7 April 2012

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Boy "Meets" Girl: Dating in a Virtual World [Infographic]

Many of us are aware that the world of dating has changed dramatically over the last decade, but rarely do we take a real look at how it affects gender roles and how society views romance and relationships as a whole. 
This infographic explores a world where gamers marry avatars, people experience love at first sight through a computer screen, and ‘I love you’ can mean many things. Also, how have men and women changed? How important is physical attractiveness compared to personality? You may find that the answers to some of these are unexpected and very different from what many of us were brought up believing.
Try to put yourself in an objective position, and ask yourself: is a virtual beach just as fun as long as you’re with the one you love? And what would make you more likely to use these avenues of finding the one you could spend the rest of your life with? Is it okay as long as we’re happy in the end? Or is it just a way of masking insecurities, and a fear of commitment? 

About today's Infographic and Guest Writer:
Dating in a Virtual World by Free Dating.co.uk
Kristina Carpenter is a writer for NowSourcing, Inc., which specializes in social media marketing and infographics.

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