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18 May 2021

Marvel Entertainment & SiriusXM to Premiere First Original Scripted Podcast Series 'Marvel's Wastelanders: Old Man Star-Lord' on June 1 [Trailer Included]

Marvel Entertainment & SiriusXM to Premiere First Original Scripted Podcast Series 'Marvel's Wastelanders: Old Man Star-Lord' on June 1 [Trailer Included]
Marvel Entertainment & SiriusXM to Premiere First Original Scripted Podcast Series 'Marvel's Wastelanders: Old Man Star-Lord' on June 1 (PRNewsfoto/Sirius XM Holdings Inc.)
Marvel Entertainment and SiriusXM announced today the launch of their first original scripted podcast series, Marvel's Wastelanders: Old Man Star-Lord

The first two episodes will be available starting Tuesday, June 1, on the SiriusXM App, Pandora, Stitcher, and all major podcast platforms. 

The 10-episode series will be released weekly, kicking off season one of Marvel and SiriusXM's multi-part Marvel's Wastelanders podcast series, which will feature other Marvel heroes, including Old Man Wolverine, Old Man Hawkeye, and Grey Widow.
Marvel's Wastelanders: Old Man Star-Lord stars Timothy Busfield (The West Wing, For Life) as Star-Lord, Chris Elliott (Schitt's Creek, Eagleheart) as Rocket, and Nadine Malouf (High Fidelity, The Looming Tower) as Cora. The series will also feature Patrick Page (Hadestown, upcoming The Gilded Age) as Kraven the Hunter, with Vanessa Williams (Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives) as Emma Frost and Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon, The Color Purple) as Red.
In a shadowy alternate future of the Marvel Universe, the Villains have finally won, and Heroes are nothing but a bad memory. Marvel's Wastelanders: Old Man Star-Lord finds Peter Quill and Rocket a little paunchier, a little slower, and a lot saltier than they were during the glory days of the Guardians of the Galaxy. They quickly discover that the Earth isn't what it used to be, either, when they crash land 30 years after Doctor Doom took over a barren, desolate wasteland and all the world's super-villains seized control, including outlaw Ghost Riders and the bloodthirsty Kraven the Hunter.

 The Trailer:

"Marvel's Wastelanders: Old Man Star-Lord is a story that throws you right into the action, antics – and danger – that fans of Star-Lord and Rocket know to expect, and the writers, cast, and crew did not hold back. We couldn't be prouder of how this story came together," said Stephen Wacker, Vice President and Head of Content, Marvel New Media. "This series is just the first chapter of our larger Marvel's Wastelanders plans with SiriusXM, and Peter Quill's story is only the tip of the iceberg for our new Marvel Audio Universe. We can't wait to share what's next with you all."
The series is produced in association with Wave Runner Studios and written by Benjamin Percy (Wolverine: The Long Night, Wolverine: The Lost Trail), directed by Kimberly Senior (Disgraced), and sound designed with original scoring by Mark Henry Phillips (Homecoming, Passenger List). 

The series is produced by Jenny Radelet Mast from Wave Runner Studios and executive produced by Dan Buckley, Joe Quesada, Daniel Fink, Sarah Amos, Stephen Wacker, Ellie Pyle, and Jill DuBoff from Marvel.

The cast for the series also includes actors Eric T. Miller, Elizabeth Francis, Quincy Tyler Bernstine, Marylouise Burke, Blake Stadnik, Dylan Baker, and Aasif Mandvi.
Fans will also have a chance to hear from and interact with cast members and special guests in the forthcoming exclusive VIRTUAL Marvel's Wastelanders: Old Man Star-Lord Cast Town Hall this Thursday, May 20, at 4:00 pm ET/1:00 pm PT via Zoom. 

Register early for your chance to ask a question during the broadcast, and tune in for some exciting behind-the-scenes details, previews, and reveals about Marvel's Wastelanders: Old Man Star-Lord – and what comes next!

SiriusXM subscribers can tune in to SiriusXM Stars (ch. 109) on May 22 and 23 to hear the Marvel's Wastelanders: Old Man Star-Lord Cast Town Hall.

29 April 2021

Graphic Novel 'Caravaggio: A Light Before the Darkness' by Ken Mora Receives Independent Press Award

Independent Press Award Win, 2021 added to accolades for Caravaggio: A Light Before The Darkness
'Caravaggio: A Light Before the Darkness' by Ken Mora is recognized as Winner in the category of Graphic Novel by Independent Press Award, 2021.
The Independent Press Award is judged by experts from the book industry, including publishers, writers, editors, book cover designers, and professional copywriters. Winners and distinguished favorites are awarded based on overall excellence from entries worldwide. English Language publications were considered from the United States, Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and worldwide.
"We congratulate this year's 2021 winners and distinguished favorites in the annual Independent Press Award. The quality and quantity of excellent independently published books hit a record. Independents recognized are thriving around the globe. We are so proud to announce these key titles representing global independent publishing." - awards sponsor Gabrielle Olczak.
"We are delighted to have signed Ken Mora's 'Caravaggio: A Light Before the Darkness'. Although we are a small publishing house, we have been around for some 15 years now, so we know quality when we see it. When Ken sent it over, it didn't take me long to recognize how well produced it was, and as such we are proud to be the publisher of such a book. I look forward to getting it out to the masses!" - Harry Markos, publisher Markosia Enterprises
WINNER 2021 Independent Press Award, 2021 in the category of Graphic Novel

