19 March 2012

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Five of the Most Romantic Gestures from the Movies

Hollywood is full of romance, glamour and tales of love that make many a heart melt. If you want to impress a loved one and are looking for gift ideas for two of you to enjoy together then you could do worse than take inspiration from the movies. It is not all about ostentatious displays of wealth to win the heart of another, some of the stand-out romantic gestures are simple, original or thoughtful.

Here’s our pick of five of the most memorable romantic moves from the movies:

Amélie sets up a city-wide treasure hunt through the city of romance, Amélie, 2001
As if Paris wasn’t romantic enough, kooky waitress Amelie leaves a series of clues for Nino, the eccentric and shy young man in whom she has developed a keen interest. A series of notes and messages eventually bring the two strangers together amidst a heartfelt tale which focuses on the happiness that can be found in life’s smallest details.

Glen Hansard buys Markéta Irglová a piano, Once, 2006
It may be a parting gift, but it’s still an incredibly thoughtful one. Romance isn’t always about getting the girl in the end, Glen Hansard’s daydreaming Dublin busker falls for a Czech girl while they work together recording a demo and writing songs. Life gets in the way of their unrequited love and when Glen’s character leaves for London to pursue his musical dreams, he leaves the selfless family girl her own piano, something she has always dreamed of owning.

The Beast gives Belle a library, Beauty and the Beast, 1991
Buying your girlfriend that book she wanted for Christmas might seem a decent enough present, but it’s certainly put to shame by the Beast of Beauty and the Beast fame. The castle-dwelling beastly prince gives his beautiful prisoner Belle ownership of his entire library, an incredibly meaningful gesture bearing in mind her love of books which was previously mocked by her fellow villagers. It worked a treat too as she ended up falling in love with him despite his terrifying appearance.

Noah climbs the Ferris wheel, The Notebook, 2004
If you’re a guy and you’ve actually watched The Notebook then that was a romantic gesture in itself (you must have watched it to please a girl, right?). But for the millions of females who have seen it, they all swooned at Noah’s flagrant disregard for health and safety when he clambered up a ferris wheel to interrupt Allie’s date and ask her out himself. He might not have been respecting the ‘guy code’ by interrupting another man’s romantic manoeuvres, but it certainly worked for him, even if he did essentially blackmail her by threatening to throw himself off if she said no.

Bill Murray carves Andie MacDowell’s face from ice, Groundhog Day, 1993
After reliving the same day over and over again, grumpy weatherman Phil Connors eventually learns that he won’t find fulfilment living a life of excess and seducing random women. Unable to win the heart of his colleague Rita, he decides to dedicate his seemingly endless time to helping others, as well as learning a variety of impressive new skills. Rita is smitten with his selfless dedication to others in the small town but seems especially wowed when he carves her face from a block of ice on the street. It is her love which eventually breaks Phil’s cycle of waking up every morning and repeating the same day.

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