19 March 2012

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UK Broadband Speeds [Infographic]

UK broadband providers are working hard to try and increase the penetration of broadband within the UK, whilst also making concerted efforts to increase the speeds they can offer. So what are the fastest areas of the UK? The results are perhaps surprising - it's not necessarily the Highlands of Scotland or the remote farmlands of Norfolk that are losing out. Indeed the worst areas in the UK are ALL in the south of England, perhaps a surprise given people's preconceived notions of laboured and remote broadband speeds. Admittedly there are plenty of areas still without broadband as an option, which would perhaps skew the stats somewhat, but population level is no indication of good speeds.

And what of the Broadband providers? There's many a boast about broadband speeds in the adverts littering our town and city streets, newspapers and billboards, but are they actually reflective of what you're likely to get from your broadband provider? 

And finally, how does the UK match up to the global market. Take a broadband speed test in South Korea and do you find speeds slower or faster than our humble shores? This simple infographic aims to answer these questions and a few more.

Stats are from an Ofcom survey and a Mashable article. Kudos to them.

About today's Guest Writer:
Devon Malcolm is a designer based in London who specialises in infographics. He has fast internet, of which he is very proud.

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