5 August 2014

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The One About The 'Joshua Bonehill/Hitler Downfall' Video

Just a few hours after convicted criminal and serial liar Joshua Bonehill (well known for publishing made up stories in his infamous Daily Bale, calling everyone disagreeing with him leftists, perverts, etc…,  his many fake Facebook pages and his many fake Twitter followers, among lots of other things) announced in a lengthy tweet that he would stop interacting with people on Twitter, I somehow got my hands on a template for those Hitler Downfall parodies videos that flooded the net a few years ago.
There was definitively no way I was going to pass a the golden opportunity to give that pathetic wannabe fuhrer the Downfall treatment, so another YouTube Hitler Downfall video was eventually made... and here it is:

UPDATE: Like for other statements made by the self-proclaimed New Messiah of the Right, it didn't take long for Bonehill to go back on his word, and, after only a few days, he was interacting on Twitter again like if nothing happened... A bit like with his alleged "hunger strike", really.

Because of that, I've changed the title of the video from "NBR's Founder, Joshua Bonehill, Throws The Twitter Towel!" to a much more catchy "British Wannabe Fuhrer, Joshua Bonehill, Gets The "Hitler's Downfall Video" Treatment!" one... Yep, definitely a much better title!

A "Who's Who (And What)" Kind Of Bonehillist Guide

As Bonehill is really not important enough for all my blog's visitors to be expected to know who he is (and what he is about), the names mentioned in the "subtitles" will probably not ring any bell for many of them. So, as promised in the little blurb on YouTube, here are a few more details, info, and links that will explain who (and what) they are...

The Notorious Daily Bale
The Daily Bale (also known as 'Daily Bale News') was a troll blog set up by Bonehill himself to supposedly “fight the Left Wing extremists” where he mainly posted made up stories about people and organisations he didn’t like or/and he had a beef with (even Right Wing people were targeted through that blog, just because they dared criticising him publicly).

The comments that challenged him, or/and debunked his lies, were systematically edited by Boney, giving the false impression that everyone were agreeing with him... Something that, unfortunately for him, he hasn't been able to do on the other platforms he also uses (could it be why he has disabled the comments for his videos on YouTube, I wonder?).

Some Of the Fake News Published By The Daily Bale:

Lying on such a massive scale eventually got Bonehill into trouble with the law and he went to court (avoiding a custodial sentence by the skin of his teeth) for his "article" on the Globe. 

As the Daily Bale had to stop publishing any more so-called news for obvious legal reasons, Boney eventually started to focus his mind on Twitter, posting mini Daily Bale like tweets on a now regular basis,  and targeting some of the people who publicly dared opposing/criticising his views in the process... Hence the bit in the video about him seeing Twitter as his new Daily Bale.

The problem with Twitter is that, everything you tweet can be read and replied to very quickly and you have no control whatsoever on what is said in those replies.  Not exactly the best platform for someone who, like Boney, gets easily annoyed when people challenge his lies, is it? 

Actually, from what I remember, it's not even the first time that the Founder has thrown his toys out of the pram because of something said/done on Twitter... A little while ago, a Bonehill parody account appeared and Boney got very upset about it. He had a tantrum saying that he was going on a Twitter strike until the spoof account was suspended or closed down.

Of course,even so the parody account was not closed down or suspended, not only Bonehill tweeted again the following day, but it is also alleged that he even tweeted through a sock account only a few hours after his statement... Wow! That was almost as short as his "hunger strike"!

Ragnor Ragnorson 
Ragnorson was one of Bonehill’s NBR  “commanders”... but, soon after he disappeared in thin air (well, not literally, but he deleted his online accounts anyway), it was alleged that he was actually an undercover cop! 

Boney kept very quiet about the rumours/allegations, and he is still keeping quiet about it, even so he had been made aware of them by myself and several other people on Twitter many times. No denial, no confirmation, nothing whatsoever... not even a warning to his fellow Far Right peeps about Ragnor, nada! 

Investigative Tim
Tim was also one of the Founder’s NBR “commanders” for a little while but was actually a leftist infiltrator (more details can be found here), ooooops! 

Once again, Bonehill kept quiet about it, even so Tim's self outing as a leftist spy had been very public... 

SLATFascists (Still Laughing At The Fascists) is one of the Twitter and Facebook accounts that Boney loves to hate… 

Bonehill has tried many times to find out who is behind that account as well as their address (his latest attempt was to offer a £500 bounty on Twitter for those information), but failed lamentably every time. 

Danielle Kirk
Danielle is one of the many alts (sock puppet accounts) used by Bonehill on Twitter… 

I remember that one very well indeed as Boney used it to try to make me look like I was behind the ReTweeting of the “Amy Poster” by saying that I paid her to ReTweet the hoax (it was supposed to have been done by cheque, apparently, but, after I've asked Danielle to post a pic of the imaginary cheque, she changed her story and said that I paid her in cash...). 

The Danielle alt even went as far as tweeting that I threatened her "2 months old baby" to make her ReTweet the "Amy Poster"... 

The most baffling thing there was that it didn't seem to matter one bit that Bonehill and the alt had been gloating and congratulating themselves about how well the ReTweetings of the "Amy Poster" went earlier on that day and even around the same time than the outrageous allegations were posted. 

Those nasty allegations were eventually deleted after a few days, but, as I had experienced first hand the Founder's irresponsible ways of trying to silence his critics, to me, the Danielle alt will always be a reminder that Bonehill will never ever change...

The "Prophecy"
Ah yes, the "prophecy of Aryanus"... That was when Bonehill was still claiming that he had been sent by God to save Britain and he could cure leftists with his "touch". More or less around the time he named his so-called new ideology after himself...

It looks like Boney's deleted quite a few posts from around that time on his NBR blog, but there are still some kind of references about his "divine mission" in some posts like, for example, this one about him being the "Right Wing Messiah" and all that Jazz. Plus, those tweets from Bonehillpedia will give you a good idea of what kind of BS was in that so-called prophecy anyway (I'm so glad I've kept that screenie now!)...

Unfortunately, Bonehill appears to have dumped the whole "deity thing" for now and has chosen instead to just go all 14/88 on us... A shame, really, as all that "Bonehillist" stuff was classic comedy gold material.

Phew! That's most of it done now... I have probably left a few things out, but Googling "Joshua Bonehill" should help fill the blanks if needed.

Stay safe...

Loup Dargent

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