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4 January 2020

Disneyland Resort Welcomes the Year of the Mouse with a Limited-Time Lunar New Year Event

Disneyland Resort in California welcomes a year of good fortune with Lunar New Year celebrations at Disney California Adventure Park from Jan. 17 - Feb. 9, 2020. Celebrating the Year of the Mouse, the limited-time festival features "Mulan’s Lunar New Year Procession," pictured here, plus “Hurry Home - Lunar New Year Celebration” prior to “World of Color,” a Lucky Wishing Wall, delectable foods and more.
Disneyland Resort in California welcomes a year of good fortune with Lunar New Year celebrations at Disney California Adventure Park from Jan. 17 - Feb. 9, 2020. Celebrating the Year of the Mouse, the limited-time festival features "Mulan’s Lunar New Year Procession," pictured here, plus “Hurry Home - Lunar New Year Celebration” prior to “World of Color,” a Lucky Wishing Wall, delectable foods and more.
Disneyland Resort celebrates the Year of the Mouse this Lunar New Year at Disney California Adventure Park, Jan. 17 through Feb. 9, 2020. During the 24 days of this multicultural celebration, guests will enjoy exciting live entertainment and musical performances, including "Mulan's Lunar New Year Procession" and the return of the heartwarming "Hurry Home – Lunar New Year Celebration" prior to the "World of Color" nighttime spectacular.

This unique Lunar New Year celebration comes alive with a touch of Disney magic as transformative Asian celebrations dedicate the new year. Guests will experience inspired food, music and entertainment with loved ones as they celebrate the Year of the Mouse together. Lunar New Year, traditionally celebrated within Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese cultures, celebrates the celestial journey of the sun and the moon on their journey towards another year. 

Highlights of the Lunar New Year celebration at Disney California Adventure include:

  • "Mulan's Lunar New Year Procession" is a celebratory parade led by Mulan that honors Lunar New Year and dedicates the new year's blessings to family and friendship. As a special treat for the Year of the Mouse, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse join the procession in new celebration attire, along with Goofy in his "god of Good Fortune" attire and Chip 'n' Dale in their red vests. Talented performers bring dance, martial arts and drumming to enhance the beautifully colorful procession. "Mulan's Lunar New Year Procession" will run several times, daily.
  • "Hurry Home – Lunar New Year Celebration," is a heartwarming nighttime water show at Paradise Bay prior to "World of Color" which tells the tale of a little lantern's quest to reunite with family for the annual celebration of good luck and fortune. Guests will be delighted to see Mulan as a part of the little lantern's journey.
  • Beloved characters Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse will don new festive Lunar New Year attire this year as they greet guests at Paradise Gardens. Other characters guests may find in this area include Mulan, Pluto, and the Three Little Pigs who also join in the Lunar New Year celebration.
  • Guests will enjoy four festive marketplaces to experience delightful food and beverages inspired by Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese cultures, including the new smoked beef bulgogi short rib and the peach sojito, as well as many other new and returning favorites. The popular Sip and Savor pass is available for any guest to purchase if they wish to get the best value as they taste their way through the festive Asian marketplaces. 
  • A special Lunar New Year menu at Paradise Garden Grill offers items inspired by traditional Asian fare, plus a Festival Cart inside Paradise Gardens and special food options at Lucky Fortune Cookery in Pacific Wharf.
  • Live, daily performances by authentic Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese dancers and musicians will take place throughout Paradise Gardens Park.
  • Enjoy areas for guests to try complimentary arts and crafts. One area features a complimentary dragon's pearl coloring craft, and another features Chinese calligraphy with local artisans. Plus, new face painting opportunities have been added to the Lunar New Year celebration, available for purchase.
  • A Lucky Wishing Wall, located in Paradise Gardens, is where guests may write down wishes and tie them to the wall in hopes for a prosperous future.
  • The educational art walls provide guests with information about the festival, including fun details such as "What Year Are You?" as well as the unique story of Lunar New Year in each culture that celebrates the sun and moon festival.
  • Inspiring Lunar New Year d├ęcor symbolizes good luck, fortune and happiness in bold red and brilliant gold. Guests will see ornamental lanterns and banners wishing guests a Happy Lunar New Year in English, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese.
  • New Lunar New Year merchandise inspired by different cultures of East Asia will be available for purchase. This year, guests will find all-new spirit jerseys, fun bobble-head figures with Chip and Dale, a traditional red envelope set, themed Minnie Mouse ear headbands and more.
Disneyland Resort Welcomes the Year of the Mouse with a Limited-Time Lunar New Year Event
Disneyland Resort Welcomes the Year of the Mouse with a Limited-Time Lunar New Year Event (image via Disneyland Resort)

