine’s Day” and mean it. Participating in the holiday tells the world you love yourself and you love others.

You can mope or you can celebrate your life -– the life you have at the moment. There is no telling what your life will be like later today, tomorrow, next week. So celebrate whatever you have. After all, right now is the only life you have. And, any day that reminds you of the people you love and cherish is a day worth celebrating.

Submitted by: Dr. Karen Gail Lewis

About Today's Contributor:

Dr. Karen Gail Lewis is founder of Unique Retreats for Single Women. She’s a marriage/family therapist and author of several books about single and married women. Join her for a free teleseminar on Unspoken Truths About Being Single in a Married World. Register at

22 January 2015

Dare To Be Different This Valentine’s Day


There are a whole host of different ways to spend a Valentine’s Day to remember for years to come with exciting specially themed days out designed specifically for couples of all ages. 

Rock and Roll lovers will enjoy visiting the pubs, clubs, studios, record labels and famous locations of the great rock and legends. Walk hand in hand across the famous Abbey Road zebra crossing for a Valentine’s Day which is that little bit different! As a memento of this special Valentines treat the experience includes your photo being taken at Abbey Road. Visit to the Hard Rock Café vault packed full of memorabilia from the rock and roll legends for you to reminisce and re-live your youth!

For Valentines who wish to spend the entire day together in the outdoors, rather than going for a romantic walk the more adventurous will be amazed with a SAS themed Valentine’s day experience. Show your lover just how young at heart you really are and join a team of experienced ex-army/special forces for a day out which is sure to please the most ardent outdoor fans! If your Valentine likes being treated out to eat on this special day of the year, this SAS themed experience day includes a tasty buffet lunch, offering the best of both worlds in a very unique way.

Who says the art of chivalry is dead? Win your maiden’s fair hand and be a real knight in shining armour this Valentine’s Day! Enjoy a whole day out together learning how to joust and fight for your lover’s heart! Experience the thrills and spills of Medieval jousting and hand to hand combat under the expert guidance of fully trained staff. As this is an all day event there is time to have a romantic picnic lunch or pop down to the local pub to tuck into some hearty fare (these are not inclusive) before returning to take part in a tournament complete with Medieval costumes to make you really look the part! Show your Valentine that you are prepared to joust and fight for their hand in a very old fashioned and romantic way.

For those who are prepared to be different but prefer not to venture outdoors on Valentine’s Day, show your Valentine your true intentions of love by sharing a diamond ring making experience. This unusual and unique gift is sure to please those who wish to express their love in an old fashioned way. An entire day will be spent watching master craftsmen work their magic with fine diamonds and precious metals. You too will be involved in making your own special Valentine’s diamond ring. A treasure which will last for ever. Breakfast, lunch and refreshments are all included offering plenty of time to discuss how you wish your finished ring to look. Of course Valentine’s Day is synonymous with proposals of marriage so why not end the day on one knee and make this Valentine’s Day a truly romantic gesture of love and devotion!

Dare to be different and give Valentine’s Day Gifts which will be remembered for a very long time. 

Submitted by: Terry Henman

About  Today's Countributor:

Terry wrote this article on behalf of Red Letter Days, a site that offers ideal Valentine's Day Gifts

17 January 2015

Are You Brave Enough to Forget Valentine’s Day?


Only the bravest men and women would dare to forget Valentine’s day! It is the one day in the year which specifically dedicated to lovers old and young. As this year Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday there will be no time to rush and grab a bunch of flowers from the local petrol station on your way home from work! 

Make this years Valentine’s Day really special and give the love in your life a pleasant surprise by having a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered to their door.

For those consider Valentine’s Day just another hyped up excuse for retailers and florist to make a profit may be surprised to know that each year millions of flowers are brought, predominately by men, as a token of love in the UK alone.

The sceptical may also be interested to know that Valentine’s Day is not a new craze or Victorian idealistic notion! The history of Valentine’s Day date back to many hundreds of years. Although there are differing versions of how it actually all began. It is believed to have started in 496 AD when Pope Gelasius dedicated February 14 to honour Saint Valentine.

