10 February 2010

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The One About 'Keeping Keeley Hazell'

 Have you got what it takes to keep Keeley interested?

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With Valentine's Day around the corner, this post might be one of our timeliest of all.
Well, it's about girls anyway. So, close enough...

The video-clip is an advert that has been running for a little while in the UK, but it's more than just an ad. We could even go as far as saying that It's an advert with a... twist.

Here is what its makers are saying about it:

"Girls get bored easily so it's a must to keep them interested which is why Lynx has developed the innovative new fragrance Twist - the fragrance that changes

To celebrate the launch of new Lynx Twist, the fragrance that changes, Lynx has taken its first foray into film production with the sexy comedy ‘Keeping Keeley’. This interactive film differs from other online offerings by allowing viewers to control the fate of the protagonist.

Insight from Lynx HQ has shown that girls are increasingly looking for guys who keep them interested. This interactive film is designed to test guys’ skills at keeping potential girls interested during crucial mating game moments - made all the easier by the fact the potential girl in question here happens to be the lovely Keeley Hazell! As seen in the TV advert where the Lynx guy ‘Twists’ himself with an array of looks to keep the girl interested, viewers of ‘Keeping Keeley’ are presented with a series of options on Lynx’s Facebook page to ‘Twist’ the guy, revealing new skills, hidden talents and fresh looks.

The film features a stellar cast of up and coming UK talent including: the eponymous Keeley Hazell, Blake Harrison (Neil from The Inbetweeners), Mike Fielding (Naboo from The Mighty Boosh) and the Scarlet Harlots (T4’s Orange Unsigned Act). Scripted by the BAFTA award winning team behind Channel 4 comedy Green Wing, ‘Keeping Keeley’ is shot entirely from multiple POV.

Guys can watch the film at www.facebook.com/lynxeffectuk or on X-Box Live, to see if they have what it takes to keep Keeley interested."

So guys,  have you got what it takes to keep Keeley interested?

Have fun! 

Loup Dargent

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