18 November 2019

Holiday Party Do's and Don'ts: Ten Ways to Stay off the "Naughty List"

Holiday Party Do's and Don'ts: Ten Ways to Stay off the "Naughty List"
Holiday Party Do's and Don'ts: Ten Ways to Stay off the "Naughty List" (PRNewsfoto/XpertHR)
The holiday season brings many reasons to celebrate, and some employers make merry by hosting an employee holiday party. This occasion presents an opportunity for employers to express appreciation for the hard work performed by staff all year.

Despite their laudable intentions, employers could face liability for the conduct of employees who behave inappropriately at a work festivity, according to XpertHR, an online compliance resource. A holiday party may create unintended negative consequences for employers in a variety of ways. The workplace holiday party can become a breeding ground for all kinds of regrettable and potentially unlawful behavior, from claims of religious discrimination to sexual harassment and drunk driving.

Employers should be especially careful when serving alcohol at a holiday party. Without safeguards in place, alcohol consumption can quickly transform a lively celebration into a minefield of inadvertent consequences. With lowered inhibitions, employees may make unwanted sexual advances, inappropriate gestures, or offensive remarks which can result in claims of harassment and discrimination. In addition, if an intoxicated employee drives away from the company party and injures someone, or causes property damage, an employer may be liable for negligence.

"Providing employees with the opportunity to socialize with co-workers in a relaxing environment is an excellent way to improve employee morale," explains Beth Zoller, Legal Editor, XpertHR. "However, serving alcohol to employees is a risk and a potential liability. Therefore, employers should ensure that employees are aware of the employer's code of conduct and policies regarding harassment and improper conduct. This is particularly true in the #MeToo era when the risk of liability is heightened."
Be aware that if alcohol is being served, attendees may be less likely to behave appropriately. Overindulgence in alcohol may also lead to negligence claims for property damage or physical and emotional injuries, whether the employee is on or off the clock. Management should make sure that all employees are completely sober before getting behind the wheel and avoid drinking and driving while intoxicated at all costs.
"Even though the event may be held away from the employer's premises and during what is generally considered to be nonworking hours, the employer should reiterate that the same policies are in effect and that employees should treat each other with respect and common courtesy," says Zoller.
Religious symbols, while seemingly innocuous, may appear culturally discriminatory and offend employees. Employers should avoid overly religious decorations and music as this may lead to religious discrimination claims. Further, attendance should not be mandatory and employers should be willing excuse an employee from attending a holiday party as a religious accommodation if it violates the employee's own religious practices.

10 ways an employer can minimize the risk of liability when it comes to holiday parties:

  • Notify Employees that All Workplace Policies Remain in Effect
  • Have Supervisors Set a Good Example
  • Exercise Caution if Serving Alcohol
  • Keep Controlled Substances Under Control
  • Keep the Focus Off Religion
  • Do Not Make Attendance Mandatory
  • Plan the Menu and Entertainment For a Diverse Group
  • Be Inclusive of All Employees
  • Consider Whether to Invite Spouses or Significant Others
  • Respond to Complaints in a Timely Fashion
To download a free report on how to host a compliant holiday party, visit XpertHR.


1 January 2017

The Violent, Post-Truth 2017 Predicted In The Running Man? We're Living In It

‘It’s showtime!’ Movies in LACC BY-SA
By David Bishop, Edinburgh Napier University
Welcome to a world where fake news stories are used to manipulate public opinion. Dissent is no longer tolerated and all your communications are monitored; the economy is not functioning and reality TV is used to distract you from harsher realities. Welcome to 2017.
I don’t mean our 2017 but an imagined one from 30 years ago. This was the setting for 1987 movie The Running Man, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The bad news? Much of this action-adventure slugfest looks eerily prophetic now that we’re here for real.

In the film, Schwarzenegger plays police helicopter pilot Ben Richards in a 2017 when many people are living on the streets and food, natural resources and oil are in short supply. The movie begins with him refusing to fire on a food riot from his helicopter because the people are unarmed, with women and children caught up in the protest. He gets overpowered by colleagues and the rioters are massacred, with footage of the incident edited to make him the perpetrator – and a useful scapegoat.

The original.

