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31 December 2015

Happy New Year To All!

Happy New Year to all our readers and friends from Twitter, this blog's Facebook Page, the Bonehill Zone's FB PageGoogle, and every other social media sites I'm a member of... 
Without your support and encouragement, this blog would probably still not be around anymore, so a big thank you to all of you and a very happy, productive, out of this world, and fascists/Nazis/Joshua Bonehill/ Donald Trump/Katie Hopkins free, year 2016 to everyone!

22 April 2015

Bonehill Vs Anon - The Story So Far... [Statement From Anonymous Devon Included!]

Perhaps, Joshua Bonehill thought that he hadn't made enough enemies already when he decided to engage the Anonymous Devon account on Twitter?
Unfortunately for the moronic troll, an attack against one Anon account usually means an attack against the whole Anonymous movement, so it didn't take long before other Anon accounts joined in and tweeted back at the pint sized fuhrer and his alts...

13 April 2015

Joshua Bonehill - Moronic Nazi Troll At It Again With Diane Abbott Poster Hoax!

The Bonehill Zone - The Imaginary Diane Abbott Poster

In 'Episode 2',  We saw that, a few weeks ago, convicted serial liar Joshua Bonehill tweeted the picture of an alleged poster from the Labour Party for the coming General Elections... A poster that nobody seemed to have seen (apart, from himself and some of his alts) even so it had, according to him, popped up all over the UK... A poster that, of course, didn't actually exist and was just another one of his hoaxes.
The Bonehill Zone - Episode 2: The Imaginary Labour Poster
Click on picture for full story...
Well, guess what? The pint sized Nazi is now doing it again with a new one (featuring Labour MP, Diane Abbott, this time...), that he claims has been put up in Hackney... 

But, of course, like for the previous 'poster', nobody has been able to to give the exact location of that one either.

24 March 2015

Joshua Bonehill - Moronic Troll Back To His Old Tricks With Labour Party Poster Hoax!

British wannabe fuhrer, Joshua Bonehill, has been quite busy lately, sitting in  front of his computer in his lonely bunker flat and using (or should I say abusing?) Twitter for his own personal and political gains by sharing with us news and events that have only happened in the fantasist world that he has created in his deluded mind.

One of his latest stunts was tweeting the picture of an alleged poster from the Labour Party for the coming General Elections... A poster that nobody seems to have seen (apart, of course, from himsef and some of his imaginary supporters) even so it has popped up in various locations (Rotherham, London and Leicester)... apparently. 

I say apparently because it looks like the one supposed to be in Rotherham shows the local Labour candidate from a totally different area posing in front of it, and the one alleged to be in Leicester seems to have a London street sign next to it (from Camden Town, to be precise...)

And, of course, no pictures of the ones supposed to be in London have been posted.
"A world where an imaginary poster is sighted by imaginary people in locations that don't look like they're supposed to be? OMG, that can only mean one thing!
Yes, that means that you have entered "The Bonehill Zone"...

24 February 2015

That Night When Moronic Antisemite Joshua Bonehill Had A Public Meltdown On Twitter...

Perhaps, the pressure of leading his brand new, but already failing, movement (losing support from his fellow neo-nazis by the minute) was too much after all for the infamous fascist, antisemite, racist and convicted serial liar, Joshua Bonehill? 
American White Supremacists Turn On Joshua Bonehill

Or, maybe, he had a Dickensian-like experience (being visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future making him realise how badly he f*cked his life up and that, because of his own misguided actions, he will be a loser for the rest of it...) that completely freaked the self-proclaimed Far Right "Leader" out?  

Who knows... 

What we do know, though, is that, on the night of the 23rd of February, some of his and one of his (alleged) alts' tweets suddenly became even more weird than usual and quickly developed into what could only be described as Twitter's own version of a Twilight Zone episode

Joshua Bonehill in "The Bonehill Zone" - Poster
(Image courtesy of Virgil Caine)
We had entered the Bonehill Zone...

21 February 2015

Hackney's HOPE Versus Joshua Bonehill's HATE

Yeovil's Neo-Nazi Joshua Bonehill practicing his Fascist "leader" look...
Hackney's residents are organising as a community to respond inclusively and positively to convicted serial liar and self-confessed fascist Joshua Bonehill's attempt to incite racial hatred in their borough. 
A group of racists, organised by the infamous Daily Bale's owner, have decided to come to Hackney on 22 March to incite racial hatred. The initial instigator (a dangerously deluded individual from Yeovil) has been charged with various offences and his bail conditions prevent him from attending. However, other equally virulent racists have taken up the call.

While these often very violent individuals will be few  in number, they do intend to come into Hackney and target the Jewish community of Stamford Hill. Their strategy is to provoke a fight and then claim that multiculturalism leads to conflict.  

5 August 2014

The One About The 'Joshua Bonehill/Hitler Downfall' Video

Just a few hours after convicted criminal and serial liar Joshua Bonehill (well known for publishing made up stories in his infamous Daily Bale, calling everyone disagreeing with him leftists, perverts, etc…,  his many fake Facebook pages and his many fake Twitter followers, among lots of other things) announced in a lengthy tweet that he would stop interacting with people on Twitter, I somehow got my hands on a template for those Hitler Downfall parodies videos that flooded the net a few years ago.
There was definitively no way I was going to pass a the golden opportunity to give that pathetic wannabe fuhrer the Downfall treatment, so another YouTube Hitler Downfall video was eventually made... and here it is:

6 May 2014

Joshua Bonehill's Hunger Strike: Another Porky From The Self-Proclaimed New Messiah? [Updated]

Joshua Bonehill's Hunger Strike: Another Porky From The Self-Proclaimed New Messiah?

When it comes to Joshua Bonehill's claims on the net, it's generally rather difficult to believe that they have actually any truth in them... I mean, he is not exactly known for his truthfulness, is he?

So, when I saw his recent post announcing that he was starting a 40 days and 40 nights hunger strike today, I couldn't but be slightly sceptical about the whole affair...

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