'Caravaggio: A Light Before the Darkness' - The Blurb:

  • His art saved the dying Church. 
  • Ambition exposed his secret lover. 
  • His sword sealed their tragic fate.
The artist known as Caravaggio must flee to Rome to protect his lover from The Inquisition. In Rome, his art spurs the faithful to return to The Church at the time of The Counter-Reformation. Hubris exposes his secret lover and forces him to flee Rome on a journey of penitence fraught with peril, intrigue, and murder.
  • Previous accolades include Winner of the 2020 Screencraft Cinematic Book Award and finalist in the Eric Hoffer, Wishing Shelf, and National Indie Excellence awards.
  • 'Caravaggio: A Light Before the Darkness' is available at major international booksellers including Amazon

SOURCE Bella Fe Media

21 April 2021

From A Dinosaur Skeleton To The Famous Michael Jackson Hat, What Are The Most Extraordinary Objects Bought By The Belgians?

From A Dinosaur Skeleton To The Famous Michael Jackson Hat, What Are The Most Extraordinary Objects Bought By The Belgians?
10 million objects sold on Catawiki
Online auctions are increasingly popular in Belgium, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic which has prompted huge numbers of consumers to shop from their homes , leading to a boom in e-commerce. More consumers have turned to online auctions to find bargains and find unusual, rare and exceptional items. This trend will persist and intensify, and Belgium is no exception.
Catawiki , the most visited online auction platform for exceptional objects in Europe, has seen significant growth in recent months. It welcomed more than 19,000 unique Belgian sellers in 2020 alone, and today celebrates an exceptional milestone: the success and popularity of the platform have made it possible to sell the 10 millionth object, namely an 18 kt white gold ring. .
More and more online consumers and auction fans are using the Catawiki online marketplace to find special and unique items, especially during this time when a major shift is taking place from offline to online. . Today we are experiencing double-digit growth. So it's no surprise that we sold our 10 millionth item this year. After this important step, we will continue to supply our passionate customers with the best articles: exceptional and breathtaking objects ”, declares Cyrille Cyrille Coiffet, general manager of the Art and Antiquities department at Catawiki.

The most remarkable objects bought by the Belgians:

With the help of experts, Catawiki exclusively offers unique and special objects and collectibles. From a dinosaur skeleton to a lock of Napoleon's hair, Europe's number one online auction platform has collected an impressive number of remarkable items since its inception. Belgian buyers and auction enthusiasts spent more than 50 million euros on the platform last year (an increase of 45% compared to 2019) to acquire the most unique and unusual objects.

As part of this very important step that marks the success of the company, Catawiki has drawn up a (non-exhaustive) list of the most remarkable objects purchased by Belgians on the platform:

From A Dinosaur Skeleton To The Famous Michael Jackson Hat, What Are The Most Extraordinary Objects Bought By The Belgians?
Elephant Bird Egg
  • A spectacular elephant bird egg at 4,600 € Originally from Madagascar, elephant birds were larger birds to tread the earth's surface and suddenly disappeared in 17 th century. All the parts come from the same egg, an exceptional rare object.
From A Dinosaur Skeleton To The Famous Michael Jackson Hat, What Are The Most Extraordinary Objects Bought By The Belgians?
Napoleon's Hair
  • Napoleon's hair at 2,000  The “most expensive hair in the world”, namely that of French General Napoleon Bonaparte, was found with his personal items and was auctioned on Catawiki.
From A Dinosaur Skeleton To The Famous Michael Jackson Hat, What Are The Most Extraordinary Objects Bought By The Belgians?
Lunar meteorite
  • Lunar meteorite at 4,900  On March 10, 1998, a meteorite weighing 1.425 kg was discovered in the Libyan desert.
From A Dinosaur Skeleton To The Famous Michael Jackson Hat, What Are The Most Extraordinary Objects Bought By The Belgians?
Michael Jackson's Hat
  • The hat of Michael Jackson at 10,000  Michael Jackson gave this autographed hat to his former manager. It was worn by the American star and even appears in the music video for the famous song Smooth Criminal.
Tintin Comic
  • Tintin comic at 39,000   An edition "avant la lettre" of Tintin in Congo, devoid of bubbles and title. This extremely rare edition reinforces the value of the object, since only 7 classified copies are known.

Exceptional objects soon on sale:

  • "Newton's apple" was painted by Dutch astronaut writer Piet Smolders and his wife Lyudmila Fomina . This work of art has spent more than six months in space. Dutch astronaut André Kuipers took it with him when he left Earth on December 21, 2011 aboard the Soyuz spacecraft to travel to the International Space Station. On the back of the canvas is the original ISS stamp, dated May 5, 2012. The estimate is: 4,000.
  • Another exceptional item will be auctioned at the end of April: a Playmouth Superbird, a unique aerodynamic car that was marketed in the late 1960s as a homologation model for NASCAR racing. It was designed with the expertise of former NASA employees, with the sole aim of being the most efficient and winning as many races as possible. The estimate is: 175,000 €.
SOURCE: Catawiki

