23 March 2012

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Is There Something in the Water? 2012's Outbreak of Celebrity Divorces [Infographic]

With the finalisation of Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s divorce, spotlight falls onto the ever-growing list of celebrity divorces. From Demi Moore to Heidi Klum, 2012 has become something of an annus horribilis for many a movie star, model or musician and only meaning one thing: a one-way trip to the family law practice.

Take Heidi and Seal, who announced in January that they were to end their seven-year marriage and the disbandment of a family of six. Despite famously renewing their vows every year and coordinating copious Halloween outfits together, it seems their ‘happy-ever-after’ has come to a sad end. To the other end of the scale, let’s take a look at Demi and Ashton Kutcher. Approaching 50 and still looking fabulous, Demi has long struggled against the tabloids in defence of her marriage to a much younger Hollywood heartthrob. The struggle seemed too much, and this year, amidst rumours of infidelity on his part, the couple has separated.

So what is it? Paparazzi intrusion and over-exposure? Incapable of a monogamous life? Or is it simply the fact that they are human after all and their ratio of divorce exactly mirrors our (mere mortals’) divorce rate? Answers on a postcard. At least you don’t have to fork out like these guys...

About today's Infographic:
This infograph has been cleverly designed and planned by Zoe Williams who is currently working on behalf of Switalskis Family Law

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