21 May 2010

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The One About The Tiny Streaker

Meet Tiny. He streaks for a living and is looking for people to help him get to the World Cup. He's actually been streaking for years but you probably haven’t seen him. 
Until now.

This is probably the best of all those Freeview HD ads that have been running lately in the UK...

I love the one with the big bird on the green screen in the background while the wife is arguing with her husband but the Tiny Streaker one definitely gets the Loup Dargent Award.

Tiny Streaker is... well, yes... a tiny streaker who wants to go to the World Cup but can't really afford it and, as he says himself on his website:
"It’s a long way to South Africa – when you have 6-inch legs."

His original list of potential sponsors included:
  • Sock Sponsor. (He is English which means he doesn’t ever take his socks off – ask his missus if you don’t believe this.)
  • Beard Wax Sponsor. (He needs his beard to stay in place so that peeps don’t see his boys!)
  • Manicure Sponsor. (He is not wearing much else so he might as well have good nails.)
  • Bean Sponsor. (He just loves beans, that’s all.)

[To be fair, I can relate to the "never taking socks off" business... The weather is rather cold in this part of the world, you know.]

Oh yeah, you can see the little guy in action in this post's video-clip... and don't worry if you're a tad on the prudish side: his beard does conveniently hide his "boys".

Have fun! 

Loup Dargent

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