11 March 2021

Marcus Nel-Jamal Hamm to Release Short Film 'The Black League of Superheroes' on April 30th [Trailer Included]

Marcus Nel-Jamal Hamm to Release Short Film 'The Black League of Superheroes' on April 30 [Trailer Included]
'The Black League of Superheroes' - Poster
Former pro wrestler turned writer, director, actor and producer, Marcus Nel-Jamal Hamm, will be releasing his anticipated short film, The Black League of Superheroes – available to watch on April 30th through the film's website and via YouTube.
Marvel and DC enthusiasts will enjoy following the story of a young hero, Miles Morales Spiderman, who discovers that an intentional injustice was covered up as an accident. To prevent this from happening again, he takes advantage of his gifts and "borrows" a powerful glove to summon his elders: Spawn, Blade and Black Panther. The band of superheroes must then decide how to best address the tragedy that has unfolded before them.

  • With the current political climate and the ascent of the Black Lives Matter movement, Marcus was inspired to create a film where Black individuals can see themselves reflected as superheroes.
Marcus Nel-Jamal Hamm to Release Short Film 'The Black League of Superheroes' on April 30 [Trailer Included]
'The Black League of Superheroes' -Miles Morales Spiderman (screengrab)
"Being able to create positive Black images is extremely important in times like this, and it's also important for Black people who are being victimized and brutalized from mischaracterizations to regain a sense of empowerment," Marcus explains.
  • Among the aforementioned superheroes, audiences will also see fan favorites including Superman, Storm, and Bayne.

The Trailer:


(Via IMDb)
Spoilers Alert! The synopsis below may give away important plot points.
"A young hero, Miles Morales Spiderman learns of a tragic incident claimed to have been accidental that turns out to have been intentional. His hidden abilities make him capable of knowing the truth from lies but he can't reveal this to the world to protect his identity. Instead, he takes advantage of his gifts and "borrows" a powerful and mystical glove using it to summon four of his elders who he believes will help him to right the wrong that has happened and that he knows will continue to happen if nothing is done about it. These heroes, Spawn, Blade, Black Panther have never met one another and must quickly make a decision that can be the difference between life and death. They were all in the middle of their own experiences at the time that they were summoned and one unique hero, an unrecognized Superman is of the same universe that Miles has taken the others to so he is not summoned, but invited the old fashioned way. The 4 wait impatiently for his arrival in order to learn the reason for their sudden relocation into an empty room in a place unrecognized. Young Miles is hopeful that his elders will show him the way to deal with the harshness of reality. Spawn, Blade, and Black Panther were all summoned from their own universes so we will see the events that were unfolding at the time prior to being called upon. Black Panther, in a tactical pursuit, to claim his greatest treasure, the X-Men's Storm. Blade was on the hunt for a tough vampire who was once a prize MMA fighter named Pogona. Spawn was in the alley streets watching over his friends when one is suddenly attacked. Each of their stories are told while they wait for the arrival of Superman and then Miles Morales proceeds to reveal the reason for his bringing them there. They must then decide on how they can best address the tragedy that they learn has unfolded...."
Marcus Nel-Jamal Hamm to Release Short Film 'The Black League of Superheroes' on April 30 [Trailer Included]
'The Black League of Superheroes' - Blade (screengrab)

About Marcus Nel-Jamal Hamm: 

Born in Washington D.C. and a graduate of the University of Maryland College Park with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice, Marcus Nel-Jamal Hamm emerged into the entertainment scene through the world of pro wrestling under the moniker of Marcus Jordan. He is a multi-title holding main event performer.

Marcus transitioned toward acting with a role on two episodes of the HBO series, The Wire. He's continued to gain momentum working as a television, theatrical and commercial actor, and is trained in film/TV stunt fighting.

This June, Marcus will be producing and starring in Heaven's Revenge, the full-length feature of the hit short of the same name (which he also stars in and can be seen on Amazon Prime).

  • Now an L.A. mainstay, Marcus is an advocate for global world peace and a promoter of a new Urban Renaissance where he inspires youth from all walks of life.
Marcus Nel-Jamal Hamm to Release Short Film 'The Black League of Superheroes' on April 30 [Trailer Included]
'The Black League of Superheroes' - Black Panther (screengrab)

SOURCE: Marcus Nel-Jamal Hamm

12 February 2021

Happy 85th Anniversary, Green Hornet!

Happy 85th Anniversary, Green Hornet!
Britt Reid - The Green Hornet (by marvelmania)
The last day in January 2021 marks the 85th anniversary of the first appearance of The Green Hornet. A year-long virtual celebration to one of America's earliest superheroes, his most powerful sidekick Kato, and the world's first supercar, the Black Beauty.
George W. Trendle wanted a timely, relevant, hero character on the radio at WXYZ-Detroit to appeal to voting age Americans, as opposed to his earlier creation, The Lone Ranger, created for children.

In an era without television or internet, news traveled slowly, primarily printed in a newspaper. Britt Reid, the alter ego of The Green Hornet, published such a newspaper, The Daily Sentinel, where he receives inside information about corruption and organized crime from his reporters' sources. With his sidekick Kato, The Green Hornet uses his non-lethal weapons to subdue the criminals and leave them for law enforcement to arrest and prosecute. Because police see The Green Hornet as a vigilante, therefore a criminal, both sides of the law are after him, which forces him to wear a mask, so no one discovers his true identity.