Imprisoned for life, Richards is offered the chance to win his freedom by competing in the most popular TV programme in history, Running Man. This state-sponsored show pits contestants against high-profile hunters with extreme weaponry. It’s a Schwarzenegger vehicle from his 1980s heyday, so you can probably guess who wins.

The script by Steven E de Souza loosely adapts a 1982 novel of the same name by Richard Bachman, the pseudonym of horror author Stephen King. The source material is set in 2025 and far less heroic. It ends with Richards hijacking an aeroplane and flying it into the television company’s skyscraper headquarters – stop me if this is sounding in any way familiar.

The film adaptation is a product of its time, with 1980s props that look out of place in the fictional 2017 setting. People carry clipboards instead of tablet computers, use analogue phones rather than mobiles, and store their music on cassette. The Running Man does feature smart home technology, like voice-controlled coffee makers, but the computers are primitive. It’s the satirical touches that stand out most in this film, such as the president of the United States having his own theatrical agent.
When in Rome …
The central conceit of both novel and film – that those in power use mass entertainment to distract the population from reality – is part of a long tradition. It dates all the way back to the Roman empire when the masses were appeased with free wheat and arena spectacles, a tactic described as panem et circenses – bread and circuses.

One of the first writers to transplant this notion to television was Quartermass creator Nigel Kneale in his 1968 play for BBC Two, The Year of the Sex Olympics. It envisaged a dystopian future where the elite maintains control over the people by broadcasting a constant stream of pornography and trash television.

Kneale effectively predicted the rise of reality TV programmes like Big Brother and I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here; and much other science fiction has drawn on the same theme. It appears, for example, in Doctor Who in the 1985 adventure Vengeance on Varos – set in a totalitarian world where torture and executions are televised to amuse and divert the masses – and more recently in The Hunger Games trilogy.
The additional element that makes The Running Man even more resonant right now is fake news. The fake footage of Richards’ helicopter massacre is replayed to the live audience in the game show studio to coerce them into believing Schwarzenegger’s character is a liar, a murderer and a threat to everyone. The programmers then do the same thing to his sidekick, Amber Mendez (Maria Conchita Alonso), before later faking their televised deaths during the game itself.

It’s not unlike how social media and even some broadcasters have been guilty of distributing and promoting fake news in recent months, especially during the US presidential election. When psychotic Running Man host Damon Killian (Richard Dawson) interviews studio audience members in the movie, their simple-minded responses echo footage of real American voters dismissing reality for what they’ve been told on TV or via alt-right news sites.

Muscular politics
Meanwhile, The Running Man cast included not one but two men who would improbably become governors of American states. Jesse Ventura, then best known as a professional wrestler, appears as gameshow veteran Captain Freedom. In 1999, Ventura was elected governor of Minnesota, serving a full four-year term.

The Governator. EPA

Schwarzenegger, a former bodybuilder, was then elected governor of California in 2003 and re-elected in 2006. And having starred in a movie about the potential dangers of reality TV, on January 2 he will become host of Celebrity Apprentice in the US. The person he replaces? A real estate tycoon called Donald Trump who will become the president of the United States in the coming days, despite losing the popular vote.

Trump has appointed as his chief strategist and senior counsellor Stephen Bannon. Until recently, Bannon was executive chair of Breitbart News, a right-wing website accused of massaging facts to promote its agenda and win the election for his new boss. And lest we forget, one key part of Trump’s mandate is to revive an economy that has never recovered from the financial crisis of 2007-08.

Put it all together and the 2017 of The Running Man doesn’t look very far away.

The Conversation
About Today's Contributor:
David Bishop, Lecturer in Creative Writing, Edinburgh Napier University

This article was originally published on The Conversation

A Million Reasons To Hope In 2017

Images via 
Dear Avaazers, 
In 2016, hate was given hope -- but now we take it back! 

From terrorism to Trump to Syria, it was a rough year. But hidden by all the darkness filling our screens, there's a simple, beautiful, truth: 

The world has never been in a better place. 
From poverty to literacy, the rise of women and fall of deadly disease -- on virtually every metric -- the world is better off than it's ever been. It's a powerful reason for us all to have hope, and rise to 2017. 

So to kick off the new year, here's a video of 10 beautiful reasons to have hope -- let's share them, add our own, and together give the world a million reasons to hope in 2017: 

Even on the environment, we're winning epic progress on everything from historic ocean conservation to an unstoppable revolution in clean energy!

Political extremists and divisive zealots thrive on fear and desperation. That's why they try to convince us that the world is falling apart.

