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13 November 2015

Roast Turkey, Made Easy


It was with some trepidation that I approached the topic of roasting a turkey.I wondered if our readers needed yet another recipe for turkey in November when the cover of nearly every cooking magazine is adorned with a picture-perfect browned bird, while the editors struggle to convince us that, (at last!), the definitive recipe for the perfect Thanksgiving turkey is contained within.

4 February 2013

Use the Tech Cupids to Save Your Valentine's Day! [Infographic]

Have you been just getting by the last few years in your relationship? 

Have the Valentine’s Days come and passed like ghosts of relationships past too? 

Well if that’s the case then the coming Valentine should not be another day you lose or end up regretting. A lot of people seem to pay little attention to their partner’s expectations- -especially those that revolve around Valentine’s Day and end up fighting mutual feelings of discord. If you are wishing for some miracle or for Cupid to drop out of the sky and help you out, then don’t bother. 

Technology really is the new henchman of love and can work more wonders then you think! If you find this hard to believe then read the infographic below about Tommy, a regular guy just like you who needed to please a lady love on Valentine’s. 

Tommy didn’t need any divine help, just the right searches and things to look for. Before he knew it, despite the short time he had, he was able to plan out an amazing day for the both of them, one that was special and didn’t require huge splurges of money on his part. 
So get some tech help on Valentine’s and become your love’s Prince Charming!
Cell Phone and Web: perfect Valentine Cupids

This infographic has been created at the Mobistealth design labs.

14 December 2009

Some 'Easy Does It' Recipes For Christmas


{{pl|kolacja wigilijna - dania}}Image via Wikipedia

"Because Christmas is not just about presents, you know..."

Okay, so you're almost done with the presents
buying and cards writing and sending activities,
and the decorations do look good... well done!

But, what about the food?
Will you have enough time to do that as well?

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