Happy 85th Anniversary, Green Hornet!
The Green Hornet (by StevJVaz72)
Whether it is an original radio broadcast, one of the serials, a tv episode, an issue of a comic book or a movie; the plot usually consists of corrupt government officials or organized crime leaders who seem innocent and above reproach.

George W. Trendle's creation of The Green Hornet introduced many firsts to the American audience. The masked avenger in a modern city, Bruce Lee as a martial arts sidekick, and a black stealth supercar to keep Americans safe.

Happy 85th Anniversary, Green Hornet!
The Green Hornet:(by voyageYOUKOH )

More About The Green Hornet:

(Via Wikipedia)
Though various incarnations sometimes change details, in most versions the Green Hornet is the alter ego of Britt Reid, wealthy young publisher of the Daily Sentinel newspaper by day. But by night, clad in a long green overcoat, gloves, green fedora hat and green mask, Reid fights crime as the mysterious vigilante known as "The Green Hornet," and is accompanied by his loyal and similarly masked partner and confidant, Kato, who drives their technologically advanced car, the "Black Beauty." Though both the police and the general public believe the Hornet to be a wanted criminal, Reid uses that perception to help him infiltrate the underworld, leaving behind for the police the criminals and any incriminating evidence he has found.

In the original radio incarnation, Britt Reid is the son of Dan Reid, Jr., the nephew of John Reid, the Lone Ranger, making the Green Hornet the grand-nephew of the Ranger. The relationship is alluded to at least once in the radio shows, when Dan Reid visits his son to question him on why Britt has never captured the Hornet. On learning the truth behind his son's dual identity, Dan Reid recalls his days riding in Texas with his uncle, as the William Tell Overture plays briefly and softly in the background.
[Click here to read more....]
Happy 85th Anniversary, Green Hornet!
Green Hornet - Inked (by zanthiel)


(From IMDb)
A poster for The Lone Ranger can be seen in Britt Reid's room. In the original radio program, Reid was the The Lone Ranger's grandnephew. His father rode with The Lone Ranger on some of his adventures, and they shared the family name of Reid. Both radio programs were created by George W. Trendle and Fran Striker. [Click here for more trivia...]

Happy 85th Anniversary, Green Hornet!
The Green Hornet: TV logo

30 November 2020

Marvel’s First On-Screen Muslim Superhero — Kamala Khan, Ms. Marvel's Alter-Ego — Inspires Big Hopes


Marvel’s First On-Screen Muslim Superhero — Kamala Khan, Ms. Marvel's Alter-Ego — Inspires Big Hopes
Some Ms. Marvel comic storylines have revealed her as a well-rounded character while others have advanced Islamophobic themes. (Marvel)

Amid the stress of a rising second wave of COVID-19, comic book fans found something to celebrate this September. Marvel Studios announced the casting of its first on-screen Muslim superhero, Kamala Khan, the alter-ego of Ms. Marvel.

Much like Canadian teen actress Iman Vellani who was plucked for this role, Kamala has been a virtual unknown outside of comic fandom despite being a sensation since her series debut at the top of comic book sales charts in 2014.

It should be no surprise then that Marvel Studios decided to capitalize on this success and signed Kamala for her own TV series on Disney+ for an anticipated debut in late 2021 or early 2022.

As a researcher who has examined Muslim superheroes in American comics, I find Kamala to be the most intriguing of all American Muslim superheroes. She has an ability to destabilize stereotypes of Muslims while reinforcing ideas about American exceptionalism. In the hands of different writers in various comic iterations, she has appeared as multi-dimensional and stereotype-breaking, but also as a one-dimensional figure that advances Islamophobic themes.

Marvel’s First On-Screen Muslim Superhero — Kamala Khan, Ms. Marvel's Alter-Ego — Inspires Big Hopes
Kamala Khan is a Pakistani American who speaks Urdu. Panel from Volume 1, digital edition. (Marvel)

Muslim characters post 9/11

It may seem that Marvel Studios is taking a big risk spotlighting a Muslim character when we are living in a time of rising anti-Muslim hatred in the West. But while there has been a resurgence of Muslim superheroes in American comics after 9/11, some of these representations reiterate stereotypes.

Muslim characters underwent a mini-makeover in popular culture after 9/11. Characters emerged from being buffoonish villains to figures who gave off the appearance of depth while simultaneously regurgitating stereotypes. American studies and ethnicity scholar Evelyn al Sultany coined the term “simplified complex representation” to describe this approach in her book, Arabs and Muslims in the Media: Race and Representation After 9/11.

Certainly, Muslim superheroes were a thing before 9/11. But after 9/11, a spate of Muslim superheroes emerged, including characters like the orientalized Sooraya Qadir (Dust), who appeared in New X-Men in 2002, Simon Baz, member of the Green Lantern Corps featured in Green Lantern, and Josiah X who first appeared in The Crew. This is fascinating to me since superheroes often function as patriotic symbols, and Muslims are regarded as the quintessential “other” because Islam is usually framed as incompatible with the West.

After reading Sooraya Qadir’s debut, it became obvious to me that comics found a new way to sensationalize Muslim representation.

