14 April 2012

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How to Become a Backyard Zookeeper [Infographic]

Many children dream of becoming a zoo keeper when they grow up. While it takes years of zoology and biology classes to become a professional zookeeper, it's possible to start your own backyard zoo in only a few days. The following guide provides simple tips and tricks for becoming a backyard zookeeper.

The average temperate forest in the United States is home to a variety of creatures. Many smaller animals can thrive in a backyard zoo. For example, the American box turtle can be a great species for a personal zoo. It's often possible to find a box turtle while hiking in the outdoors.

In addition, lizards, salamanders, frogs, mice and ducks can be a great choice for a backyard zoo. However, it's important to research an animal before making the decision to put it in a backyard zoo. Some animals may require specialized food or care for proper health.

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