Master trolls like Trump and Putin have even hired vast armies of both real people and fake "bots" to hijack our social media with smears and lies about how awful everything and everyone else is, except them. (this is true! see sources below). What better way to answer them than a million new year's posts about what gives each of us and all of us hope: 

Let's take this dose of hope, and let it fuel our determination and that of our friends. Because in 2017, together, we rise. 

With hope, 

Loup Dargent
On behalf of Ricken, Pascal, Bert, Emma, Mike, Fatima and the whole Avaaz team. 

PS - This new year's reflection feels so important, for each of us, and for a world that is at a tipping point -- between love, hope and wisdom, and fear, anger and ignorance. Here are 5 points of reflection that might be useful for your reflection this year: 

      1. Yes, things are serious. A new autocratic world order (60% of Avaazers believe even a second rise of fascism) could threaten everything we love.

      2. But this is also a tremendous opportunity. Humanity, like each of us, learns best from mistakes. Much of our greatest progress has been catalyzed by crisis. If we meet this moment right, we can emerge from it stronger and wiser than ever.

      3. We need to be strong, and to challenge the forces of regress. But let’s not be twisted by the darkness and act from fear and anger. We are warriors for love and wisdom. We must act from that light.

      4. When we do come from love and wisdom, we can see that our ‘enemy’ is not so much any people, as it is unwisdom. Misplaced fear and anger. Lack of awareness and understanding.

      5. These are age-old foes of our people. Our grandparents faced far worse with far less, and they won progress. We have every reason to hope, and no excuse for despair.
And lastly - all the forces present in our world are present within us. Fear and love. Hope and despair. The choices we make in our personal lives shape our world through billions of acts of kindness or cruelty, wisdom or foolishness. All we can do is our best. Let's hit that mark this year :).


30 December 2016

Was 2016 Just 1938 All Over Again?

Demonstrators march on international migrant day 2016. EPA
By Julie Gottlieb, University of Sheffield

On December 31 1937, Cambridge classicist and man of letters F L Lucas embarked on an experiment. He would keep a diary for exactly one calendar year. It was, as he put it: “an attempt to give one answer, however inadequate, however fragmentary, to the question that will surely be asked one day by some of the unborn – with the bewilderment, one hopes, of a happier age: ‘What can it have felt like to live in that strange, tormented and demented world?’

Lucas sought to preserve an affective archive, and to write about how it felt to live in an era of spiralling crisis.

As someone who wasn’t born in 1938 I cannot help but feel that Lucas’ solemn hope that his generation was living through the worst of it – and that lessons would surely be learned – have been well and truly dashed. Has 2016 been 1938 all over again?

Bowled over by the news this past year, one can be forgiven for grasping for the crutches of historical analogy. Indeed, a number of eminent historians of inter-war Europe have discerned thunderous echoes of the 1930s.

At present, as in the “Devil’s Decade”, we are experiencing the capricious convergence of historical forces: the fall-out of economic crisis and the extreme polarisation of the political spectrum from far-right to hard-left – the centre doesn’t hold. A tidal wave of refugees is being met by proportionately more xenophobia than compassion. Militant isolationism is thriving. Doors are being closed and walls built. Culture wars are punctuated by attacks on “experts” and intellectuals. 2016 has even seen open an unashamed airing of anti-Semitism.

The historical parallels between 2016 and 1938 are abundant. There are important differences in detail, in time and place, but the pattern of events, and of cause and effect, is striking.

Civil war raged in Spain then – as it rages in Syria today. Then as now, these internecine conflicts provide mirrors to existing fissures in international relations and deepening ideological antagonisms. By the end of 1938, and after Abyssinia, Spain, Anschluss, and Kristallnacht, not much faith was left in the ideal of internationalism or in the League of Nations – and this too sounds all too familiar.

The aftermath of the Kristallnacht. Bundesarchiv, CC BY-SA

The rescue of refugee children through the Kindertransports was just as symbolically important, yet as negligible, a solution to an immense humanitarian and moral crisis as has been the response to lone children refugees holed up in Calais this year. And what of Aleppo? Shame was, and is, a dominant feeling.

Where next?
The Munich Agreement of September 1938 was perceived by many of its British critics as an act of national suicide. The Brexit decision has likewise, again and again, been described as an act of self-harm, even of national hari-kari.

Writing at the end of the year, contemporary historian R W Seaton-Watson had no doubt that 1938 had “resulted in a drastic disturbance of the political balance on the Continent, the full consequences of which is still too soon to estimate”. Treaties weren’t worth the paper they were written on in 1938 – and at the end of 2016 it is worryingly unclear where Britain will stand after triggering Article 50.