Enter Kamala Khan

To me, Kamala seemed to be the rare glimpse of hope that existed on the other side of the rainbow if we just characterized Muslims — who make up almost one-quarter of the world’s population — as something more nuanced. And she delivered on that front, particularly in her early days.

Readers met her as a Pakistani American that spoke Urdu. This means we saw representation of Muslims in the West escape the frequent stereotypical assumption that all Muslims are Arabs and vice versa.

Marvel’s First On-Screen Muslim Superhero — Kamala Khan, Ms. Marvel's Alter-Ego — Inspires Big Hopes
This panel from Ms. Marvel, Volume 1, digital edition, written by G. Willow Wilson and illustrated by Adrian Alphona, depicts Kamala Khan as a believable character in a possible real-world setting. (Marvel)

Later in Magnificent Ms. Marvel #13, written by the Arab American writer, Saladin Ahmed, the sole focus shifted away from Kamala Khan when an Arab American sidekick named Amulet was introduced.

Successful sales, popularity

In Ms. Marvel’s earlier volumes written by the Muslim writer, and white Muslim convert, G. Willow Wilson, we saw Kamala anointed with her superhero mantle to the tune of Amir Khusro’s poetry. We saw her juggle her schedule between battles and mehendis, and even got a glimpse of her great-great grandmother’s move from India to Pakistan during Partition.

Back then, I remember comic book store clerks telling me how popular Ms. Marvel was with customers. The print collection of the series sold half a million copies alone. As Wilson notes, the first issue had had eight separate printings and its digital edition became Marvel’s best-selling digital comic of all time. Its first volume, released in 2014, was ranked again amongst the top five in sales rankings in September 2020.

I remember thinking that this Urdu-speaking Muslim powerhouse could be the start of a new type of Muslim character. She was proof that creators didn’t need to recycle the tireless oppressed Muslim woman or terrorist Muslim male tropes for sales.

G. Willow Smith discusses Kamala Khan as ‘A Superhero for Generation Why.’

Introducing Islamophobic themes

But following the success of the Ms. Marvel series, Kamala appeared in Marvel’s Champions series about a team of teenage superheroes. Perhaps Marvel intended to further boost the popularity of the already-successful Ms. Marvel series by bringing in Mark Waid, a high-profile non-Muslim white writer, who authored the popular comic series (and award-winning graphic novel) Kingdom Come and others.

In Champions, some tired stereotypes surfaced. In the third issue, the team flies to a fictional South Asian country. There, they rescue hijabi Muslim girls from violent men who conform to stock villain Muslim stereotypes like the terrorists seen in Hollywood movies such as True Lies.

Here, Kamala is effectively used as a racist weapon against brown men and is depicted to suggest proof of western superiority. Sadly enough, I was concerned she could be used this way before she actually was.

I was reminded that such tropes may exist simply because of implicit bias as opposed to profitability.

Celebrate and watch

Marvel’s First On-Screen Muslim Superhero — Kamala Khan, Ms. Marvel's Alter-Ego — Inspires Big Hopes
Kamala’s selfie with Wolverine, from ‘Ms. Marvel’ Volume 2, digital edition. (Marvel)

For now, we should celebrate the debut of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first Muslim superhero. I have hope that the Disney+ series will do her justice as its showrunner is the stand-up comedian and writer Bisha K. Ali, known for incisive commentary.

However, Marvel plans to move Kamala eventually to the silver screen and there’s already talk of a Champions type of superhero team series featuring Kamala.

If anything of the likes of Kamala as a racist weapon to prove western superiority is featured, I can’t say there will be much cause for celebration.

About Today's Contributor:

Safiyya Hosein, PhD Candidate in Communication and Culture, Ryerson University

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. 

29 October 2020

Hit Image Comics Series 'The Strange Talent of Luther Strode' to Screen as Feature Film

Hit Image Comics Series 'The Strange Talent of Luther Strode' to Screen as Feature Film
'The Strange Talent of Luther Strode ' (Cover Art by Tradd Moore; Courtesy of Image Comics)
Allnighter has announced that it will be adapting the hit Image Comics series 'The Strange Talent of Luther Strode' as a feature film in partnership with series co-creators Justin Jordan and Tradd Moore.
  • Allnighter's Dinesh Shamdasani, Hunter Gorinson, and Amanda Kruse will produce the film alongside co-creators Jordan and Moore. Jordan is currently at work adapting the comic and will pen the screenplay.
Celebrated as "one of the greatest comic book series of all time" by SyFy Wire and a "career-making work" heralded as both "deftly original" and "masterful" by IGN, The Strange Talent of Luther Strode is one of the runaway hit series, alongside The Walking Dead and Saga, that redefined Image Comics for a new generation. The subject of near-universal critical acclaim and multiple sold-out printings, the series cemented writer Justin Jordan and artist Tradd Moore alike as two of comics' fastest rising stars upon its debut in 2011 and led both to best-selling turns at the helm of Marvel and DC's biggest franchises. 

