22 January 2015

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Dare To Be Different This Valentine’s Day

Dare to be different this Valentine’s Day and choose a gift which will astound your Valentine!

There are a whole host of different ways to spend a Valentine’s Day to remember for years to come with exciting specially themed days out designed specifically for couples of all ages. 

Rock and Roll lovers will enjoy visiting the pubs, clubs, studios, record labels and famous locations of the great rock and legends. Walk hand in hand across the famous Abbey Road zebra crossing for a Valentine’s Day which is that little bit different! As a memento of this special Valentines treat the experience includes your photo being taken at Abbey Road. Visit to the Hard Rock Café vault packed full of memorabilia from the rock and roll legends for you to reminisce and re-live your youth!

For Valentines who wish to spend the entire day together in the outdoors, rather than going for a romantic walk the more adventurous will be amazed with a SAS themed Valentine’s day experience. Show your lover just how young at heart you really are and join a team of experienced ex-army/special forces for a day out which is sure to please the most ardent outdoor fans! If your Valentine likes being treated out to eat on this special day of the year, this SAS themed experience day includes a tasty buffet lunch, offering the best of both worlds in a very unique way.

Who says the art of chivalry is dead? Win your maiden’s fair hand and be a real knight in shining armour this Valentine’s Day! Enjoy a whole day out together learning how to joust and fight for your lover’s heart! Experience the thrills and spills of Medieval jousting and hand to hand combat under the expert guidance of fully trained staff. As this is an all day event there is time to have a romantic picnic lunch or pop down to the local pub to tuck into some hearty fare (these are not inclusive) before returning to take part in a tournament complete with Medieval costumes to make you really look the part! Show your Valentine that you are prepared to joust and fight for their hand in a very old fashioned and romantic way.

For those who are prepared to be different but prefer not to venture outdoors on Valentine’s Day, show your Valentine your true intentions of love by sharing a diamond ring making experience. This unusual and unique gift is sure to please those who wish to express their love in an old fashioned way. An entire day will be spent watching master craftsmen work their magic with fine diamonds and precious metals. You too will be involved in making your own special Valentine’s diamond ring. A treasure which will last for ever. Breakfast, lunch and refreshments are all included offering plenty of time to discuss how you wish your finished ring to look. Of course Valentine’s Day is synonymous with proposals of marriage so why not end the day on one knee and make this Valentine’s Day a truly romantic gesture of love and devotion!

Dare to be different and give Valentine’s Day Gifts which will be remembered for a very long time. 

Submitted by: Terry Henman

About  Today's Countributor:

Terry wrote this article on behalf of Red Letter Days, a site that offers ideal Valentine's Day Gifts

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