3 February 2015

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Valentine’s Day Is More Than Chocolate

When men are in a relationship around Valentine’s Day, many will wait until the last possible second to pick up a gift for their special-someone. The lack of planning plays a large role in the type of gift that’s selected- and more often than not, a last minute gift-giver will go with the over-used standard: a heart shaped box of chocolate! 

You may be thinking that your girlfriend or wife absolutely loves chocolate, and you’re probably right. The problem is not that the gift won’t be enjoyed; but that it doesn’t show that you put any thought into what you would get the person you love on the day reserved for love!

If you want to show her you care, try something a little outside the standard heart shaped box of chocolate. 

Another gift that’s regularly given on Valentine’s Day are roses- and in particular, red roses. Flowers are almost always reserved for special occasions, and most women enjoy receiving a pretty bouquet of flowers because most women don’t have the pleasure of receiving flowers on a regular basis. To go a little outside the typical dozen red roses, you could select something else, like a multi-colored arrangement of flowers in a pretty container. Stargazer lilies and Blue Irises always make a bold statement when paired together in a nice vase or basket; and the arrangements will last over a week. You could also go with a plant that will last months or more, as an indication of your own relationship’s staying power!

To go along with the flowers, you could select a completely unique gift based on your girl’s personality. Is she a writer? Give her a nice set of stationary in a basket you select yourself, with envelopes and postage so she can keep in touch with her friends. This will show you put some thought into it, and you can even add a few extra touches like a package of her favorite pens.

Is she the outdoors, animal loving type? Surprise her with a horseback riding trip or something similar you think she’d love but that you don’t get to do all that often. A Valentine’s Day present doesn’t have to be pink or red or heart shaped to count! In fact, the less it looks like a standard Valentine’s Day gift, the more she’ll probably enjoy it because it shows you cared enough to think about it and pick something you knew she’d like.

Is she a little on the wild side? Try some novelty gifts that may also be a gift for you, if you play your cards right!

The trick with selecting a Valentine’s Day gift that your girl will appreciate is simply to put some thought and effort into it. If you wait until the day arrives and simply grab a heart shaped box of chocolates- she’s going to know you didn’t think about it at all and probably be a little disappointed; even if she doesn’t let on that she is!

Submitted by: Debra Dragon

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Debra L. Dragon writes for hoppyshopper.com about flowers and gifts and a variety of consumer interest topics.

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