  • In the process, Jordan and Moore reunited for two equally successful follow-ups – 2012's The Legend of Luther Strode and 2015's The Legacy of Luther Strode – to complete the genre-colliding trilogy that first rocketed them to superstar status.
Luther Strode (image via Image Comics)
Like Venom and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Luther Strode deftly splices together the common DNA of the superhero and slasher archetypes for a brash and bloody adventure that is equal parts comic-book escapism and action-horror hybrid.
High schooler Luther Strode was always a little bit less than average – soft-spoken, skinny, and, more than anything, terrified that his estranged father would one day return to torment him and his mother once more. But that ended the day that Luther discovered "The Method" – an improbably old text hidden between the comic books and ragged paperbacks at his favorite used bookstore. But The Method is far more than it seems – and, as its ancient techniques rework Luther's body and unlock the strange talents buried deep within, he will find himself transformed into a near-perfect physical specimen imbued with incredible strength, startling new abilities...and a killer's instinct for violence that he can't quite seem to shake. When The Method's masters arrive to observe Luther's progress and draw him into action, he'll be forced to make the ultimate choice: embrace the monster he was intended to be...or use his newfound power to protect the people – the classmates, the teachers, the neighbors – who never protected him when he needed them the most.
Jordan's other film and television projects currently include an adaptation of his comics series Spread with artist Kyle Strahm, while Moore's 2019 series with writer Ales Kot, The New World, is being adapted as a feature film for Warner Bros. Pictures.
"Luther Strode remains one of my very favorite things I've ever worked on and getting the chance to bring it to a new audience as a film is exciting beyond belief," said Justin Jordan. "Especially since Allnighter is dedicated to staying true to all of the foundations – from the tone to the mythology, and, of course, the kinetic action exemplified by Tradd's artwork – that people have loved about the comic."
"The Strange Talent of Luther Strode is the type of pitch every publisher dreams of – work by newcomers so anxious to make their mark that every page practically vibrates with indomitable confidence," said Eric Stephenson, Publisher & Chief Creative Officer at Image Comics. "When I first got a look at Luther Strode as a blind submission in my inbox, I was bowled over by the sheer audacity of what Justin and Tradd were creating, and it was an automatic green light. It's going to be exciting to see how this awesome series takes shape in another medium!"

Allnighter was founded earlier this year by the executive team that previously led Hivemind – the hit-making production company behind Netflix's The Witcher and Amazon's The Expanse television series, as well as Sony Pictures' Bloodshot and Lionsgate/CBS Films' Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark feature films – and includes Hivemind co-founder Dinesh Shamdasani, former VP of Film & Television and Lionsgate veteran Amanda Kruse, and former SVP of Brand & Content Strategy Hunter Gorinson. With partners whose backgrounds straddle film and television, comic book publishing, and game development, Allnighter is uniquely positioned to unite world-class creative talent and industry-leading properties from the worlds of cult genre fiction, comedy, comics and graphic novels, video games, tabletop games, manga and anime, and more. Shamdasani, Kruse, and Gorinson will jointly serve as a Co-Founders/Partners in Allnighter.

Luther Strode is just the latest addition to Allnighter's high-profile slate of upcoming film and television projects, which also includes Gideon Falls, a television adaptation of the Eisner Award-winning Image Comics series by creators Jeff Lemire & Andrea Sorrentino, in partnership with James Wan's Atomic Monster and Hivemind; Weird Fantasy, a new series based on the subversive science-fiction stories of EC Comics; Illuminatus!, a new series from showrunner Brian Taylor adapting the hugely influential science-fiction trilogy by authors Robert Anton Wilson & Robert Shea; and Final Fantasy, the first live-action adaptation of Square Enix's genre-defining video game franchise, in partnership with Hivemind; among many others.
"Luther Strode is one of the most beloved comic book series of the past decade and with good reason. Not only is it a master-class in the best that comics have to offer, but it's horrifying, heartfelt, and funny all at once. Whether you like superheroes or horror, Strode is the rare series that equally speaks to the core of both genres and creates fascinating new dimensions in the process," said Allnighter co-founder and partner Dinesh Shamdasani.
"Allnighter is built to celebrate not just the things we love, but the artists that have something new and distinctive to say about them as well. Luther Strode's unique perspective is a perfect example of that mandate in action," added Allnighter co-founder and partner Amanda Kruse.
During her time at Lionsgate, Kruse served as a feature-film executive helping to oversee recent and upcoming live-action, theatrical releases for Saban's Power Rangers, Shueisha's Naruto, and Gearbox's Borderlands franchises before being tapped by studio president and Nerdist co-founder Peter Levin to run creative and development for Lionsgate's newly founded Games Division, where she shepherded 35+ games and integrations, including the critically acclaimed Triple-I launches John Wick Hex and Blair Witch.

Prior to establishing Hivemind, Shamdasani and Gorinson previously led the iconic comics brand Valiant Entertainment through a groundbreaking run of creative, commercial, and critical successes that culminated with the company's sale in early 2018 and the start of production on Valiant's first-ever feature film, Bloodshot, which Shamdasani produced for Sony Pictures. In addition to their current duties at Allnighter, Shamdasani and Gorinson also serve as the Co-CEO & Co-Chief Creative Officer and Publisher, respectively, of the upstart comic book publishing imprint Bad Idea, which is slated to debut with a slate of five highly anticipated new series in 2021.

