14 April 2012

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Is Your Job Killing You? [Infographic]

Do you feel exhausted after work? Do you dream about escaping from a career that seems to be draining your life? If so, you are not crazy to think about the ill side effects your job may be having on your actual life and health. About 75 percent of people think that stress related to a job has increased in the past few years. In the past few years, research studies have shown that an increased level of stress at one's job can lead to illness and death. Why are we working so hard if our jobs are actually hurting us? It may be time for people to begin accepting less stressful jobs in order to prolong their lives. Certain groups of people, such as women, also face greater risks in suffering the poor side effects of a stressful job. Check out the statistics below so that you can avoid feeling burned out at your own job.

Is Job Stress Killng You?

About today's Infographic:
This Infographic was prvided by: Human Resources MBA

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