Saint Valentine is thought to have become the Patron Saint of lovers after leaving a message to his jailer’s daughter signed ‘from your Valentine’ before he was executed in on February 14 296 AD for refusing to relinquish his faith in Christianity.

Valentine’s Day is recorded to have been acknowledged and celebrated in the Middle Ages; young men and women placed their names into a bowl and randomly drew one out; they would then pin the name of their Valentine onto their sleeve for a week-hence the expression ‘wearing your heart on your sleeve’ to show how you are feeling.

The Persian custom of the ‘language of flowers’ to convey messages without speech is believed to have been introduced into Europe by Charles II. The red rose is the flower which traditionally symbolises love and passion; which is believed to be the reason this particular flower is associated with Valentines. The Victorians continued to use flowers to send hidden messages to their lovers.

Whatever the reasons, customs and beliefs associated with Valentine’s Day, February 14th has, over many hundreds of years become the day to send messages and gifts of flowers to someone as a token of your love and affection for them.

A dozen ruby red roses with their thorns removed-to prevent injury to your lover! is considered to be the quintessential Valentine gift. For those who wish to really push the boat out enormous bunches of fifty red roses will offer a flamboyant romantic gesture of love!

A single red rose stripped of its thorns and tied with a delightful red ribbon presented in a bud vase provides the message of love in a more sedate manner.

Whether you believe in traditions and customs or are just a true romantic at heart sending Valentine’s Day Flowers as a token of your love will undoubtedly be appreciated by the recipient.

 Submitted by: Terry Henman

About Today's Contributor :

Valentine’s Day Flowers from Flowers Direct will help you show the special person in your life how much they really mean to you.

4 February 2013

Use the Tech Cupids to Save Your Valentine's Day! [Infographic]

Have you been just getting by the last few years in your relationship? 

Have the Valentine’s Days come and passed like ghosts of relationships past too? 

Well if that’s the case then the coming Valentine should not be another day you lose or end up regretting. A lot of people seem to pay little attention to their partner’s expectations- -especially those that revolve around Valentine’s Day and end up fighting mutual feelings of discord. If you are wishing for some miracle or for Cupid to drop out of the sky and help you out, then don’t bother. 

Technology really is the new henchman of love and can work more wonders then you think! If you find this hard to believe then read the infographic below about Tommy, a regular guy just like you who needed to please a lady love on Valentine’s. 

Tommy didn’t need any divine help, just the right searches and things to look for. Before he knew it, despite the short time he had, he was able to plan out an amazing day for the both of them, one that was special and didn’t require huge splurges of money on his part. 
So get some tech help on Valentine’s and become your love’s Prince Charming!
Cell Phone and Web: perfect Valentine Cupids

This infographic has been created at the Mobistealth design labs.

30 January 2013

The Differences Between the Way Men and Women Think on Valentine's Day [Infographic]


Valentine's day is the one day of the year that most women hope their men will not forget about. We all know that it is not just about buying expensive gifts or flowers, but the truth is that most women in a relationship do like to feel appreciated in some way and receiving a bunch of roses, some chocolates, a bottle of wine or going out for a romantic meal will normally do the trick. The sad truth is that it is not uncommon for men to completely overlook this special day, so as a helpful reminder, this humorous infographic points out some of the major differences between the way that men and women think. As the saying goes, "men are from Mars, women are from Venus", but how much does this still apply these days? If the man in this infographic reminds you of someone that you know, you might want to consider dropping a few serious hints this Valentines day.

12 January 2013

Valentine's Day: Trying to Rationalise the Irrational

Heart Of The Storm

After the joyful Christmas period many of us find ourselves facing the eternal darkness of January with nothing to look forward to. On top of this darkness you may also have tried to convince yourself of your own powers of self will by sticking to your New Year’s resolution and giving up smoking, drinking or chocolate.