SOURCE: Allnighter

20 October 2020

Animal Lovers, Rejoice! New York City Has A Brand New Anti-Hero

Animal Lovers, Rejoice! New York City Has A Brand New Anti-Hero
The Calico
Sigma Comics, a comic book publisher dedicated to fighting animal abuse, today introduced the world to Calico, the company's first comic book character. As part of the introduction, the company revealed its flagship comic book series, entitled, "Calico Volume 1: Pin-Up Gallery". 
While there are other comic book superheroes that are Vegan, Calico is the first Vegan "Anti"-hero. "What's funny is, on the surface, it might seem like a gimmick, yet there's no reference to Veganism anywhere in the series," said Calico-creator H.H. German, and founder of Sigma Comics. "This is just one rough hombre who doesn't eat meat, and really, really hates bullies."
Animal Lovers, Rejoice! New York City Has A Brand New Anti-Hero
Calico Volume 1: Pin-Up Gallery, Issue #1 - Front Cover 
Set in the rough outer boroughs of New York City, Calico Volume 1: Pin-Up Gallery follows Hector Gil, a former boxer from The Bronx with a huge chip on his shoulder, created by life regrets. He decides to enter a prestigious boxing tournament, and as he trains, his new Brooklyn neighbors are unaware of the double-life he leads. On choice evenings, Hector Gil becomes the Calico, to pay unfriendly visits to people who abuse and kill animals. He is supported by a varied network of technically savvy and resourceful data professionals, all bent on making sure Calico completes his missions without a hitch.

Calico Volume 1: Pin-Up Gallery will be an 8-book series, with each issue featuring 22 pages of story by H.H. German and art by Javier Orabich, with cover art by Garnabiel. The first issue is expected to be released just in time for Christmas 2020. 
"If you love animals and comic books, this is an absolute must-have for your collection," said German. "The response has been incredible. I really appreciate the support we're getting from different groups of people, including Vegans, animal lovers, and comic book fans that are tired of lackluster comic books. Your unfriendly neighborhood Calico represents a big departure from the average superhero comic book. I'll leave it at that."

Introducing Calico - Video:

  • Calico Volume 1: Pin-Up Gallery, Issue #1 is now available for pre-order

About Sigma Comics:

Sigma Comics, LLC is a comic book publisher dedicated to fighting animal abuse. The company's goal is to reach a growing audience of readers across the globe, in order to promote animal rights advocacy and provide a powerful mechanism for animal rights charities to promote their efforts. 

  • Comic book fans can learn more about Calico and Sigma Comics at
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3 October 2020

Peanuts Worldwide Launches Global "Take Care With Peanuts" Initiative As Charles Schulz's Comic Strip Celebrates its 70th Anniversary

Peanuts Worldwide Launches Global "Take Care With Peanuts" Initiative As Charles Schulz's Comic Strip Celebrates its 70th Anniversary
On October 2, 1950, Charlie Brown first appeared in the comics pages of seven American newspapers. In the following days and years, he was joined by friends Lucy and Linus, his sister Sally, and, of course, everyone’s favorite beagle, Snoopy. Seven decades later, the Peanuts gang has left an indelible mark on global pop culture around the world.
Drawing inspiration directly from Charles Schulz's beloved comic strips, Peanuts Worldwide announces a new multi-year initiative, Take Care With Peanuts, a campaign of caring that reminds all of us to be good global citizens.

The initiative launches on October 2, 2020, as Peanuts celebrates its 70th Anniversary.
Take Care With Peanuts features three vital messagesTake Care of Yourself (focused on physical and mental wellness), Take Care of Each Other (community and philanthropy), and Take Care of the Earth (nature and sustainability)—that inspire a major worldwide philanthropic endeavor, among other components.
"Take Care With Peanuts is an initiative after my own heart, as it celebrates all the themes that my husband featured regularly in his comic strip," says Jeanne Schulz, widow of Peanuts creator Charles Schulz. "Sparky shared messages of taking care of each other and respecting nature for years—he was always a man ahead of his time!"
Peanuts Worldwide Launches Global "Take Care With Peanuts" Initiative As Charles Schulz's Comic Strip Celebrates its 70th Anniversary
Tools of the Happiness Trade, Peanuts-Style: At The Children’s Hospital at Westmead in Sydney, Australia, patient Bella Conciatore celebrates the new Snoopy and Woodstock mural she helped paint, which will hang in the hospital as a gift from Peanuts Worldwide and the nonprofit Foundation for Hospital Art. The mural is one of 70 being donated to hospitals worldwide as part of the global “Take Care With Peanuts” initiative, launched October 2 in conjunction with the 70th Anniversary of Peanuts.

Philanthropy: Taking Care Worldwide

Philanthropic projects will be a key component of the initiative, starting with the Take Care With Peanuts Hospital Mural Program, a global collaboration between Peanuts Worldwide and the nonprofit Foundation for Hospital Art (FFHA). As part of FFHA's mission to bring joyful art to hospitals around the world, Peanuts is donating 70 Snoopy-and-Woodstock murals to hospitals on six continents. 

  • Among the international participating cities are Beijing, Bogotá, Cape Town, Paris, Seoul, Sydney, and Toronto (to name a few), along with 12 U.S. cities.
The program debuted on October 1 at One Brooklyn Health at Brookdale Hospital in New York, and at CHOC Children's Hospital in Orange, California. A combination of volunteers, hospital staff, and patients at both hospitals joined together to paint the 49" x 56" murals, which feature an easy-to-follow template creating a cheerful image of Snoopy and Woodstock enjoying a hearty laugh atop Snoopy's red-roofed doghouse. 