Meanwhile, George Orwell’s assessment of the disarray of the political left post-Munich could just as well apply to Momentum and Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party. As Orwell saw it:
Barring some unforeseen scandal or a really large disturbance inside the Conservative Party, Labour’s chances of winning the General Election seem very small. If any kind of Popular Front is formed, its chances are probably less than those of Labour unaided. The best hope would seem to be that if Labour is defeated, the defeat may drive it back to its proper ‘line’.
Full circle
One could go on seeking coordinates but the sum total would still be the same. The rug has been pulled out from under the assumed solidity of the liberal democratic project. A delicate tapestry of structures and ideas is coming apart at the seams.

Even more specifically, it is the psychological experience, the search for meaning, and the emotional cycle, the feelings – collective and individual – of 1938 that are uncannily familiar.

Post-truth politics is anti-rational. Emotion has unexpectedly triumphed over reason in 2016. Love and/or hate has beaten intellect. That’s true for Hillary Clinton’s “love trumps hate” slogan as much as it is for her opponent.

The referendum result shook many. PA

New political technologies render older ones obsolete. In both Britain’s referendum campaign and in the American election, traditional opinion polls failed to capture the emotion being expressed across social media platforms.

Back in 1938, it was British Gallup and the rival Mass-Observation that were the innovative political technologies. Using very different techniques, each offered fresh insight into the psychology of political behaviour and tried to unseal the stiff upper lip of the British electorate.

Mass-Observation tried to get into people’s heads, and diagnosed an increasing occurrence of “crisis fatigue” as a response to nervous strain and “a sense of continuous crisis”.

Almost immediately after the EU referendum, therapists reportedshockingly elevated levels of anxiety and despair, with few patients wishing to talk about anything else”. And the visceral nature of the US election campaign contributed, tragically, to the exponential increase of calls to suicide helplines. National crisis is inevitably internalised.

Reflecting on the psychological fallout of the Munich Crisis, novelist E M Forster observed that: “exalted in contrary directions, some of us rose above ourselves, and others committed suicide.”

As 1938 drew to a close, serious conversations were dominated by the verbal and physical expressions of fatalism, anxiety, sickness, depression, and impending doom. Lucas wrote in his diary:
The Crisis seems to have filled the world with nervous break-downs. Or perhaps the Crisis itself was only one more nervous break-down of a world driven by the killing pace of modern life and competition into ever acuter neurasthenia [shell shock].
It is too simplistic to say that history repeats itself. And yet, throughout this past year I could not escape the feeling that we have been here before. We share with those who lived through 1938 overwhelming sensibility of bewilderment, suspense, desperation and fear of the unknown. I can’t help but wonder what future historians will make of 2016.

It’s probably sage advice to go see a good movie over the holidays – and La La Land, already tipped to win an Oscar, may provide just the kind of escapism that is needed. However, when someone comes to make the movie of 2016, the soundtrack will probably be the late Leonard Cohen’s You Want it Darker. It certainly feels like 1938 all over again. Time to start keeping a diary.

The Conversation
About Today's Contributor:
Julie Gottlieb, Reader in Modern History, University of Sheffield

This article was originally published on The Conversation.

5 January 2016

'38 Degrees' Survey: Which Campaign Should We Prioritise Most In 2016?


Dear Friends,

2016 could be a beautiful, inspiring year. If we work together, we can truly help make the world a better place. But we know that campaigns like the NHS, bees, and TTIP are going to be tough ones to crack. We’ll be up against powerful forces - self-interested corporations, cynical politicians and shameless media barons. To win, we’ll need a strong plan for the year.

38 Degrees members make great plans - and win great campaigns - through people power. Every one of us gets a say in what we do. So what should be our top priority?

2 January 2016

Canada - Record-Breaking Year For Courage Polar Bear Dip

More than 800 dippers make for a record-breaking year at the Courage Polar Bear Dip in Oakville, ON. (CNW Group/The Courage Polar Bear Dip)
More than 800 enthusiastic dippers  braved below freezing temperatures to ring in the New Year with adventure at the 31st annual Courage Polar Bear Dip.  Fun-loving rookie and alumni dippers of all ages joined dip founders, Todd and Trent Courage at  Coronation Park in Oakville, plunging into frigid Lake Ontario.  

Thousands of spectators cheered them on from ashore. It is the largest Polar Bear Dip in Ontario, and the largest charity dip in Canada.

31 December 2015

Happy New Year To All!