Firstly, you may wish to follow this sound advice – there is no point in giving anything up in January because it is the most depressing month of the year so there’s no need to depress yourself further by denying yourself some simple pleasures. If anything, you should actually drink, smoke and eat more during January to counter the dark gloom that descends upon our fair nation.

Secondly, once you’ve got January out of the way you are then faced with the similarly depressing prospect of February. February only has one real advantage – it’s 28 days long, although sometimes we have to endure another day of it because every once in a while February decides that it’s going to last for 29 days; such a tease of a month.

7 April 2012

Boy "Meets" Girl: Dating in a Virtual World [Infographic]

Many of us are aware that the world of dating has changed dramatically over the last decade, but rarely do we take a real look at how it affects gender roles and how society views romance and relationships as a whole. 
This infographic explores a world where gamers marry avatars, people experience love at first sight through a computer screen, and ‘I love you’ can mean many things. Also, how have men and women changed? How important is physical attractiveness compared to personality? You may find that the answers to some of these are unexpected and very different from what many of us were brought up believing.
Try to put yourself in an objective position, and ask yourself: is a virtual beach just as fun as long as you’re with the one you love? And what would make you more likely to use these avenues of finding the one you could spend the rest of your life with? Is it okay as long as we’re happy in the end? Or is it just a way of masking insecurities, and a fear of commitment? 

19 March 2012

Five of the Most Romantic Gestures from the Movies


Hollywood is full of romance, glamour and tales of love that make many a heart melt. If you want to impress a loved one and are looking for gift ideas for two of you to enjoy together then you could do worse than take inspiration from the movies. It is not all about ostentatious displays of wealth to win the heart of another, some of the stand-out romantic gestures are simple, original or thoughtful.

Here’s our pick of five of the most memorable romantic moves from the movies:

13 February 2010

The Origin Of Giving Valentine's Day Cards

Traditionally, mid-February was a Roman time to meet and court prospective mates. The Lupercian lottery (under penalty of mortal sin), Roman young men did institute the custom of offering women they admired and wished to court handwritten greetings of affection on February 14. The cards acquired St. Valentine's name.

10 February 2010

The One About 'Keeping Keeley Hazell'


 Have you got what it takes to keep Keeley interested?

The FHM 100 Sexiest Women In The World Party 2006

With Valentine's Day around the corner, this post might be one of our timeliest of all.
Well, it's about girls anyway. So, close enough...

The video-clip is an advert that has been running for a little while in the UK, but it's more than just an ad. We could even go as far as saying that It's an advert with a... twist.

Here is what its makers are saying about it:

"Girls get bored easily so it's a must to keep them interested which is why Lynx has developed the innovative new fragrance Twist - the fragrance that changes

To celebrate the launch of new Lynx Twist, the fragrance that changes, Lynx has taken its first foray into film production with the sexy comedy ‘Keeping Keeley’. This interactive film differs from other online offerings by allowing viewers to control the fate of the protagonist.

Insight from Lynx HQ has shown that girls are increasingly looking for guys who keep them interested. This interactive film is designed to test guys’ skills at keeping potential girls interested during crucial mating game moments - made all the easier by the fact the potential girl in question here happens to be the lovely Keeley Hazell! As seen in the TV advert where the Lynx guy ‘Twists’ himself with an array of looks to keep the girl interested, viewers of ‘Keeping Keeley’ are presented with a series of options on Lynx’s Facebook page to ‘Twist’ the guy, revealing new skills, hidden talents and fresh looks.

The film features a stellar cast of up and coming UK talent including: the eponymous Keeley Hazell, Blake Harrison (Neil from The Inbetweeners), Mike Fielding (Naboo from The Mighty Boosh) and the Scarlet Harlots (T4’s Orange Unsigned Act). Scripted by the BAFTA award winning team behind Channel 4 comedy Green Wing, ‘Keeping Keeley’ is shot entirely from multiple POV.

Guys can watch the film at or on X-Box Live, to see if they have what it takes to keep Keeley interested."

So guys,  have you got what it takes to keep Keeley interested?

Have fun! 

Loup Dargent

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