  • Each hospital around the world will feature the same mural, creating a global bond of community and caring.
The Foundation for Hospital Art project is just the beginning of a multi-year philanthropic enterprise, with charity partners in each Peanuts Worldwide territory joining the Take Care With Peanuts initiative.

Peanuts Worldwide Launches Global "Take Care With Peanuts" Initiative As Charles Schulz's Comic Strip Celebrates its 70th Anniversary
Flying High with Woodstock: Young patient Za’Naii Roundtree shows off her awesome painting skills as she contributes to a new Snoopy and Woodstock mural at Gillette Children’s in St. Paul, Minnesota--hometown of Peanuts creator Charles Schulz. The mural is one of 70 being donated to hospitals worldwide by Peanuts Worldwide and the nonprofit Foundation for Hospital Art as part of the global “Take Care With Peanuts” initiative, launched October 2in conjunction with the 70th Anniversary of Peanuts

Social Messaging Videos: Animated Stories Of Caring

Original 1-minute animated videos featuring the Peanuts characters will highlight Take Care themes throughout the initiative. The videos kick off on October 13 with Charlie Brown's sister Sally singing an original song, "Take Care." 

  • Starting in February 2021, ten original videos will be released each year, all­­­ dubbed into 10 languages.

Lesson Plans: Teaching Kids To Take Care

Starting November 2020 on, teachers and parents can download free standards-based lesson plans in 11 languages from the curriculum experts at Young Minds Inspired (YMI). Designed for students ages 4–11, the lesson plans will feature the Peanuts characters and Take Care themes will helping kids sharpen their STEM, Language Arts, and Social Studies skills.

Peanuts Worldwide Launches Global "Take Care With Peanuts" Initiative As Charles Schulz's Comic Strip Celebrates its 70th Anniversary
"The Snoopy Show".

Apple TV+: Taking Care With "The Snoopy Show"

A new Apple Original series, "The Snoopy Show," will debut globally February 5, 2021 on Apple TV+. Starring Snoopy and his many personas, one-third of the episodes will feature Take Care With Peanuts themes. 

  • "The Snoopy Show" is produced by WildBrain.
The Peanuts characters and related intellectual property are 41% owned by WildBrain Ltd. (TSX: WILD), 39% owned by Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc., and 20% owned by family of Charles M. Schulz.

Snoopy Related Story:

28 September 2020

Superhero Captain Compassion Empowers Kids to Prevent Race-Based Bullying [Video Included]

Superhero Captain Compassion Empowers Kids to Prevent Race-Based Bullying
Superhero Captain Compassion Empowers Kids to Prevent Race-Based Bullying
This October, Committee for Children launches its third annual Captain Compassion campaign to teach kids how to use their bystander power to put a stop to bullying.
After this summer's protests over racial discrimination and police brutality, many families and educators are seeking resources to help teach children the value of diverse, equitable, and inclusive communities. 

According to the United States Department of Education, although Black students make up 15 percent of student enrollment nationwide, 35 percent of Black students report being bullied or harassed on the basis of their race—more than any other racial group. Research also shows that one in five students report seeing hate-related graffiti at school. 

In response, bullying prevention superhero Captain Compassion and sidekick Kid Kinder are back to empower kids and adults to use their bystander power and provide guidance on how to recognize, report, and refuse race-based bullying.

Superhero Captain Compassion Empowers Kids to Prevent Race-Based Bullying
Activate Your Power to Prevent Bullying. Visit!
"Children of color are especially vulnerable right now," says bullying prevention expert and campaign spokesperson Dr. Jasmine Williams. "With COVID-19 disproportionately impacting minority communities and with social media both elevating imagery of police brutality and providing a platform to target youth with hateful words and images, now is the time to empower our nation's youth to value diversity, activate their bystander power, and prioritize preventing bullying and harassment."
Captain Compassion has the power to inspire others to be kind and respectful in challenging situations. In this year's comics, she guides Kid Kinder after he's bullied in an online video game because of his race. Written in collaboration with Mahogany L. Browne, the author of Woke Baby, the story shows children and adults the impact of race-based bullying and how they can use their bystander power to address it., provides families and educators with free, approachable, and research-based bullying prevention tips and tactics, including engaging comics, a Decoder Wheel activity for kids, videos, downloadable posters, and more

Superhero Captain Compassion Empowers Kids to Prevent Race-Based Bullying
Superhero Captain Compassion Empowers Kids to Prevent Race-Based Bullying
  • To read the comics, download the Decoder Wheel, and learn how you can activate your bystander power to prevent bullying, visit

About Committee for Children:

Committee for Children is a global nonprofit that has championed the safety and well-being of children through bullying prevention, child protection, and social-emotional learning (SEL) for more than 40 years. 

With a history of action and influence, we're known as a leader in social-emotional education and a force in advocacy, research, and innovation in the field. We take a comprehensive approach to SEL, promoting social-emotional well-being from birth to early adulthood—supporting not just classrooms, but entire communities. 

As our programs transform the lives of more than 16.5 million children per year, we rise to meet societal challenges to ensure children everywhere can thrive. 

Learn more at

The Video:

SOURCE: Committee for Children

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