Happy New Year to all our readers and friends from Twitter, this blog's Facebook Page, the Bonehill Zone's FB PageGoogle, and every other social media sites I'm a member of... 
Without your support and encouragement, this blog would probably still not be around anymore, so a big thank you to all of you and a very happy, productive, out of this world, and fascists/Nazis/Joshua Bonehill/ Donald Trump/Katie Hopkins free, year 2016 to everyone!

30 December 2015

Ten New Year's Resolutions That Will Benefit Both Your Work and Personal Lives

New Year's Resolutions to Benefit Both Your Work and Personal Life
(PRNewsFoto/Real Office Centers)
2016 is quickly approaching, and for many of us that means it is time to come up with our annual list of New Year's resolutions. If you are a busy professional trying to balance work and family life, these ten resolutions from Real Office Centers may help you on both fronts.

1 January 2015

Float The Goal!


It’s that time of year again, isn’t it? You’ve celebrated the winter holidays and New Year’s Day has come and gone. Now it’s officially 2015. You’ve probably set a few goals for the year and maybe even some resolutions.

Many people stop short of setting goals because they’re concerned that if they don’t meet them, they’ll experience a sense of failure. I’d like to propose a remedy – it’s a strategy I call “float the goal.” 

Here’s how it works:

Happy New Year To All!


I would like to wish a very happy new year to all our readers and friends from Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Triberr,, and every other social media sites I'm a member of... 

Without your support and encouragement, this blog would probably still not be around anymore, so a big thank you to all of you and a very happy, productive, fascist free, and out of this world year 2015 to everyone!

Loup Dargent

28 December 2014

Ten Things To Do Before Year End


We attach significance to the turning of the calendar, and when the calendar turns to a new year, it means more than learning to change a digit when we write a check – we’ve started a new chapter.

It is instructive for us to think about how we can get the most from the end of chapter 2014. Here are my ten recommendations for you:

9 January 2014

Top 10 New Year Resolutions that Tend to Go Wrong [Infographic]


New Year resolutions are a great tradition meant to better our lives and give us a fresh start come every 1st January. But, as people like to say, traditions are meant to be broken and that is exactly what usually happens to our brave New Year resolutions.

From the grudgingly muttered, ‘I will never drink again,’ when the New Year’s Day hangover hits full stride to the ever-so-familiar oath to change our jobs for something we love; the resolutions come in all shapes and sizes, but rarely stick around for long. In all honesty, we always try to go by them, but it rarely lasts for more than a few hours or a couple of weeks at best. And sadly, we will probably make the same resolutions next year and get the same results.

The infographic below shows the top ten New Year resolutions that fail on most occasions. Losing weight, reading more, stressing less and learning new skills are all there. Are yours?

1 January 2014

The Clock Has Struck Twelve... Happy Whovian Year!

"And now it's time for one last bow, like all your other selves.
Eleven's hour is over now, clock is striking Twelve's."

Extract from Thoughts on a Clock" by Eric Richie, Jr.

That's it, we are now in 2014!

It's a brand new year... with a brand new Doctor Who (with a brand new batch of regenerations and all). Not a bad start, is it?

So, we wish all this blog's readers, friends, supporters and contributors a very happy new year!

All the best for 2014!

Loup Dargent

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27 December 2013

5 Christian Charities In London That Need Your Support


By Sam Wright

Charity work and faith go hand in hand.The church has been a continuous source of support for those who need it for centuries. If you are a religious person and are keen to get involved in charity work, you may want to consider charity work related to your faith.

In London, there are hundreds of different charities that are crying out for support. In this blog we’ll highlight a few Christian charities that you may want to volunteer for.

31 December 2012

Best and Worst Celebrity Baby Names of 2012


The results are in! Over two thousand members weighed in on the best and worst celebrity baby names of 2012:
Worst Girl Name:
Blue Ivy (Beyonce, Jay Z) 47.1%
Runner up: Lukensia (Jillian Michaels, Heidi Rhoades) 29.1%

Worst Boy Name:
Lion (Alex O'Loughlin, Malia Jones 42.5%
Runner up: Kash Kade (Kim Zolciak, Kroy Bierman) 41.8%

Best Girl Name:
Charlotte Grace (Jenn Schefft, Joe Waterman) 24.1%
Runner up: Violet Isabel (Emily Robison, Martin Strayer) 15.5%

Best Boy Name:
Luca Cruz (Hilary Duff, Mike Comrie) 22.9%
Runner up: Finn Davey (Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott) 16.3%

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