17 January 2015

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Are You Brave Enough to Forget Valentine’s Day?

Only the bravest men and women would dare to forget Valentine’s day! It is the one day in the year which specifically dedicated to lovers old and young. As this year Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday there will be no time to rush and grab a bunch of flowers from the local petrol station on your way home from work! 

Make this years Valentine’s Day really special and give the love in your life a pleasant surprise by having a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered to their door.

For those consider Valentine’s Day just another hyped up excuse for retailers and florist to make a profit may be surprised to know that each year millions of flowers are brought, predominately by men, as a token of love in the UK alone.

The sceptical may also be interested to know that Valentine’s Day is not a new craze or Victorian idealistic notion! The history of Valentine’s Day date back to many hundreds of years. Although there are differing versions of how it actually all began. It is believed to have started in 496 AD when Pope Gelasius dedicated February 14 to honour Saint Valentine.

Saint Valentine is thought to have become the Patron Saint of lovers after leaving a message to his jailer’s daughter signed ‘from your Valentine’ before he was executed in on February 14 296 AD for refusing to relinquish his faith in Christianity.

Valentine’s Day is recorded to have been acknowledged and celebrated in the Middle Ages; young men and women placed their names into a bowl and randomly drew one out; they would then pin the name of their Valentine onto their sleeve for a week-hence the expression ‘wearing your heart on your sleeve’ to show how you are feeling.

The Persian custom of the ‘language of flowers’ to convey messages without speech is believed to have been introduced into Europe by Charles II. The red rose is the flower which traditionally symbolises love and passion; which is believed to be the reason this particular flower is associated with Valentines. The Victorians continued to use flowers to send hidden messages to their lovers.

Whatever the reasons, customs and beliefs associated with Valentine’s Day, February 14th has, over many hundreds of years become the day to send messages and gifts of flowers to someone as a token of your love and affection for them.

A dozen ruby red roses with their thorns removed-to prevent injury to your lover! is considered to be the quintessential Valentine gift. For those who wish to really push the boat out enormous bunches of fifty red roses will offer a flamboyant romantic gesture of love!

A single red rose stripped of its thorns and tied with a delightful red ribbon presented in a bud vase provides the message of love in a more sedate manner.

Whether you believe in traditions and customs or are just a true romantic at heart sending Valentine’s Day Flowers as a token of your love will undoubtedly be appreciated by the recipient.

 Submitted by: Terry Henman

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Valentine’s Day Flowers from Flowers Direct will help you show the special person in your life how much they really mean to you.

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